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  1. Other terms include Soulbonders (writer communities, characters who become tulpa-like. Some thing it's psychological, strong meta bent) and Headmates (all over tumblr, very meta approach, questionable validity all over the place). Daemons fall mostly under His Dark Materials fan communities, unless you're talking about traditional Greek Eudaimonia, which is an extinct practice loosely duplicated by some chaos magick types and pagan/wicca communities. I don't have specific links, but those should help locating other such fragmented groups.
  2. Qookie

    Glossary Update

    I should clarify that mindvoice is actually defined in the glossary draft as "the internal dialogue between tulpa and their host, heard as a voice in the mind. A method of tulpa communication, not to be confused with voices heard as fully externalized auditory hallucinations". Nothing about prior is actually specified, that was me be lazy and slightly inaccurate on the short notes. As someone who's done neither, can you clarify? I've been told those are reasonable definitions until now.
  3. Qookie

    Glossary Update

    So, back in June I organized the first attempt at consolidating a glossary, which (with revisions) became the one currently on the site. It's approaching 5 months since then, and methodology, language usage, and the state of the community as a whole has changed. To that end, I've been working with members over the IRC to produce an updated draft of the glossary which can be found here. I'm looking for as much feedback as possible on the content of it - I want to know what terms you feel are missing (if any), what terms are vague or require clarification, and especially any that seem 'wrong' or incompatible with your personal usage. Additions (with short notes): Change (a sudden or unexpected Deviation) Dissipation (tulpa death/destruction/dismissal) Forcing (shorthand for Tulpaforcing) Growth (a natural or anticipated Deviation) Mindvoice (how you hear a tulpa prior to auditory hallucinations) Possession (allowing a tulpa to partially control your body, partially or totally) Proxy (typing/speaking on behalf of your tulpa, relaying their words to others) Sub-c (popular shorthand for Subconscious) Switching (total possession and entering a tulpa-like state yourself) Transformation (dramatic and total Deviation) Tupper (because people nagged me to add it) Changes: "Hologram" changed to "Imposed Object"/"Imposed Entity" Wonderland added to include "Dreamscape" and "Mindscape" "Imaginary" marked as potentially insulting to some Clarifications, grammar changes throughout Other stuff I've probably missed, just compare them side-by-side yourself As I said on the original glossary thread, "Post freely if you wish to add, or contest definitions!" Any and all feedback is good, even if it's just acknowledging that you read it and don't see anything wrong (or that the whole thing should be scrapped and replaced with occult incantations, I'm not fussy). One last thing before I sign off and leave the floor to the rest of you. When I initially went about writing the glossary and getting community input, it was intended to be a descriptive process of tulpa-specific language being used as it's currently being used, such that newcomers could understand forum and IRC conversations quickly and easily. It's meant to be a quick set of primers for the newbie, and a reference for the community to prevent bickering over definitions (outside of this thread, of course!)
  4. While I doubt the Joker was a full-fledged tulpa (two-way conversations, imposition, possession) in his head, I think the role took almost a heavy a toll on him as the drugs - perhaps he'd devoted such time, especially under isolation, to develop an unintentionally Joker-tulpa up to the auditory hallucination stage. Combined with the drugs and other factors in his life... damn, I don't even want to think about it. Not exactly ideal circumstances for preserving one's sanity and health.
  5. It is the only way to preserve your dignity! A mod who doesn't know how their forum works... *tutting and finger-wagging*
  6. This seems to occur when posts are deleted. It seems that manually-removed posts do not reset the thread's post count.
  7. If you keep telling yourself there's a tulpa living in your head and acting like there already is one, it certainly seems to help and accelerate the whole process to my knowledge. I'm not too sure of the merits of going on forums and making claims upon things that haven't actually happened yet in order to reinforce your belief, but the process of "role-playing" in and of itself does seem to help, even if "Forum RP" is distinct from that. In addition to my screed above targeting skeptics, I don't think it really needs saying, but it's not worth lying about experiences you have or haven't had to the forums. Don't feel pressured to claim that you've built a magical wonderland and go flying with your tulpa every day just because you've been registered for months and are still struggling to hear them. Be honest, and you're more likely to get genuine help - not that I believe anyone is actually lying on the forums about their experiences.
  8. I'm partially just gonna end up echoing what Amadeus said, but... I think the best approach if you're skeptical and concerned by roleplaying... don't be rude to the individuals who you consider to be roleplaying, those stories you find most incredulous and dubious. Simply do not interact with them and politely ignore their claims. There are a number of people I talk to on the IRC who believe in things I find totally suspect, and I've made it clear to some of them that I am not taking all their claims on-board, but I am never directly rude to them. I do occasionally remind them that their claims are not considered fact by all, and they should not extol the most dubious claims (for example, astral projection) at curious newbies. But even though I have reasonable doubt, I have never accused any of them directly, as I've seen people do, of "roleplaying" or "making shit up for attention". So long as the forums have reasonable standards of decency, good moderation, and separation of threads, such that those with more questionable claims can make them freely in their own threads and anyone can choose to listen to them or not, and those who disagree do so politely and do not make personal attacks over it, then the community overall will benefit all its members well. The tulpa phenomenon is extremely subjective and we are barely skimming the surface of understanding it, so it is better that all claims are heard and scrutinized separately, without accusations or out-of-hand dismissal. Yes, some will eagerly lap up even the most seemingly incoherent or implausible of stories, but that's their problem, not a problem that will affect yourself or the presence of information that contradicts their claims. Even if the forums somehow became flooded with people who genuinely believe and claim they have 20 tulpa and have been physically transported to Equestria by the power of magic crystals, so long as the moderation is even-handed and ensures that critical thinking is applied to any sort of collaborative endeavour (the guides, the glossary, all the front-facing site stuff), this community won't suffer. Certain parts of the forum might become headache-inducing, but then I'd suggest getting off the forum and talking to your tulpa instead. We're not the first community to be faced with this issue either. There are lucid dreaming forums where people keep dream logs - some of these dreams read like poor-quality fanfiction, and I can say without a doubt that some of them probably are pure fiction and never took place as anyone's dream. However, proving that they're lying is a nonsense, and there's no point attacking the individuals over it. So long as they don't attempt to force everyone else to use their mystical and esoteric means to lucid dream, and spam up other threads telling people, then they're just another member of the community with their own claims and experiences. The community doesn't suffer for a few more outlandish cases and individuals, so long as anyone new gets baseline information first and foremost. The same applies to us, and the site is thankfully set up to favour people getting "vetted" content first and random user content second. That does mean that right now FAQ/Dane's guides are front and center, complete with all their errors and foibles, but those are being revised along with a whole slew of new content to come from other users. TL;DR: It's possible to be polite without being accepting. Tolerance does not mean agreement. Don't be rude, but don't stop being skeptical.
  9. As Chupi's sig up there indicates, "HOUR COUNTS ARE TULPA POISON". The FAQ is getting a big refactor in the months to come and we hope you and your tulpa weren't overwhelmingly influenced or upset by it.
  10. Get well first! I don't want you to come back if you're not fully recovered. You know well enough that working with microdata is an agony no man should suffer at the best of times, so especially not when you're sick! I do hope you're back soon, though, and whatever ails you passes quickly.
  11. I'm using a modified version of Chupi's model, which is Big Five, 16 Factors, Emotional triggers and responses, Layers, and broad Likes/Dislikes.
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    Updated the first post to account for the old codger's tampering. :rolleyes:
  13. Last forum I ran and maintained was SMF. Only issue was that if you didn't want to use the default layout AND wanted to use plug-in extras, it required more work than typically reasonable.
  14. Qookie

    Existing Research

    Charlotte, Fede, take it back to off-topic. Our only real research right now is http://news.stanford.edu/news/2012/april/c...god-041212.html, a study into a similar phenomena amongst the religious who pray frequently. Other than that, when Dicks turned up in the IRC, we recalled http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science...-our-heads.html which might be usable with fully-imposed tulpa to prove that those with tulpa do in fact experience full, animated, visual hallucinations at a neurologically-recordable level. EDIT: A video on that topic, , as was posted over in the Speculation thread in general. And since inb4 does nothing, it's also worth looking at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallucinations_in_the_sane for similar and equivalent phenomena. If scientific studies of tulpa phenomena do go ahead and prove fruitful, this is the page that'll be seeing updates.