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    I'm a Christian, a college student, a Brony, a DM, and all sorts of other stuff you likely don't care about.
  1. I only have three real rules for Aeterna. The first two are pretty closely related, too. 1. Never practice, or attempt, possession. 2. Never attempt anything near switching. 3. Never try to come between myself and God by undermining my faith or the like. I don't think it's at all unreasonable to set those kinds of rules. The creator ought to have the right to set reasonable boundaries, based on what they're comfortable with, by merit of them coming first and being, well, corporeal. My rules primarily come from my religion, as well as my intense fear of losing control, even to a bene
  2. Yes. Visualization may still be helpful, if you feel more comfortable thinking of a specific form while narrating, but all you really need to do is direct your narration to your tulpa. Selecting a form, or even a personality, is actually optional. All you really need to do is narrate enough, and once sentience has been achieved your tulpa could choose those things. One method that helps a lot of people is to think of your tulpa as an object, such as a glowing ball, and focus on that during narration. Of course, they won't stay the ball forever, but it gives something for you to anchor you
  3. I don't believe there's anything in the Christian religion that opposes the psychological view of tulpae, hence why I'm making a tulpa while still being a Christian. You may be talking about the "They must be demons, you're summoning demons, DARK MAGIC!" types, which don't think that way because they're Christians, but because they're stupid or simply ignorant. Members of the tulpa community usually don't like being judged as a whole based on the actions of a few neckbeards that create pony tulpae for sex, so why should you judge all Christians based on the actions of the vocal morons?
  4. It's Fox News, so it can usually be assumed that whatever the say is a lie. Even when they tell the truth, that truth becomes a lie. Because that's Fox News. Sure, we're bound to get some negative press when/if this goes mainstream, but that's true about anything. Since the Bronies are so prevalent in this community, I'll use them as an example. They've gotten tons of bad press, as it was to be expected, but despite that they've grown, a lot. We can't let our fears of negative reactions consume us. There are plenty of people who would love the idea, but just don't know about it becaus
  5. Whether or not you're "crazy" really depends on your definition of the word. There's no real clear definition of psychological health, so a person is usually considered to be psychologically healthy, and so not crazy, if they don't have any mental disorders. A disorder is, again, something that's hard to define, but there are two primary factors in classification. The first is whether or not the thing you're analyzing affects everyone, or just a few. For example, sadness in itself has a negative impact on people's lives, but everyone is sad at one point or another, and so it's not a disord
  6. My inability to concentrate amid distractions really discourages me from regular forcing. This has led to forcing becoming somewhat of a ritual, where I have to wait for the house to be reasonably quiet, shut down my computer, get out headphones to drown out noise, etc. All that setup makes forcing a bit of a pain to do, and I often find myself putting it off until I'm too tired to do it effectively.
  7. 1. Who have you told about your tulpa(s) and how did they react? I've told pretty much everyone about tulpae, from my parents, to my friends, to acquaintances in class. My parents are a little freaked out and keep thinking it's demonic or something, even though they can't put anything behind that claim other than it's a "feeling". Most of my friends reacted well, with two of them now working on their own tulpae, though one friend is so disturbed at the concept that he visibly shuddered at the mention of them for weeks. 2. How did you find out about tulpas? Random, sleep deprived, la
  8. I browsed Youtube a bit to see what kinds of things pop up regarding tulpae, and there seems to be a real lack of good information for new tulpa creators. So, the best target audience would be those that are either new tulpa creators or potential tulpa creators. Like it or not, Youtube is going to be where many go for initial information, so that's where we should make sure good, accurate, relevant information is. As it is, the first thing that pops up is the creepypasta, and I recall that when my mother researched into tulpae that was the first thing she found, which she then took to be fa
  9. Switching would be even worse than possession for me. Why do you say your fear is "supposedly irrational"? Fearing the loss of control sounds plenty rational to me. Just contemplating it makes me shudder.
  10. I began creating my tulpa within two days of hearing about them. It wasn't too hard of a choice for me, since I realized a character I used in daydreams was essentially the same as a tulpa, as she was a split of me used to process automatic and secondary thoughts and statistics, much like an AI. When I found out I could have something akin to that in my head, I ran with it! So, my choices as far as personality and form were pretty much made, save for some minor modifications from the daydream entity. Being familiar with lucid dreaming, another thing those crafty Tibetan monks thought up, h
  11. I didn't keep track of my hour count, but for all thirty-two traits it took me thirteen days. By the end of it I felt that I had a very complete idea of just who my tulpa was, as I basically dissected each bit of her personality.
  12. I suppose I'll just have to trust in my tulpa, then. It's just difficult because she's still so young that I can't really have definitive conversations with her. As soon as I can do so I'm sure my fears will be assuaged, but until then it continually nags at the back of my mind.
  13. It seems like everyone is either neutral about possession, or actively working towards it. However, I find the entire idea of possession terrible, as I loathe the idea of anyone being in control of my body over me. Has anyone else had a similar fear, and if so how have you coped with it? My tulpa is still young, just showing the first signs of sentience, and I wish nothing but the best for her. I'm worried that my fears will negatively impact her growth, or that she'll feel that she isn't trusted enough because possession is completely off the table. In fact, an attempt at it would be p
  14. She's the type of religious where if she doesn't understand something she thinks it's somehow "not biblical." She refuses to learn more about the subject to where I might be able to assuage her fears, but I suppose ignorance is at least better than her outright forbidding me or the like.
  15. I told my parents right away, along with all the other people I talk with. I've already been into stuff like lucid dreaming so it wasn't too far fetched compared to the types of things I usually get into, so I didn't see it being a big issue. As it currently stands my mother doesn't want me talking about it around her, and my father is indifferent. It beats having to hide it, though. Granted, I haven't told them a thing about possession, and I haven't told them I have a Tumblr because I don't want them reading it.
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