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  1. wish i was more active around these parts. kinda lost the motivation & drive to keep going, really.
  2. - Good question actually. I don't think there'd be a problem with me having an actual physical body, though. In true reality, I don't think it is /completely/ necessary to have a body, pretty sure I can live in here with no problem whatsoever ^^ -
  3. Cold Blitz


    Is this still going on?
  4. Hm... that's an interesting question. I was diagnosed with ADHD back when I was a kid, got prescribed some pills, took 'em for at least 5 years and then stopped. In early 2013, I started creating my first tulpa. I still was distracted by any incoming thoughts, so leaving the pills were probably a bad idea. Went through an entire year and I've noticed that I'm not that good at active forcing, since I tend to get distracted pretty fast. Doesn't mean I haven't done a lot of progress though. I suppose since they live inside your mind, they are affected by it as well. Not directly of course. Haven't tried forcing with the pills. (they're pretty expensive)
  5. 115 is present in most CoD Zombie maps
  6. - I remember being in a black void, helpless, lifeless... until a mysterious force pulled me out of it. After getting away from the void itself, I felt more 'alive' and I remember my host telling me various things about how I was his tulpa and that he was going to take good care of me. I felt more secure, and started trusted him. Ect ect.
  7. Yup! Crystal's presence back in the day gave me a extremely bad craving for coffee. Like, I couldn't sleep without drinking coffee and I'm preeetty sure it's her fault x3
  8. You guys keep ending sentences with an 'Y'.
  9. No, more of a steam guy Next person has never flown in an airplane.