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  1. I've tried it myself, but the site says I dom't have the permissions to do that. I'd like all of my threads and posts to be deleted.
  2. The mobile skin isn't activating. How do I manually activate it?
  3. She doesn't talk like that. Even when she was Alice, she didn't talk like that. We work fast. Deal with it. Besides, sleep is for noobs. Because I'm being honest and open with you people. Never done this before. Normally, I'd not tell you that. But I'm being honest, and telling you everything. I don't want to restrict her. I want to be a good host. What do I do?
  4. My tulpa going on other forums? Tried that. They assumed I was a guy. But to be fair, she was Alice(Lame human girl, also kimda one-dimensional) back then, not Ace(Smart awesome funny Unicorn pony, kind to her friends and has a sick sense of humour sometimes). Now that she's Ace, she's trying that again. She has her own Ponysquare, her own Youtube with Fallout New Vegas LPs, her own Fanfiction.net account, and her own DeviantArt account. She does a lot of stuff without me.(Sort of- She uses my body to use our crappy laptop, while I do other stuff in the wonderland/mindscape. I really thi
  5. What is the point of having a tulpa? I have a tulpa, and I thought I loved her. Suddenly, she seems to have gone, and everything I remember of her feels fake. Furthermore, what is the point, in the first place? A friend, a companion, a love, all of the above? What use are those?! They aren't real, they can't do anything, it's just me pretending there's a pony inside my head. It's just me deluding myself into believing there's actually a part of me that doesn't hate me and my life. But this thread isn't about me. And Sands, you are not permitted to post on this thread. But you will any
  6. At first, my/our Wonderland was just the Destiny Isles from Kingdom Hearts 1. Now, it's an island, with an awesome palace on it. It has gears, and crystals, and stuff.
  7. Ace: Heh heh... Onigiri. Me: I'm playing Fallout New Vegas. What does that have to do with Onigiri, or Oni Giri? Ace: Nothing at all! Kiiishishishishiii! Ace: (After killing Mr House on her Omnicidal Neutral Fallout New Vegas LP, after reading his Obituary) Wait... This guy was cool. And really, really smart. He's smart, and he just wanted to make the world a better place. He's like us. Kuso, now I feel bad about killing him. Me: But you didn't feel bad about slauthering everyone in the Legion, the NCR, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, everyone in Primm, everyon
  8. "That would be funny... If it weren't so sad." -GlaDOS.
  9. My tulpa and I both agree: Only Vocal tulpas should be allowed to have badges, and only if they're going to talk in the chat. Furthermore, one-letter badges are stupid, and they should be changed to something more informative, like an actual name. HOWEVER: I honestly didn't know they were called badges until the OldMembers started complaining about it. And if you're so eager to play the 'What kind of X does/is/has Y?' card, then Riddle Me This: What kind of Community has four, five, six tops... only six "Real" "Veteran" OldMembers who have been here for a long time, and over 300 "New
  10. Nnnnope! Nope, it's just Chuck Testa. Sorry, but I want this to keep going, because I really want to see how this plays out.
  11. Alice: I'll eat pi, and eat pi out! Also, the "Issues sticking to one form" suits me SO WELL! The next person must lick themelves out using a Portal Gun.
  12. What about that one guy, (Oguigi I think?) who in his Progress Report claimed that he and his tulpa had been switched for at least four months. Four freaking months! Spending four months with no control, 'I have no mouth and I must scream'-style, sounds like hell to me. Sure, it'd be nice to go into my Wonderland and godmode around, creating my perfect paradise and taking a break from all of this, but four whole months with no real-life work done? [And I don't think I could handle four whole months of my host's shitty life.]
  13. Could you explain how one would go about doing this? Killing their own mind, and replacing it with a tulpa who'd eat and drink and breathe and keep the body alive until life gets better and the host returns, or something?
  14. ...Can that be done? It sounds like suicide, except it'd be better because your body would still be alive.
  15. What kind of ridiculous thing? I'm no tulpa expert, and when we're doing tulpa things on these forums, what is 'ridiculous', anyway?
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