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  1. Just had another session, but this one got cut short due to my parents arriving home early. Only had 15 mins, and sadly I felt something was about to happen. I have a slightly smaller headache then before, but I'm going to do it one more time tonight - Hopefully I won't be interrupted yet again.
  2. Just... the tulpa seems sentient, but you've only really done... what? 3 hours of forcing?
  3. You are trying to take the guides too literally - and have been over-thinking. When I just let my random thoughts take over, a 25 minute session ended with an entirely different wonderland, and a small headache. I also had a 3D model of my tulpa already imprinted in my mind... If you let your subconscious do its work, you'll get things done much more efficiently.
  4. I think I had my best session yet. It lasted only 25 minutes, but I felt like I could've easily gone longer. The only reason I stopped was due to my dogs wanting to be let in, and I didn't want to ignore them. I finally really established a wonderland - its a Tree house in the jungle, with semi-open walls. I found myself flowing with energy after that realization - For a 3D model of my tulpa seemed to appear in my wonderland soon after, in what looked like a comatose state. I didn't get anything emotional, but after I exited the trance, I had a small headache - and the slightest pressur
  5. Why are you talking in the 3rd person.
  6. When I was forcing last night, an image of a woman just popped up in my thoughts. I'm guessing thats what the tulpa wants to be?
  7. Ok, I'm gonna do some forcing before Toonami starts. Hopefully I'll last longer this time.
  8. I think I'll let it know I want a girl when forcing, but also leave it open. How about that?
  9. I won't lie - I know I want a girl, but I want the Tulpa to be happy. I think it would prefer the choice.
  10. All of the girls I know like that are either lesbian, or bi. Sucks, but I like guys too. S'alright.
  11. Well, I don't care what gender it is. Boy or girl is fine. I don't have a problem with genderless, but I would prefer it chooses one gender over the other.
  12. I'm letting the Tulpa decide, so no idea.
  13. Do you ever wonder what will happen if she gets as strong as you?
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