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    I can usually be found on IRC. The Rizon network, under the nickname FF_CCSa1F, or FF_AWAy1F. That is usually the best way of getting in touch with me.
  1. The short answer is yes, but you'll find that you've learned a lot more before reaching that stage.
  2. I don't see why this article is getting painted in such a negative light. People that have spent months or years thinking about and making tulpas, seem to forget how fringe an idea they really are. In my opinion, the article does a reasonably good job at explaining such a very strange concept, in words that a Vice reader might understand (and even be interested in).
  3. Hello, A few months back, a few friends and I started work on a Wikipedia-style Tulpa wiki, with more rigorous guidelines for article quality than other resources available at the time. That means, less guides, less opinions, and more unbiased (as far as it gets) information, derived from observations within the community. The project never quite took off beyond a few base articles getting written, so I figured I might post it here, to see if there's any interest in the wider community for such a project. Anyone is free to edit the articles, as long as care is given to the guidelines that have been published at the site. I'm hoping that someone else might be interested in improving it as a resource, since I believe that it would be valuable for many (especially new) people to have a rigid baseline upon which to form an idea about what the entire tulpa thing is about. No one ever really talked about it in public before, since it's in an unfinished state, but it's sat dormant for so long that I think it's time we (or rather, I) invite others to check it out. http://tulpa.wikia.com
  4. Thank you, but you should know that I don't actually know much of anything, I just talk like a politician.
  5. Hello. Yesterday evening, I did a short write-up about my thoughts on agency. I figured I might post it here, in case someone would be interested in what might be a different perspective on things. Click. I hope you'll find it useful.
  6. At the time of posting this, I've been tulpaforcing for two months and one week, and I've kept a fairly detailed personal journal of every forcing session and otherwise note-worthy, tulpa-related event since day one. While it's mostly a personal journal that I've never seriously intended to post on the Internet in its entirety, I figured that it'd be a bit of a shame not to. It's a quite massive, 10 000+ word behemoth, so enter at your own risk. I'm not really planning on keeping this updated, but if anybody wants me to, I can add new entries as they're written. Here it is, I hope it can be of use to someone. Please read my notes before clicking. A few notes on it, me, my tup and the methods we've used: I had no experience what-so-ever with meditation or "mind-hacking" prior to starting tulpaforcing. This journal is my personal journal. Some things may not make sense to you, because it's my personal journal. If you read my personal journal and you're confused about something in my personal journal, do ask me and I'll try to explain my personal journal to you. Some entries were written for posting on the Internet, but the vast majority are not. My tulpa, Swindle, started out as (yet another) Rainbow Dash tulpa. She went by that name for a while, and that's reflected in the journal. While she still retains most of her original form, her personality is nothing like the Rainbow Dash from the show. My writing style is extremely lively at times, as I type most entries out "in the heat of the moment", right after a session. This is intentional and for my own reference. In particular early entries may sound extremely optimistic to a third party, and at times it may sound as if unrealistic progress was being made. That is just how I write, so take it with a bit of salt. Despite that, however, people tell me that we've progressed unusually quickly. The reason for that is unknown to me, but I like to think that keeping a journal played at least some part in it. I started tulpaforcing primarily as an experiment to test if I would be able to accept something on pure faith alone. I'm an extremely sceptical, factual, atheist kind of person, so acting on pure faith is something that's completely foreign to me. Needless to say, the exercise was a success. I didn't read many guides before starting, and I deliberately have not read any progress reports or journals either - all in order to prevent myself from having unrealistic expectations about tulpae. I've never had any real plan as to in what order to do what, or how; I much prefer to just mix stuff, try a little bit of everything every here and there, and see what happens. While the length and date of every forcing session is noted in my journal, I have never counted my total hours.