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  1. not really actually... kill that fucker please is about it has your tulpa ever ask you to kill someone?
  2. moo! oh.. curse you my covers blown the next person is potato hater
  3. your host becomes super active but no longer has time to force I wish I could create tulpa in the minds of others
  4. Freedom1

    Good vs. Evil

    58 im not sure which side I took
  5. to start raining safe muffins that...
  6. nope last time i tried i had to be dragged out of the pool next person has be set on fire
  7. theres only 445 replies so how is it at 450?
  8. heres hoping the next person likes cheeeeeeeessssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. granted, but it advances rapidly to the point where its used to tear a rift in reality I wish for omnipotence
  10. Cookies? Where? Next person drinks more coffee then water
  11. No, not really Next person know there star sign and Chinese zodiac
  12. *smakes the land mine* no playing frisbee here