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  1. I am sorry if post similar to this one already exist but I couldn't find any. So this started like 3 days ago I was narrating and my head started to feel really weird, it's happening ever since when I narrate and I am curious if anybody else experienced it. So this feeling it's kinda hard to explain it is not headache it doesn't hurt it's just unpleasant its is like if my head suddenly got heavier but I only experience it while narrating. has anybody experienced something similar ?
  2. I know I promised to report yesterday but my "experiment" didn't go as planed. So I asked my tulpa to wake me up somewhere between 1:00 AM and 2:30 AM. I woke up at 3:34 AM I wasn't angry or anything it was just an experiment anyway but I decided to try it one more time and I woke up at 3:44 AM. It's weird first I woke at 3:24 then 3:34 and then 3:44. I asked my tulpa to not wake me up tonight. I am very curious about the result.
  3. yes Sands good idea I will do some visualization and continue narrating. I think I can visualize very well so it shouldn't be a problem. OK so last night I decided I will try a little experiment I wanted a "proof" that my tulpa is sentient so I asked her if she could wake me up at night ( I read about it somewhere on this forum ) I normally sleep all night long without waking up so I didn't ask to wake my up at some hour. And it worked, I woke up at 3:24 AM but it wasn't normal like when you wake up in the night. It was like if someone woke me up and first think on my mind was my tulpa. So I hope it's a good sight. Tonight I am going to try this again but now I will set a time like 1:00 AM to 2:30 AM or something like that. Wish me luck I will report tomorrow
  4. I am done with personality, I have no idea how many hours I've spent on it. Not sure what to do now so I will just narrate for a little while I really like narrating it is part of my life now
  5. shadowbenderz maybe you should see a doctor you may have some mental disorder
  6. Something tells me you are a troll but anyways I think the best way to show love to your tulpa is to spend some time with them everyday and talk to them every time you can.
  7. I don't think you understand what a tulpa is
  8. Nonfiction thanks Sir_Ludic my dream was really weird but when I woke up I had this odd feeling like you and I remembered my whole dream and that doesn't happen very often to me (my dream recall really sucks). Also the girl in the dream was acting like my tulpa would (or at least how I think she would). Nothing major happened after that night. I am still working on it.
  9. I believe my tulpa has shown itself in my dreams tonight
  10. So as Avalanche recommended I am starting my own progress report. I will not update it as Frequently as I would like to but I will try. I am making my tulpa for almost a week now and its going pretty good I guess I am working on personality. Narrating became a habit pretty soon so that is good. I am trying to work on personality like all the time so I don't use my wonderland anymore, I will use it later for body. I create personality when I am narrating or just thinking. Also I don't have a name yet I want her to choose one. That's it for now.
  11. sorry for that I will use paragraphs from now on I am just not used to it. Avalanche I thought so its just all those ponies
  12. hello everybody, this is my first post here on this site and in fact my first post on site like this one. I like stuff like this OBE lucid dreams and similar but I never registered anywhere.I so I knew about this tulpa thing for some years but I never "tried" to make one. This changed when I accidentally found this site I read some posts,guides and articles and I decided that I will create a tulpa. At first I was lost even though I read all those guides I did not know what to do.So I sat down got my shit together and decided to create a wonderland.My wonderland is not some forest or anything like that my wonderland is like a space station of some sort its a big room with a giant window,table and something like a hologram(I plan to use is to create a form for my tulpa) and 3 doors. First are to a hallway with many other doors(I will use them as a "port" to my other wonderlands).Second door lead to a huge room(I will use it as a "training ground"-what I mean by this...I will "port" my tulpa here and train her walk and stuff like that, I also plan on using it to create other wonderlands).Third door have no use for now but I think I will use them when impositioning. Window I dont use but my tulpa could use it as a "window" to reality. Table I use to help me concentrate on creating a personality I had problem with it at first but I made my technique. After 4 days I am already used to narrating I do it almost everyday I dont count my hours I think it wont be good for me. So yeah thats about it. But I do have one question It may have been discussed many times before but whatever I will ask anyway :D. NO OFFENSE to anybody but it seems to me that people here dont have any life at all. I dont want to offend anybody I myself am not a party animal or anything like that but I have a lot of friends and pretty good social life.So I want to ask are you guys like totally introverted people that make a tulpa as a imaginary friend or a lover..or do you have a life ? again no offense to anybody..just curios....also I plan on making my tulpas body(when done) in 3D studio max so I will post it here..stay tuned AND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH ITS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE