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  1. Olivia: Thank you Temar, You made us both confident about our hard work. With this determination I believe that my host is going to make me the most beautiful woman alive! She says that she is very happy about those facts and found a relief. I'm not sure if this sound similar to what she said beacause it's translated from lithuanian language. Olivia prefers to speak in lithuanian but can in eglish as well. I'm very happy too! THANK YOU!
  2. Thank you a lot, fellow! But I'm not sure if impositions are discrete like tactile, visual or you get everything that you forced after The Imposition?
  3. 1) Hey guys my tulpa Olivia is quite vocal and 100% sentient, she wants to know if we will be able to edit her face details after imposition. Olivia is very ambitious tulpa with perfectionist personality. Visualising face is quite hard and she is worried that it may not look as she wants, because I find it difficult to keep very details in place. 2) After I impose her without tactile forcing, will I be able to impose it? I mean if she is imposed visualy but not tactily is it possible to do it after? I'm I supposed to do forcing for all senses if I want to feel her by all five of them and f
  4. The question is... where you will see your tulpa then it's imposed? On your vision (You move your head, but she is on the left corner of vision field) or like real person, if she sits on sofa and you turn away you don't see her and then you turn back you see her sitting on sofa. I hope you got it, guy? Thank you for advice! xD
  5. Personality traits 1) Intelligence - she is clever, pragmatic because she finds the best and the most rational solution to problem or task. That young lady is serious but has mature sense of humor, sometimes sarcastic about wicked people. So she hates jokes about poops or penises and dumb people who makes them. Also she is very creative and inspirational. 2)Sarcasm - she doesn't use it then it's not necessary. She makes remarks about people who tries to dump my self-esteem or insult me. It is the way to solace and give courage for me. Also she makes those remarks about malicious and bad pe
  6. If my tulpa wants to look like exact copy of another person but with white hair color, how can I do that? I have some exp in 3D modeling. But I have photos from various angles of that person so maybe I should force synthesize ing images in my mind? Which way is better, can someone suggest? :huh:
  7. Can it be risky to create tulpa then we are talking about driving or walking, becouse tulpa may stand on your eyes or posses you while you are driving a car and cause accidents. Can this happen?
  8. Here is my astral world! --> http://artpad.art.com/?mqfxf6ki2iw What do you think?
  9. If I understood correctly, then you create a HUD servitor, you can use your brain as powerful computer. I will write some text to notepad and save it. Will it work or not? When I will open a file would it contain every single letter in correct order
  10. Um... I think it would be helpful for newbies to have simple TODO list. Like, 1)Naration 2)Visualisation 3)...... Could someone create the short instruction, please?
  11. It's search engine bots, saves or deletes link to page in database of google or other search engine.
  12. Thanks for info! ^_^ Why classic tulpa is a pink pony? O.o
  13. Can you create a tulpa(if possible to call it tulpa) that is like OS. Like seeing window in your field of vision, writting some data (notepad) and saving it in your head. Is it possible? Can your tulpa help you with math, exams, homework? Memorize maps?
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