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  1. There is a tulpa page on TVTropes here. Keep in mind that this focuses on tulpae in media, hence the "can affect the world" thing. Thankfully someone removed the parts about "Neo-pagen magic" and /x/ being a better source than Tulpa.info.
  2. It's very hard to make an accidental tulpa without knowing about tulpae (and very easy to make one once you do know). What you're doing sounds quite a bit like what I did for around 15 years before I knew about tulpae. I took characters, places, and events from games, TV, books, etc. and weaved them into complex "worlds" and stories in my mind. Eventually they all evolved into their own original personalities and I was able to visualize and control them effortlessly. I did this right up until I started on Pix, at which point I forced myself to stop (well, almost) to avoid any accidents. Howeve
  3. "Stop, STOP, YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!!!" -Pix, as I was slowly rolling towards a stationary car
  4. Cordy's gotten good at dulling pain, even removing it completely in some cases, for short periods of time. He can't keep it dull forever, though, it tires him out. As for him feeling it, he only feels pain while I feel it. Once he numbs it, it goes away for all of us.
  5. I don't suppose you'd be willing to make my avatar a bit less sucky? Aside from Sakura, none of them really look right. I'm including both my drawings of them and pictures of their base forms to make up for my lousy art skills. I'll tell you what the legitimate deviations are. Obviously it'd be hard to have them exactly to scale as Cordy is over five feet tall and Pix is just over one foot, so you can just keep the proportions in the original avatar. Pixie Pie (Pix): http://i838.photobucket.com/albums/zz304/Mitesla/Tulpa/Pixwithwings_zps1f1a5a9f.jpg http://i838.photobucket.com/albums/zz
  6. Pix and Cordy both chose their ages themselves: Pix is 16 (I think she just wanted to be a teenager) and Cordy is 23 (he wanted to be around my age considering our relationship, and I guess we both see him as being a bit more mature), and both tend to act about their age. We consider Sakura to be 2 because she was designed to be an infant and that's how she acts, and she seems to accept that. We only vaguely keep track of their "true ages." As for whether or not they'll age, Cordy says he will in order to keep pace with me, Sakura probably will since she can't stay an infant forever, and Pi
  7. My first tulpa decided completely on her own and without my knowledge that she wanted to be a semi-shapeshifter. That is, she has one form that I actually worked on that she appears as 90% of the time, but she can also appear as anything else she wants to temporarily. Since I didn't know about it at first, I just assumed I was "visualizing her wrong" any time she suddenly looked like Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie, but after she took on the forms of Slenderman, a spider, Chrystalis, my Second Life character, a random monster, etc. I finally got the idea. I didn't have to work on any of the forms,
  8. Well, listing traits might be hard as I have a sort of split personality (depending on whom I'm around), but I have noticed that my first two tulpae each took one of my personalities and exaggerated it. The result is that they're opposite each other but both similar to me. This is with minimal personality work for the first and no personality work for the second.
  9. Figment from Epcot in Disneyworld. The only difference is that he can affect other people.
  10. Cordy: *turns into floating blue square* "There, I'm a square! Happy now?!"
  11. Cordy, upon learning about a genderbent Discord tulpa: Cordy: "It's weird thinking I have some sort of twin sister running around out there." Me: "Just think about all those ponies who have clones." Cordy: "...No, I think this is weirder." Me trying to remember something Pix said earlier: Me: "It's too bad, I remember it was awesome." Pix: "Of course it was awesome, it was about me!" Mom frying extra ham: Mom: "What are we going to do with all this extra ham?" Me: *shrugs* "Ham goes in everything." Cordy: *hugs me* "I knew there was a reason I love you!" Me tired and tal
  12. The list was from a PM to someone trying to figure out if they had a tulpa or something else. It was based on a thread called "Are tulpae and Alter Egos the same thing?" Sorry if some items are unclear, I really didn't understand them all myself.
  13. Reminds me of a list I once made of all the different "species" of thoughtforms I'd heard of around the forum And I totally forgot about NPCs and servitors.
  14. What exactly is your standard for "narration only?" I don't mean to start an argument, but it seems like people who have slow progress with passive simply aren't doing it enough. The whole point of passive is that it can be done ALL THE TIME, and it should be. This is what I did with my first tulpa, no forcing, just non-stop visualization, narration, imposition, checking up on her any time I got distracted, asking her what she likes/wants, keeping her on my mind, etc., basically treating her as a constantly presant other person. She said her first words on day 7. I still only active force for
  15. All I can think of is parallel processing, i.e. counting two sets of things at once (that ball test in the research thread would be good) or solving two complex math problems at once, having the tulpa prove knowledge of something the host couldn't know. And even that could possibly have other explanations. Really, aside from a specifically targeted brain scan (has anyone managed to try that?) the only way to prove to someone that tulpae exist is for them to make one themselves. Everything else can be set aside as acting, mental exercises, or split personalities. (And yes, it wouldn't say anyth
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