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  1. You're... welcome? Yeah. Let's go with that.
  2. "The main point I am trying to convey is that as long as you believe in your tulpa and their existence, they are there. As long as you believe they can talk, they can talk." ITT: Belief is magic. You've got a good point buried in this topic, but the approach that if you believe they will exist is silly. No basis in neurology. If you believe that tulpas are nothing more than random speech, and aren't actually sentient? Sure. Believing that it's talking to you may very well make that happen. But when we're talking actual tulpas, a being that is sentient and thinking, not so much.
  3. J...JD1215... actually wrote the imposition guide? IT'S HAPPENING! THE END IS NIGH! Anyway, yes. Fantastic guide.
  4. Yeah. While I wouldn't be paying up money to do it on a weekly basis or anything, it's good to try at least once.
  5. Well, this topic went far. I bookmarked it, then forgot about it. Oh well.
  6. It's no miracle forcing or anything, but it was certainly better quality-wise than any other forcing session I've had. I'm easily distracted and whatnot, so it's always been hard for me to get any depth, even if I've forced since March 2012 (though not very often since my youngest was worked out). But I was still distracted a bit just by the weirdness of it, so it would be much better if you had one for yourself, because you'd be used to it and be able to get right to business every time. And you'd be able to use it whenever. With the price of visits, I wouldn't say it's worth it routinely if you don't have your own. It was a lot better, yes, but not awesome enough to justify spending $40 or so a visit (mine was actually $60, but you get it cheaper if you're not just doing a one-off thing). Besides the forcing aspect, I can say it was very nice. Quite relaxing, good for the skin, all that. Though the skin was a minor problem with me trying to focus, because apparently I have a worse scalp condition than I thought I did (already knew it was bad though). Because I hopped in and MY SCALP BURNS! Some Vaseline helped that, after getting back out after sitting there for a while hoping I'd be able to focus even with that (nope), and the water probably helped my scalp. Health benefits from repeated use are probably fantastic. But... well, that's not tulpas. So, a bit more in depth before I post this, I guess. It's a bit disconcerting when you're first in, but once you've relaxed and stabilized yourself (whoops, hit the side of the tank again), you don't really feel it (unless you move, and I'm more'n a bit antsy), so it works. You don't feel complete absence of feeling, sadly, but pretty damn close. Sure, if you're just forcing in bed you can close your eyes, have lights off, have some white noise or tone in your ears (which isn't nearly as good as the silence this offered, but whatever), but you can't really block out feeling without something like this. Anyway, it took me a bit to get into the forcing, because the tank was a new experience to me and a bit distracting at first, but once I got settled in my visuals and depth and everything were much better, best I've had. No miracle or anything (for shame!), but better. Forced, hugged tupps, talked, did whatever. It was pretty good. The ending of the 90 minute session came as a surprise (you kinda' lose sense of time, even more than when forcing normally). I'd love to do that every day or every other day or something, but that would require me to either pay up piles of money, or have my own. Would it be fantastic to have your own? Yes. Even without tulpas it'd be pretty awesome to have your own. But that's not exactly the sort of thing (almost?) any of us could afford.
  7. There's badges in the forum? Oh lawdy laaaawdy.
  8. If I were making the policy, it would be one badge max, vocal and available tulpas only, and brackets only, no {Words} or |Words| or +Words+ or anything. Yes, I've seen people with only one tulpa using something weird just because. I could deal with no badges just fine, but I don't really see a reason to completely ban them if they're properly regulated.
  9. Oh, yeah, I saw a related article about that. Curious stuff.
  10. How I interpret that is emphasizing a part of a sentence, not just throwing caps on a whole line. Perhaps that needs to be clarified in the rules, I don't know, but it seemed obvious to me. What part of the sentence are you emphasizing if it's all bold? Then it's just a mess. But when you do it like THIS, it doesn't look like you just turned Caps Lock on.
  11. [2013-05-09 18:09:22] READ ALL THE GUIDES YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET ON YOUR HANDS ON@!#!#!@#! [2013-05-09 18:09:29] Temp: whoa, easy on the caps there [2013-05-09 18:09:37] nothing wrong with caps comeon. [2013-05-09 18:09:49] Temp, Please do not use caps like that. [2013-05-09 18:09:54] WHY NOT [2013-05-09 18:10:07] =-= Temp was booted from by YoursTruly (Please obey moderator instructions) From the rules: "Using coloured, bold, capitalized, or otherwise-styled text is allowed when it is done for emphasis or to make a point. However, it should not be used excessively as it stands out and generally causes disruption in the chat. Using coloured text for your tulpa's speech will be allowed on a per-case basis (for example if two of your tulpae have the exact same name)." Looks like excessive to me. But I don't care about that first instance, I care you keep insisting that it's fine. You were warned. By two separate mods. Don't try to tell me you weren't warned. As far as the attitude goes, I saw that it would be taken too seriously, so I added the last bit. Before you posted.
  12. You had one line of caps. And then you were told that you couldn't do that. To which you replied in all caps. A kick is nothing. It's a love tap. Remember when you used to get muted for being off topic? A kick takes two seconds to fix. That's why I used to apply joke kicks liberally in #tulpa. People complain about joke kicks? Maybe those few who do actually mind should say something to me in person. I have been a lenient, fun loving mod in the past. Do you think that needs to change? Very well.* *Offer only available in .info and OT. Void in #tulpa and #redditulpas. Exceptions apply, results may vary. Consult your doctor if kicks produce an erection lasting longer than four hours.
  13. Nope, sorry. person below me has more than a dozen tulpas, and a nick that starts with J. This won't work...
  14. I didn't say I read a load of psychology textbooks. In fact, I told you not to assume I was saying I was a master or anything. Regardless, I AM looking for you (or anyone) to point out additional ways. That was kind of the point of this topic. Oh, and cagey about actual discussion? Yeah, my bad, I was watching The Hobbit last night with tuppers, shortly after I posted the topic. Wanted to finish it before dawn, so I tried not to computer much. (still didn't finish it before dawn.) Then that wouldn't be a class B, that'd be class C. (I think) I see your point though, there's not much of a way to distinguish for sure between the two. That's about how I've seen the process, along with something related to the mind's natural ability to simulate conversations in daydreaming. But nobody really talks about this way of thinking about tulpas... I suppose for the same reason I don't talk about it often, because new users can just see it and go "Oh, that's all? I'm out", without realizing the important part is what they become; or confusing some people in the beginning of the process and making them doubt and become frustrated until they ruin it for themselves. Of course, this wouldn't be ALL thoughtforms (or I wouldn't have suggested class B, obviously), considering various forms of natural "madness" exist, some other "tulpas" not directly created like this may just be some form of insanity that wouldn't have survived or been heard normally, but with someone open consciously and subconsciously to tulpas, they get through.
  15. Before I comment on this, a blanket statement: Anything I said there was just examples. Not all-inclusive in the slightest. That expectation is a portion of the conscious part of breaking down your own barriers, as discussed. A simple, obvious part, but a crucial part nonetheless. Yes, I'm familiar with hypnagogia, which clearly doesn't apply here. Many users, including myself, have warned about this to new users, to avoid mistakes. Some may seem like what you describe, which would just be a form of the third type, but if you're dismissing that as a possibility entirely, you're just being silly. That there is the closest example in this brief theory that would be considered a "natural" insanity, it clearly happens. Again, I didn't mean for that to be specific... I really should have spelled that out in the intro. I already said I had no proper comment in defense of that statement. I'll let Chupi handle that one, even though I think I see where he's coming from with it. Such perceived ignoring I would assume stems from the fact that you seem to think I'm talking in specifics. PRs? I'm an oldfag, do you think I haven't read my share? Do you think I'd be discussing this if I haven't read my share? And I have formally studied some degree of psychology (but do not mistake that statement for me claiming to be a psych major or anything).