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  1. i'm not sure what Lisa's interests are yet.
  2. I've always loved Nipponese culture, i grew up liking anime but, as i got older, and learned more about japan the more i learned about modern japan it's so interesting, and it seems like a very peaceful culture, and lifestyle. i also like the food, and candies', etc. I've never been there but, i wish i had gone as an exchange student. i don't know enough of the language to start a conversation but, i know a few words', have you ever been there? I'm not sure what my wonderland would be like. i like reading blogs written by foreign exchange students' who have gone to japan, and have become close with their host families', and/or made lots of friends'. my wonderland would be the big city of Tokyo, and have a lot of things to do, restaurants, and more!
  3. hello, welcome to my progress report! i have a tulpa named Lisa but, i nicknamed her "tulip", and she's not completely sentient yet. I'm using parroting to help with development with speaking since when i try, and talk to her i don't hear her well, the voice sounds distant. i would like to create more tulpa but, i feel like i should finish what i started before moving on to the next task because Rome wasn't built in a day, and I'm impatient so, going slow may be better to do than trying to hurry up, and end up missing out on something i should have learned about before jumping in.but, I'll let Lisa introduce herself. Lisa: hello, nice to meet name is Lisa, my host has an active imagination! she wanted to build a whole nation of tulpae, and turn it in to a Japanese wonderland. i told her there is no way that can be done in one day! not even Rome was built in a day! also, my nickname tulip was a joke we came up with. but, tulips' are pretty flowers though. do i make another account for my tulpa, or just add on to this one, or what?
  4. me: hey tulip? what do you wanna say to all the tulpa out there on tulip:what should i say? me: something funny, and random tulip:I'm not a talking tulip!
  5. this is a fakebook [facebook profile] generator and it would be perfect for creating a tulpa facebook for just you and all your tulpa!
  6. granted but, now they kill you to keep their identity secret! i wish i had a wish
  7. this question's for all of you. how do yall celebrate birthdays', and holidays'? do you all have special traditions' you like to do together in the wonderland?, and what is your favorite holiday?/holidays'.if celebrated what do yall like to do on: 1- halloween 2-thanksgiving 3-christmas 4-new years.
  8. happy birthday sierra and chloe -hugs both-
  9. hi i'm starlightstarbright.i've chatted with some of you in IRC chat. just wanned to say hello. -hugs-