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  1. No, it is not but i will check the site you said anyway when im making the research. I am amazed by how many sites exists that focuses on getting you sexual pleasure at any cost, (not many really) is strange to see that more than one connect with the Tulpas.
  2. Okay, thanks you all, i will be posting about this very soon, i only need to get some more things done and i will make a thread about it. I think i will post the link here or will inform the readers about this initial thread if necessary. Again, thank you all for the answers!
  3. Indeed, English isnt my native language, im Brazilian. So about the thread i cant move it right? So can a mod do it or it is better if I create other thread? Also, people are willing to try this as well? I mean, not the "succubus audio" but the way to make some audio yourself to improve your forcing.
  4. Thanks for the answer! So, I dont think i will be listening this audio like it is, i think i am going to edit it but like i said, i dont want a sex slave i only happened to find this audio and to think the whole idea is interesting but, one more time, i say that i dont want to use any being as a sex slave or with the only purpose of sex, please understand that this kind of relationship disgusts me as the person is so small-minded that he/she only cares about his/her desires. What i really want to know is the effects of this techniques if applied on tulpas that are starting or as a way to force a "old" tulpa. Dont get carried away just because i said "Succubus", I already have a Tulpa and i think of this like a way to improve my method of forcing and getting better results together with "normal" forcing.
  5. Thanks for the answer but as I said i listened the full audio and i dont think that she would turn evil, succubus is a term to describe many things and the definition that the site uses (i believe) is a mere sexual symbol, not a evil entity but I understand that the term is also used for naming a evil sexual entity, the audio also says that she can help with a lot of things and not only sexual ones. About her gaining sentience is the goal of the audio. To be clear I DONT USED THE FILE WITH THE HYPNOTIC INDUCTION so i just listened the file to search bad intentions on the audio, also, i dont want to make this audio a way to make the Tulpa creation process easy, if anyone wishes to create a Tulpa please, i recommend using the techniques in this site as i am doing it myself. I say too that i dont want to use Tulpa-servitors, Full Tulpas and this "Succubus" to sate my lust, i cant order them to do something like this.
  6. A few days ago I was on the net and I found a site that have a audio, this audio is about creating a mental succubus on your head, this audio is a hypnotic one but since I have not heard the initial induction I was not on trance. The thing is that this audio (that I listened until the end) remember me a lot of the process of creating a Tulpa, but instead of just a Tulpa the audio is focused on the sexual part of the thing. The suggestions were like "she is concerned about your well being because your pleasure is her pleasure, your well being is her well being", "she is benevolent" and some things that are related to the Tulpa like seeing her with your eyes during the day, speaking to her in your mind and out loud and her responding, her taking the form your mind likes. This is like the Vocality, Imposition, Deviation... of the Tulpas. I wont post the file here, nor the site because the audio itself is full of sexual content and the site is only for erotic hypnosis. The big question is, is this succubus a kind of Tulpa? Some sessions of audio listening are necessary for you to being able to see her perfectly in your mind, in your environment and to better hear her voice. What you think? Note: Will see if I can tell the site if someone asks me by PM. Dont want to be banned.
  7. Sorry for the the late answer, thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, I don't know the answer but I am expecting that my Tulpa helps me out in school, anything really, I think I am screwed... Ah, the wonders of High School! Would not "use" she to make my life easier and turn into a lazy guy but if I asked and she accepted, it can't be helped.
  9. As I said don't have any problems with the language she speaks, as said, language is not the primary way a Tulpa communicates but thanks for the answers, I wonder if someone have experienced what I described. Anyway, thanks again!
  10. I narrate to my tulpa Catherine a lot, she is developing well now but there is a thing that is happening and I can't get out of my mind, she speaks more in english. I will explain: I speak english but it is not my mother language, my language is Portuguese from Brazil but most of the day I read things in English and hear things in English so most of the time my mind is filled with toughts in this language, I don't know if she hears more the English toughts than the Portuguese ones. I don't have any problem with she speaking mostly English, at least I am hearing her, but what keeps me curious about is, it is possible for me to hear her speak more English because that is the language she most is familiar with and the language that I am normally using? I did hear her speak Portuguese before but it seems that she speak English much more. Seems like the English toughts are more simply interpreted by me (as much words you can understand from a Tulpa who still are developing). I thinks its a hard question but if anyone had passed this, please, answer.
  11. Interesting post, make me want to play RPG with you guys. As for my wonderland, its a calm place too, i have not seen evil, just sharks (evil anyway). As for what i could use if necessary, i do not know, i think perhaps throwing needles. A little magic is good too. Do not know what Catherine would use too, maybe her own body like nails, tail, teeth, feet.
  12. raphael97


  13. I do not desire to take part on the discussion but i think the same way you cant care for every human or living being, you cant care for every tulpa.This is sad, okay, but not saying anything to the people is far worst, if well made this book could inform people that tulpas are more than a creepypasta (search "Tulpa" on youtube and you will see what i say). Also, i can translate to other language too (Brazilian Portuguese).
  14. Have to agree with the idea, King of Manga.