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  1. I've tried it myself, but the site says I dom't have the permissions to do that. I'd like all of my threads and posts to be deleted.
  2. The mobile skin isn't activating. How do I manually activate it?
  3. She doesn't talk like that. Even when she was Alice, she didn't talk like that. We work fast. Deal with it. Besides, sleep is for noobs. Because I'm being honest and open with you people. Never done this before. Normally, I'd not tell you that. But I'm being honest, and telling you everything. I don't want to restrict her. I want to be a good host. What do I do?
  4. My tulpa going on other forums? Tried that. They assumed I was a guy. But to be fair, she was Alice(Lame human girl, also kimda one-dimensional) back then, not Ace(Smart awesome funny Unicorn pony, kind to her friends and has a sick sense of humour sometimes). Now that she's Ace, she's trying that again. She has her own Ponysquare, her own Youtube with Fallout New Vegas LPs, her own account, and her own DeviantArt account. She does a lot of stuff without me.(Sort of- She uses my body to use our crappy laptop, while I do other stuff in the wonderland/mindscape. I really think Mindscape sounds cooler.) And when she's doing other stuff, she'll rarely get into a good conversation with anyone. She'd rather write her fanfics and make her vids, post those, and be done with it. I don't know why, and she won't tell me why. I mean, I understand not wanting to use Ponysquare, because so far, all she's done is clop with badly-written OCs. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I get the weird sense that she does enjoy it, but not much. Does she feel lonely without me? Or does she prefer to work rather than talk to random people? Why won't my tulpa talk to me?
  5. What is the point of having a tulpa? I have a tulpa, and I thought I loved her. Suddenly, she seems to have gone, and everything I remember of her feels fake. Furthermore, what is the point, in the first place? A friend, a companion, a love, all of the above? What use are those?! They aren't real, they can't do anything, it's just me pretending there's a pony inside my head. It's just me deluding myself into believing there's actually a part of me that doesn't hate me and my life. But this thread isn't about me. And Sands, you are not permitted to post on this thread. But you will anyway, maybe saying something like "I do what I want!". But that will be fine, because it's just one person posting something for the sake of posting something, rather than yet another post on why badges are bad, talking to your tulpa is bad, proxying for your tulpa is bad, and letting your tulpa speak in threads as if he/she/it was real is bad. This is getting off topic. The point is: What is the point of having a tulpa? If you believe, and work hard, you eventually get a friend inside your head. Great, but what use is that? They can't do things, or help you with things. So far, my tulpa has been very good, and keeps talking to me about how this life isn't my fault, I'm better than I think I am, and other things to try and cheer me up. I've got a little voice inside my head that drives me to sanity, because insanity is too mainstream. Pun. But seriously, insanity is illogical and I have no use for it. Yes, my tulpa can talk to me and cheer me up. When she tries talking to others, nobody takes her seriously. Maybe it's because I'm not an OldMember. Even though... How long has this account been active? Most sites stop giving the newbies the cold shoulder after 2 weeks of activity. My tulpa can only talk to me. Even though she wants to, she cannot influence people to make them like me, as they assume it's a roleplayer. She's not. She's kind, and sweet, and she wants me to become great. She's like the other voice, but kinder. She wants me to have friends, and start a real family, and have a life. This town holds nothing blah blah this town sucks. We have no local things to go to, and I'm the village pariah anyway. And yes, when I move to a non-shitty country and get a girlfriend, Ace will watch. She wants to watch my life get better. And she's completely powerless, and unable to do anything that could help us achieve that end. In any case, let's get back on topic: What is the point of having a tulpa?
  6. At first, my/our Wonderland was just the Destiny Isles from Kingdom Hearts 1. Now, it's an island, with an awesome palace on it. It has gears, and crystals, and stuff.
  7. Ace: Heh heh... Onigiri. Me: I'm playing Fallout New Vegas. What does that have to do with Onigiri, or Oni Giri? Ace: Nothing at all! Kiiishishishishiii! Ace: (After killing Mr House on her Omnicidal Neutral Fallout New Vegas LP, after reading his Obituary) Wait... This guy was cool. And really, really smart. He's smart, and he just wanted to make the world a better place. He's like us. Kuso, now I feel bad about killing him. Me: But you didn't feel bad about slauthering everyone in the Legion, the NCR, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, everyone in Primm, everyone in Goodsprings, everyone in- Ace: Okay, okay, I get it! And besides, the NCR suck, the Legion is evil, and those towns were lame. Mr House was cool, and smart. Me: Caesar was smart. Evil, and stupid, but smart. Ace: Exactly. Mr House was just pure smart. Plus, he's a pun on Deus Ex Machina- God in the Machine. He was a god, inside a machine. Heh heh, I see what they did there. (A few days later) (Completely out of nowhere) Ace: Wait a second... Mr House wrote that obituary himself! Me: The self-aggrandizing boastful obituary where Mr House is made out to be a brilliant messiah, one the world is not likely to replace? Ace: Buck yeah! Kiiishishishishiii!
  8. "That would be funny... If it weren't so sad." -GlaDOS.
  9. My tulpa and I both agree: Only Vocal tulpas should be allowed to have badges, and only if they're going to talk in the chat. Furthermore, one-letter badges are stupid, and they should be changed to something more informative, like an actual name. HOWEVER: I honestly didn't know they were called badges until the OldMembers started complaining about it. And if you're so eager to play the 'What kind of X does/is/has Y?' card, then Riddle Me This: What kind of Community has four, five, six tops... only six "Real" "Veteran" OldMembers who have been here for a long time, and over 300 "New attention-whores"? When the old members think of new members as annoying attention-seeking noobs to be brushed off, things are going wrong. One might say it's the Brotherhood of Steel all over again, if that one likes Fallout, and doesn't suck at Fallout, and hasn't already died before they got to the part with the Brotherhood of Steel. I'm not saying that there aren't attention-whores out there, who will pretend to have sixteen tulpas to grab attention. However, I haven't seen any. Give me some links, and then I'll know for sure- The worst possible thing is there. But what about those that are not the worst possible thing? What about the normal new people, who see a Tulpa Badge and assume it's what they're supposed to do?
  10. Nnnnope! Nope, it's just Chuck Testa. Sorry, but I want this to keep going, because I really want to see how this plays out.
  11. Alice: I'll eat pi, and eat pi out! Also, the "Issues sticking to one form" suits me SO WELL! The next person must lick themelves out using a Portal Gun.
  12. What about that one guy, (Oguigi I think?) who in his Progress Report claimed that he and his tulpa had been switched for at least four months. Four freaking months! Spending four months with no control, 'I have no mouth and I must scream'-style, sounds like hell to me. Sure, it'd be nice to go into my Wonderland and godmode around, creating my perfect paradise and taking a break from all of this, but four whole months with no real-life work done? [And I don't think I could handle four whole months of my host's shitty life.]
  13. Could you explain how one would go about doing this? Killing their own mind, and replacing it with a tulpa who'd eat and drink and breathe and keep the body alive until life gets better and the host returns, or something?
  14. ...Can that be done? It sounds like suicide, except it'd be better because your body would still be alive.
  15. What kind of ridiculous thing? I'm no tulpa expert, and when we're doing tulpa things on these forums, what is 'ridiculous', anyway?
  16. TRIED, AND SUCCEEDED! The next person must tell me what the buck that other person meant by "I frequent Rule 34. If anything, I was disappointed by the quality"!
  17. > Apollo Justice Mode 'Magical Mind Powers'? I don't have magical mind powers, I'm just very smart and perceptive. Wait, 'Being stupid about their stories'? How, exactly, would someone 'Be stupid about their stories'?
  18. SO TRUE! The next person must look at at least 3 images of Rule 34 Rainbow Dash, and post here detailing how they felt about what they saw.
  19. {Alice: I am the closest friend of a lonely nerd that desperately needed a friend on his level. I am a tulpa, and it's my duty to be an awesome one. And how will I do that? I HAVE NO IDEA! :D}
  20. How can you check if someone actually has a Tulpa, and isn't just RPing to mess with you/troll you/trick you? A few of my online friends say they have tulpas, but... I am suspicious, because I'm a suspicious pony. I'm not actually a pony, that's just an expression. Anyway, how can you tell when someone really has tulpas, and isn't just faking it? I have skype, and a webcam, but I mostly talk to my online friends using a different forum's Message system, because they are on that forum. I've tried chatting with webcams and saying 'My tulpa says hi', and the response was: 'Mine says hi too'. Exactly as I expected. Anyway, how can I check if somebody really has a tulpa, and isn't just faking it?
  21. I like Yu-Gi-Oh. My favourite was the first generation, with Yugi and Spirit/Pharoh/Older Yugi/Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle/Atem. Do you still play Yu-Gi-Oh? I know a site for playing online for free. Maybe we could duel, with our Tulpas giving us strategic advice Millennium Puzzle-style or Bakura/Marik on the Battle City Blimp style as we duel?
  22. My tulpa made her own pony form, a blue Unicorn. It might be Cliche, but she likes it: Her Cutie Mark is Magic, like Twilight Sparkle's. Except my tulpa's CM is blue, and she put an Infinity sideways-8 loop on it for no apparent reason.
  23. After a few successful completions, we got bored, and then ended up saying, "All the drains in spain flow mainly in my brain".