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  1. You have got a fantastic idea. Those translations can make life better for – in this case – italian people interested in tulpa phenomenon but that don't possess a decent basic knowledge of the english language. Apart some grammatical error and "spartan" passage (check them, as soon as you can), however, that's a nice work.
  2. Some week ago I was working on a EFI-based PC and I disabled the UEFI mode in order to use Legacy BIOS mode, but I wasn't irritated, because it is almost always a simple task. Anyway, the next person will stop and eventually end this game. Or maybe not.
  3. You just continue to force, and wait patiently for the results of your work. I assume that you don't have a lot of pleasure to active forcing, then you interact with your tulpa in a passive manner, where the times usually increase significantly compared to the other methodology. Consider also that they can change from person to person, anyway.
  4. Tulpae phenomenon interested me in a scientific manner, so I started creating one for experimental purposes. Even if it's the main reason, however, the idea of a lifelong companion who can argue about infinite arguments using his own mind and (maybe) help me in my activities inspires me.
  5. I guess it is very individual, because it should be possible to be completely "disconnected" from the tulpa/e, ergo have total emotive and psychic indipendence. In some cases, anyway, it can be only autosuggestion, obviously formed from the latter without any intervention of the tulpa. In my situation, mine—that doesn't have yet vocal capabilities—has never altered my personality with his specific traits.
  6. Being sentient beings completely beyond our control, they have their mentalities. Have a point of view on the world different from host's one can bring to light particular aspects of life completely unknow to him (the tulpa-mancer). Obviously it's the same concept about your interests and anything else. And yes, they can't introduce ourselves to external things completely unknown to us, but why not encourage to inform us on something else, that is not related to our interests? See, there are thousands of elements to make interesting a conversation with tulpae.
  7. Your tulpa is still developing its sentience, then you could feel it in a confused manner and things like that. The sentience can be devided in various grades, like in a measurement scale, so the "low and high" idea could be considered exact, but I think that there isn't a precise higher value, because it's is always in full evolution, such as personality (it's a mine opinion). And yes, it uses your mental resources because its mind isn't yet formed, but if you continue to narrate the problem will go away quickly.
  8. So try to do other things with your tulpa, like narrating & stuff. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time.
  9. Just take a little pause. I think that our mind's eye (and our whole brain) can be "discharged" like a battery, then don't do anything strenuous with your tulpa for a few days.
  10. Anything, from Literature & Art, Science & Technology to the Great Mysteries of the Universe.
  11. Just for curiosity, what "process" did you follow to create your first tulpa? On what did you work most? Anyway, continue to force regardless, it could be a temporary problem.