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  1. Koomer and his tulpa had a very high interest in possession with the goal of having his tulpa take control of his body long-term. In addition to Koomer becoming a non-dominate personality in his own body, there were also malicious entities that started appearing and forcing him to engage in self-destructive activities such as drug abuse. That led to a spiral of depression that he's lucky he managed to make it out of.
  2. For those of you not following Oguigi's tumblr, her host has recently made this post where he announces that he's finally given up tulpamancy. I would like to wish Koomer the best of luck in the future and thank him for all he's done for the community and I, as well as many others, will miss him. We'll also miss Oguigi, for whatever that sentiment still means to him. It's sad to see that this hobby of hours hasn't worked out for the best for him and I don't think anyone will blame him for giving it up.
  3. Step 1: Design tulpa to whatever extent you desire. Step 2: Talk to tulpa. Step 3: Repeat step 2 until tulpa talks back.
  4. If the age on your profile is correct, then that is most likely the reason things are going fast for you. People as young as you tend to report extremely fast progress.
  5. Your tulpa is not capable of causing deliberate psychosomatic symptoms 4 days in. If a tulpa does, you're most likely unhealthy and very mentally unstable. It's just a headache. People get those. It's a common symptom of having a head. Relax and keep narrating.
  6. This is my only recommendation for you.It would of been cardio since it's totes more fun but dat' snow ain't fun to run in.
  7. You can always try to find a way off the drugs entirely. Regular exercise and a healthy diet does wonders for depression.
  8. 'Dear diary, this morning I was happy. Happiness must have been caused by a split personality I developed overnight. It is the only logical explanation.' I know you're excited and all, but you shouldn't go looking to explain simple things away as evidence of your tulpa. Just be patient and wait for him/her to become vocal.
  9. Some times I wonder if all the waifus of the world have their own, special internet where they talk about their husbandos. Cute photo set, by the by.
  10. The concept of a tulpas age being representative of their personality and not their date of creation has been tossed around quite a bit. I just can't stand it because it gives off some heavy 'special little snowflake' vibes, if you know what I mean.
  11. Subconscious parroting isn't related to any mental conditions you may have. Plenty of other people, myself included, have encountered it. However the only consensus there seems to be on the subject is that it's caused by tulpas being too young and therefor not as independent as they will be later in life. I cannot confirm is this is true, but it's something quite a few people believe in and it seems like a very logical explanation. Thanks for posting a link to NotAnonymous, though. It's been so long I nearly forgot about him. I'm going to have to read through his posts again and see if it makes any more sense this time around. Finding a solution to subconscious parroting means a lot to Bacn.
  12. I guess now I have to go and find the tulpa earth and measure how long it takes for it to go around the tulpa sun, so that I can figure out how old my tulpa is in tulpa years.
  13. It certainly does sound like it's a lack of independence that works itself out with time, but I just want confirmation. I've been dealing with the issue for almost a year and it feels like this issue should have been ironed out by now. At this point I just want to be able to say that time has fixed it for other people and so it could possibly work for me and anyone else who asks.