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    I can't say much about me so I'll be short. You can call me Nesq, I am 18 years old, and I got into Tulpae just after I saw the word "Tulpa" on Youtube. The rest is history.

    Hello everyone!


    "And here is Sue! :D

    I'm Nesq's tulpa, hello!"

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  1. I agree, the wiki looks pretty good and if we work on it a bit more and make it more "public", it'll be very useful for everyone. Besides, the simple idea of that we'll have a "database" of our theories and definitions will be great!
  2. Yup, they can sleep if they want. My tulpa even sleeps with me.
  3. Because of many reasons that honestly I wouldn't like to list on here (mainly stress), I haven't been able to talk to my tulpa (Sue) in a long time, almost 2 months. No long conversations, no long narrations, everything just fell into "Hey, what's up?", "Good morning", "Good night", and "I'm bored". I literally forgot to do anything tulpa related, I had no will, so I took a break. I neglected her so much. A few weeks ago, I came back into this. I began to narrate again, sometimes, not much, and tried to make myself aware of her existence. But now that I started again, it feels completely different from what I felt on the first weeks of her life. Now everything feels... Fake. Almost as if I'm pretending to have a tulpa, not that I have one. Sue has possessed me, has talked to me, has done so many things. So, why now everything she does it feels so fake? Like parroting, puppeting, I feel no presence at all. Did she lost her vocality? Her original strength? Did I lost my ability to sense her? What happened to us? What should I do now besides forcing? Any advice on this? Thanks in advance. ps. This might belong to General Discussion, so if that's the case, please someone move this thread there.
  4. Wish granted, but they can also manipulate yours, with ease. I wish I could see people's tulpae, including mine.
  5. I was on the shower thinking about people who didn't liked a story I wrote, and why would they do that, and suddenly Sue says this right out of the blue... "It's good to have criticism on your works because, that means that either someone jealous of your work, or you made a mistake, which makes you human." I should really listen to her more often.
  6. "I'm just a fragment of my host's soul and mind, his friend and companion, I'm me, just another tulpa" - Sue
  7. I think I'm having problems with "letting go"... I can relax completely every muscle in my body but my tulpa still has problems with movement, especially when trying to move bigger body parts like the legs or the torso. I think there is something we're missing. Any advice on this?
  8. Lol I know that feel Couguhl
  9. I'd say it was her, besides, if you weren't expecting any response and you got one... Why not?
  10. Here's another drawing/sketch of Sue, this time on her human form (she's planning to put the owl form as a secondary). She knew I loved her owl form so she's making the change slowly, and also using that shirt as a human specifically, making tribute to her previous form. Awesome! >w< Edit: I know the drawing is not very detailed, but that's kinda how detailed I see her (plus some textures). And also, I have no idea of how to draw faces, or females...
  11. Lol I don't even know how much centimeters are one feet...
  12. I have no idea of how to do that. And nope, I don't speak French. The next person really needs a shower.