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    ..........I have 37 tulpae.

    only 6 really talk alot.
  1. (I'm new to the whole progress report thing, so spare me) you all may or may not know i have 37 tulpae. well, after a bit of discussion, we agreed on some downsizing. so, we crafted up a spaceship and i sent 28 the back of my head, if you will. Now I have 10. and before you question my math skills...Rhiannon made herself a tulpa. His name is Alain, and he looks to be 11 years old. To kind of get a feel of what he looks like, imagine Sephiroth as a child. He's a rather timid child, and he has a love for nature. He became fully vocal after about an hour, and he's very interested in possession. As for Rhiannon, my first "official" Tulpa (none before her where created, they just popped up) We currently working on Imposition. We're to the point where i can kind of physically see her, but she kind of flickers very often, plus i can't physically feel her.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. "Now carry on with your ramblings, please! they're quite entertaining."-Rhiannon
  3. Okay, here's the story. Rhiannon and I were talking to a friend via IM. we went over many topics, one including death and a possibility of rebirth. Rhiannon said that if rebirth existed, she'd want me to be reborn somewhere other than earth. Like in another dimension, or something. She also said she'd be interested in what form she and I might take if we are reborn. My friend says, "That's assuming you still exist after he dies. That's assuming you actually exist." Now, this kind of.. threw us off, because he introduced me to the concepts of tulpas, lucid dreaming, etc. He also dissolved his tulpas earlier in the year, because "voices in his head weren't his style." He also said, "Like you said about the trans-humanism thing, Getting caught up in your fantasies can get the best of you. Believing a product of your imagination is real is the first step to being delusional." This kind of confused me and...of course made me mad. what made me even angrier was when Rhiannon started bawling. she's a strong girl, and she usually brushes off things like this, but for it to come from someone as close as he is/was, it really hurt her. She didn't want me to end my friendship with him over something like this, he and i are on a hiatus, and Rhiannon is crying herself to sleep. i tried to comfort her, but she'd rather be alone.
  4. I originally had two name choices for her, Elise and Naomi, but when looking for forcing music, we came along a song called "Rhiannon". She loved the name and the song, but she also loved the other names. And from then on, Her entire name was "Rhiannon Naomi Elise". Her sister's name, Rare....I'm not sure about that one.