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  1. Did an extremely quick tulpaforcing session, around 10 minutes at best. I essentially introduced Byrun to myself again after I had done some narrative pre-talking to him (over the past few days,) and reinforced four personality attitudes; Decisive, Indifferent, Open-Minded, and Socially Independent. I looked over my list of personality attributes but realized I had a headache, so thought better to stop. How do you guys fill these hour long personality sessions? I thought those four traits would take at least 15 minutes.
  2. I have decided to stop Kolego's development. I am sure the horrendous lack of attention he has received at a young stage gave him a peaceful parting. However, I do not intend to give up on tulpae. I have started a new project, Byrun. I am doing narration and personality building hand in hand to see if this causes an acceleration of progress (comparable to Kolego's.) I'm still working out the rough ideas of his personality (using creative writing to draw some personality traits, these short stories will not however be tulpaforced on him.)
  3. If you don't force the words themselves but merely listen to the sound of the music, it shouldn't affect the tulpa. Or it could, but the tulpa would deviate from it if the lyrics don't 'suit' your subconscious.
  4. Asexuality means having little to no interest in sex You're thinking I'm making him androgynous.
  5. What do you mean by contrary likes and dislikes? If you're talking about the culture preferences, I'm merely saying that he wouldn't enjoy people who constantly talk about it. I've seen people put political positions, but I'll be honest, I'm pretty sure that the likes and dislikes didn't even register.
  6. Tulpae are extremely fascinating to me, and I want to learn all of the knowledge this world has to offer. My tulpa will assist me in both of these, and it's always great to have a companion.
  7. I would adore that axe. But I rather him have a plush red velvet chair and rapier.
  8. What I'm hoping he'll turn out like, but with white hair.
  9. Oh no, I hate maruchan instant noodles and I don't really see the point in anarchists. That's why I added the traits so he wouldn't be exactly like me. I made him asexual because I have no interest in sex with him, but I'm sure he'll deviate from it. Thread pictures? You mean the 'X'?
  10. Day 2 - 20120601 I have to say, I don't think I'm really tulpaforcing. It seems as if I'm just talking to myself in my mind (I'm not parroting replies though), and I can't seem to find a tulpaforcing topic to occupy a hour. I did Personality Core 2 today, likes and dislikes: Likes: Video Gaming, Science, Mathematics, Maruchan Instant Lunch (Shrimp), Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Jazz, Reading, Conspiracy, asexual, Different Cultures (Vocaloid, Norwegian Metal, Anime, Manwha, etc.), and is an Anarchist Dislikes: Religious Zealots, Liberals, Conservatives, Obsession with cultures (Otakus, Metallifags), high and mighty pricks, LOLSORANDOMfacebook girls, when I'm lazy, and incompetent morons. However I am realizing I missed several things on the list that I'll have to force in later. Regardless, I still think I'm not making any progress as of yet. But I'm hopeful. I'm going to continuously talk to my tulpa while going about my day in hopes of progressing development. Reading to him gives no response, but I'm going to continue and find a book I haven't read. I know it's not reasonable to expect response after only a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes of tulpaforcing in, but I do expect some alien feeling or response when I'm 6 hours in, hopefully. I'm also concerned I'm mirroring myself, I'll have to make sure the visual is radically different and I alienate the personality a bit so that the tulpa can deviate more.
  11. Thank you both very much for the input. Day 1 - 20120531 I am going to begin reading "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" to my tulpa. Hopefully this fiction based on the Harry Potter universe will provide a new level for interaction with my tulpa. After each tale I will overview it with him and ask him open-ended questions. I hoping this will advance growth. Will edit this post with results.
  12. Day 1 - 20120531 Today I started basic personality tulpaforcing. I laid on my couch, put on the Deep Meditation music and closed my eyes. I imagined the symbol above (the 'X') and when I breathed it bulged, and when I breathed out it sunk. While doing this, I introduced myself to my tulpa, and started telling him personality traits, listed below. Religious - You are not extremely religious, and you would say that something may be out there, but it can be proven wrong (Agnostic theism) Intelligence - You are normal intelligence, and want to expand your knowledge of the world. When Mad - When something angers you, you tend to flare up and say things you don't mean, but you're always remorseful afterwards. When Happy - When your happy your in a stupor of giddiness, it would take a crushing blow to bring you down. When Sad - You simply push it off as needless self-pity, but the harsher things can leave you in a depressed state for a day or two. Charisma - You're charismatic around people you like, but will simply ignore people you don't like. Musical Interest - You enjoy the extremes of relaxing and deep music, or the high velocity thrill of vocaloid/dubstep/drum n bass. Anything in the middle just isn't worth it. I named this list Personality Core 1, then sort of 'wrapped it' in the 'X's, then stored it in my mind. I then took two deep breaths and opened my eyes. Checking the clock I had done about a hour, give or take three minutes. Issues I had included: Lacking of ideas for personality, defocusing (I'll work on that at night), pain at the top of my eyes (potential 'alien feeling' or just headaches from strain?) Plans for tomorrow include telling him more personalities (which I am researching today), and attempting to narrate to him by reading a book to it then elaborating on each chapter and asking his ideas and thoughts. Input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I have assigned a title to my tulpa in order to ease talking to him, I'm hoping he will understand it's only a title and that he may create his own name.
  14. I'm planning on putting on this (endless loop) while creating my Tulpa. Hoping it will give me some spark of inspiration that will force my tulpa to be more relaxed. But yes, your theory seems highly plausible.
  15. This is my journal of the formation of a tulpa kolego (colleague in Esperanto, reasoning will be explained later.) I have read the guides and comfortable in my ability to do daily mid-afternoon tulpaforcing sessions. In addition to general Tulpa creation I am testing the usage of a simple symbol during the personality and creation phase, then it's subsequent affect on the base form and deviations. Day 0 - 20120530 Preliminary day before starting Tulpaforcing. I have been interested in tulpae for about a week, and so have decided to undergo this challenge. I have assigned a title to my tulpa, Kolego. This is not his name, merely a title like Sir or Father. It is to represent the partnership I'm looking forward to, and together our study into Tulpae. My main focus in this creation is the symbol above. It has absolutely no conscious value to me, I just came up with it while in Photoshop. I've been brainstorming, and I'm hoping some material (if that's what you could call it) evidence off this symbol appears on the Tulpa. It is with hope that early personality enforcement will make this an active partner who will always be on par with me, so that he may assist in my studies as a different perspective, one more detailed than the simple words of a colleague. For basic visualization I've been thinking of a man with stark white hair, silver eyes, mid 30s, 5'11, and a slender frame. He will also have the ability to integrate with my glasses and appear in the field of vision as a miniature version (I am planning on tulpaforcing this during personality-visualization building.) This integration aspect is different from a perception of being the glasses, so that I may change the glasses I wear later on. That should be it for today. Quite the lengthy journal entry for the first one. P.S. If I seem overly verbose to you, I am extremely sorry, I talk like this and cannot understand why, hopefully my Tulpa will be a faithful assistant in these studies.