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    Maddilyn, is my tulpa's name. Tulpa'ring is her game.
  1. Okay I'm sorry but for some reason I just cannot comprehend your post. Normally I would pass over posts like these, but there is something about this one that befuddles me. Can you or someone else please maybe reword this for me? Sorry, i'm honestly not trying to be rude or anything of the sorts. A bit more on topic: Nice drawing SageandSuki! It's a nice feeling drawing your tulpa isn't it? Personally I don't like finishing tulpa drawings because they never feel complete. Keep on practicing drawing, it's only up from here! (Hopefully) Also maybe your post would be best located in the ITT:
  2. Nah, I can do that; it's more useless then it looks. Basically you just go cross-eyed and then look to the right, then go cross-eyed again then look to the left and so on and so forth. Not going to happen OP, not going to happen...
  3. F...f...f-face-to-face? I came to this forum to get imaginary friends, not real ones.
  4. Mmmm... You see, i'm all for more research, but only for the goal of better understanding the tulpa phenomenon, not to prove the existence of tulpas to anyone. Hooray, the crazy role-playing people are only crazy people now. If people wanted to get more public attention on tulpas, then change the site title and url to imaginary-friend.info, because all my life I have wanted an imaginary friend and it wasn't until some wonderful person on the lucid dreaming reddit page brought it up, did I discover this page.
  5. Haha thanks, I am very grateful. Can I give some feedback, some constructive criticism perhaps? I'm not sure if you want it or not, you didn't say in your post.
  6. Yes! I don't know why everyone doesn't jump to the opportunity of getting their tulpa drawn. It's so much help for visualisation. Anyway, i'm not sure this is being a tad selfish because I already have drawing of my tulpa, but man.. you do faces so well, and in so much detail! Here's two drawings of my tulpa Maddilyn: Picture A: http://i.imgur.com/WTtxHPy.jpg?1 Picture B: http://i.imgur.com/U4bgnNg.jpg?1 She's closer to A than B, but her jacket is more tightly fighting and a more creamy colour like B. She has an elvish face, with ears about 20cm long that point backward more than fr
  7. I would opt in for the mainstream option. I would rather acknowledgement rather than acceptance, people are entitled to live how they want, as long as they acknowledge there are other ways of living. The only way I see tulpas becoming more mainstream, is that if someone with a really cool tulpa, who can paint or draw well, can perform wacky parallel processing shiz and isn't a complete neckbeard, goes onto a really popular TV show with some sort of special medical equipment that shows relevant brain activity. The last thing I would do is link someone this site, way too many tulponies. Doin
  8. Yeah, and I have for all my life.
  9. Accent? I am Australian, but in terms of Australian accent mine's pretty weak. I can never understand how people transpose their feelings and emotions towards a topic, such as imposition into music. The way you do that on the piano, that's real fuckin' Nito.
  10. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0DlrT3v9GFd It's abstract, so you don't understand the complexities. I call it 'Fruitful Fruition'.
  11. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Va-ri-a-tion. Ch-ch-changes!
  12. I'm in the same boat as Spoolie; Probably not, but could be less lonely with my aid.
  13. Only if Tulpas were leaked to /k/. Then we would all have gun Tulpas!
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