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  1. Well I'm gonna visualize him anime style so I felt the need to say neko over cat. A neko boy as opposed to a realistic looking cat boy. In other news today my dad is holding a Good Friday fish fry party so I'm probably gonna be mostly just narrating, but atleast i'll have a lot to narrate on right? :p
  2. k thanks for the tips. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going for and that's purely for a brother relationship. Have someone to sort of be protective over in a way like hug not really to lust after ;3. But I'm thinking I'll make him more like the age of 8-10. I've seen way too many 5th-graders at my school who make the idea of someone older than 10 innocent seem absolutely ridiculous. XP I'm honestly not too sure about whether or not I should go for a parroting method, I don't really know where to look for a pros/cons on parroting so I'm not sure. >.<
  3. So this is my first time ever attempting something like this. I'm really creative and imaginative so I figured this would be something cool to get into. I've never really had a sibling, and I don't have friends over often so even better I'd think a tulpa would be. What I have in a mind for a tulpa is a little neko boy. Like sorta shota chibi. I've had a basic idea of what I want the personality to be like brewing over the past few weeks and today I typed out everything I could think of about his personality. I want something like a cute little brother to be sorta protective over, you know? Plus it'd be cool to have someone who could help me on tests and remembering and stuff. Anyways, again, this is my first time forcing so any help or tips or anything really is appreciated :3. I drew what I want him to look like basically(not good at coloring though >.<) So today I did a shortened sort of personality phase just to have a base going, so I guess now I should start visualization and narrating, right?
  4. I have a specific personality in mind and I'm afraid I might screw it up by like not spending a enough time on it or something. It's my first time really doing this so I don't really know how to go about it.
  5. Well I thought that's how much you should put in atleast to get a good tulpa personality. I've never forced before so how bout you go ahead and tell me what I should do to force a good tulpa?
  6. Wait so what does this have to do with personality forcing?
  7. The parroting method seems makes me wonder. Do you think roleplaying could be a good personality forcing method? Like JD1215 only intentionally putting the tulpa in situations where his personality would strongly affect his actions. It seems like it'd be easier to just play out how personality affects the tulpa's rationality etc. through examples rather than just telling the tulpa how. Of course I really don't know and I'm just looking for what would be the best way to start forcing for the first time. I just can't really imagine what I would be thinking of in the personality stage for ten hours using a list method so the parroting method seems interesting.
  8. Do or did you ever limit mature stuff in your mind from any of your tulpas before for this reason? Like link or Sarah? By the way currently making a potato salad so I'm kinda busy. Also what so you mean, "hng"?! D:< I just like cute things :3. Don't question it >.>
  9. Has anyone ever done this thing before like for the same reason I want?
  10. I'm wondering if it'd be ok in certain situations to limit what a tulpa will know from your mind(and how to do it). I want to make a tulpa with a young age but I also want it to have the knowledge of one at a young age. Basically I'm wondering how it would be to make an "innocent" tulpa. Like how adults try to keep children from knowing about sexual things :P. The reason for it is that I find innocence cute :3. So how would that work out? I plan on making a little neko boy tulpa to be sorta like a little brother.
  11. Hi I'm Shikyu. I've been on the IRC once and like to read all kinds of stuff you post on here and learn more about tulpas and your experiences. I plan to make a tulpa soon once my cold clears up >.
  12. Just gonna post a link to it Hand drew him then digitally colored. I'm working on making a little neko boy for my first tulpa. How does he look; any tips?