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  1. Hello! I love you! Enjoy your stay!
  2. It is beautiful, she is beautiful, I love it :3
  3. The mental health care is nothing but scum on this earth. I could "cure" people with PTSD even before the patient has ended its first session. They are also using you as a test subject for drugs that has no scientifically proven effect, while also taking your money for it. And the people working as psychologists aren't even aware of it and neither do most of them actually care.
  4. It is safe, the only way it could possibly harm you is by saying mean things. They do not have any physical powers, but it is discussed how far you could go by futher meditation and of course, by giving them your consent. But that is a entirely different matter
  5. A tulpa cannot kill its host, you are the one in control. Read some faqs.
  6. I do not believe that a tulpa can kill themselves as long as you are aware of their presence. For them to simply die, you will have to ignore them. And yes, this phase is really common and seems to occur for a majority. Just keep up the narration and forcing and you'll see that it will work out fine in the end, and to not bother thinking about time, it is just a distracting matter which will only slow down the progress.
  7. Yes, you are obviously going to die, just like all the answers on frequently asked questions are stating.
  8. That is more or less what usually happens with any con which is kinda sad in my opinion (not that I have been on any so this statement is from a quite naive view).
  9. Then, we will able to play music which our tulpas have created and there will be artists being paid for making drawings of our tulpas, it will become a fandom where eveyone walks around and let their rulpas have conversations with each other while people begin to dress up as their tulpa. The thought of a Tulpacon literally made me fell of my chair and burst out in a manic laughter, which actully did intruige me since this world needs more abnormal stuff. But we need more people to get a fully sentient tulpa despite any circumstance at all.... And who would take this sorta thing serious by
  10. Fede-lasse = FAQ_man We can all see the signs!
  11. I've noticed that a wonderland kinda helps me, cause if I go directly into tulpafocring, the intrusive thoughts will prevail. If I run around and do random things in my wonderland for about five mins when I go into meditation, I'll get the time to calm myself down and gain a lot more focus which does prevent my brain from going rampage. However, the place where I force is still kinda isolated from the rest of my wonderland so I do never have to bother with surroundings when I'm there. Now when I think about it, the place kinda reminds me of the Celestial Planetarium. Just with eterna
  12. The soul of my tulpa is currently in a helium balloon which I often tie around my arm while being in my happy happy wonderland! As for real life, I do believe that you still have to define your specific object in mind if you want it to live in a real one.
  13. I don't get it.. Isn't the wonderland just a definition of a place which you create in your mind that is constant as long as you want to? In other words, I can just scrap it in one second and turn it into my home town or as stated, have several constant places as long as you visit them in a regular basis with focus in order to define and remember them... The reason why you would remember them so good is cause you have marked them as your wonderland and therefore make them more special and real than any other temporarily imagination.
  14. Happy belated birthday, Hoppip!
  15. From my experience, it's a lot easier to look up fan art since it does give you a lot more perception and thoughts/views to build on. http://i.imgur.com/joV3L.png http://i.imgur.com/6tGS1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Y6663.jpg (I have too much Vinyl art) I have a hard time even imagine how 2D will work once you can visualize your tulpa in "our" world.
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