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  1. My family recently adopted a cat, and one day I was playing with her while Cheren was sitting near me on the floor. Cheren started to talk about this specific topic, saying "I wonder if she can actually sense me." and after a few minutes the cat just walked away from me and passed right through him. He was kinda disappointed. Also once Rachel was petting my parrot and he started to relax (like he always does when somebody pets him) but I think that he was just going to sleep, and that's why he acted that way.
  2. This is actually pretty ironic, because something like this happened to us some time ago. So, my tulpas have pretty "normal" names (Rachel, Yuri, Kyoko - even if it's Japanese it's still a real name - and Sol), apart from Cheren. So, I perfectly knew that, even if Cheren really existed as a real name, it would be a pretty rare one, but never I would have imagined that there was an Italian politician with that name. Also, I discovered that Cheren (which usually is spelled "Keren") is actually more used as a girl's name (my tulpa's male, in case you're wondering). But seriously, when I discovered that Italian politician's name (and he's a man too!) it was one of the most surprising things in my life. I seriously wasn't expecting that.
  3. Some of them do, some of them don't. Cheren and Kyoko are both really touchy. Cheren often hugs me and pets me (he's taller than me, he takes advantage of that), Kyoko instead likes to be hugged. Rachel doesn't mind, even if usually she isn't the one to initiate it (and she does it only to comfort me) while Yuri is the one that doesn't like being touched. At all. (But I still do it because I like to bug him)
  4. I can understand your struggle, since I had many problems with doubt in the past too. Now, for imposition, I'd say that it's the thing that takes most time of all, even if I think it depends on the person, so I wouldn't worry about that and the fact that it's taking so long. About the doubt, as I said, I struggled a lot with it too, and that only hindered our progress. With doubt, not only you become stressed about your tulpa's sentience, but also your tulpa will get stressed, trying to desperately prove their sentience to you. In the end, what I did was stop doubting, and start accepting their answers (like Chupi's guide says: as their own. To make them a bit more believable, sometimes I'd ask them to repeat themselves, while slightly changing the words, and well, it helped. Now I've got to a point that I can't even parrot them anymore (I get some kind of resistance feeling from them, and a pretty annoyed look), but it took time: it took to us something like 3 months in order to do this. About the mindscape, I usually go there with them. I invite them to come with me, but that's because they're usually with me all the time (it's an habit I got from the past, since they were imaginary friends, I'm used to have them near me). So, I say, to relax a little and trust your tulpa more (while continuing to force, of course!): tulpamancy can take very little time for some, and a very long time for some other people, it's all about patience.
  5. I'm a very anxious person, and I often find myself over-worrying about simple stuff, and my tulpa often helps me giving a logical insight that makes me worry a lot less. Sometimes, to relax a little, we go in a garden in our mindscape and simply sit on a bench there, looking at the landscape. It's pretty relaxing.
  6. I'd say to not worry too much. Vocalization can take more time for some people than others. Some people use parroting as a way to start vocalization with their tulpa, and I see that you're already making progress on that part, so I don't think there's anything bad in that. About parroting becoming an habit, I have some experience with that, having parroted my tulpas for years (since they were imaginary friends): but don't worry, that's recoverable too. What I did was to stop parroting completely, and actively trying to listen to their voice (I also used to listen to white noise to help me out a bit), and after some months it got better. Don't worry about the mindvoice: it will get stronger with time. Just continue forcing and doing some vocalization exercises, and Vellace will be fine :)
  7. I'm female, I have two male tulpas, and one female.
  8. My tulpas really helped me change for the better. They helped me discover new things about myself, and helped me accept these things. Also, they helped me overcome a personal problem that stuck with me for years. All these things made me more confident about myself, and in general now I'm happier.
  9. I'm female, asexual, and my first tulpa is male, and he's asexual too.
  10. I had many imaginary friends when I was younger, but they wouldn't last very long. Then, for some reason, one of them stayed far longer than the others, and he begun to answer back to my questions with unexpected answers. So yeah, one of my tulpas was an imaginary friend.
  11. I'm glad to help! About tests, since I'm a very doubtful person, I have to test everything in order to be sure about it, so that reflected on tulpas too. Good luck with your tulpas!
  12. I think having doubt is natural: after all, as I look at it, this phenomenon looks impossible at first glance, so I think everybody went through phases of "Is what I'm doing real, or it's just a waste of time?" Even me, after almost 1 year of forcing (I begun in March of this year, but I had signs of my tulpas' sentience since September of last year, they were born as an imaginary friends) I still have many doubts. In the end, it took many months, but I managed to get over them by doing a simple test. I knew that the test "Surprise me!" with my tulpas doesn't work, since they aren't good with surprises (they became anxious and nervous when I asked them to do something to surprise me, and it didn't help my doubts go away), so I decided to go another route: notice the differences when they weren't there. Since they're usually imposed, I'm used to "have" them with me all the time, I told them to "leave" for 1 day. I know it may sound cruel, but, well, I explained it to them that it could help them too. And, well, it did. I noticed all the little differences that were there, that showed to me they weren't there: those pressures on the head, the little comments they make everyday, and those gestures they often do (I thought they were all parroted... yeah) Now, I know this method can't help everybody, but since I had a similar experience, I thought I could share what I did. About the fact of "not having a good reason" of having a tulpa... well, I may sound immature, but I don't have a real one either. My tulpas were born as imaginary friends not really because I "needed" one, but simply because I wanted to talk to somebody. I've did it since I was a child, and I knew pretty well that those things I talked to weren't real. In the end, they stayed with me far longer than the other ones I had in the past, and they started saying things I didn't think and doing things I didn't expect. It just... kinda happened. Sure, over time, I started to "love" them ("love" in terms of affection), so I was happy to discover the concept of tulpas, but I didn't create them with a real reason in mind. Actually, I have a reason, but I "created" it after they were born, so I had to discuss it with them. Well, more than a reason, it's actually more of a life goal for us, so I guess it's kinda different? I'm sorry if this wall of text is actually useless, but I thought that maybe it could help. In the end, I can just say what Shui alread said: "Stick with it", and, I might add, enjoy the ride, I'm sure soon your tulpas will show you proof of their existence.
  13. They are usually with me, but when I want some privacy, they go in the wonderland. And about feeling their presence: I can feel it when they're near me and when they're in the wonderland, but I don't feel them when I'm too busy doing something.
  14. My Tulpa's form looks like one of a boy that's around 17 years old, and mentally, he fits that age too, even if he still shows signs of naivety (but that's because he lacks personal experiences). But I start counting his age from the day I created him, so it means he's around 2 years old.
  15. ...yeah, lately, it has been happening to me too. Not only now I hold doors open for a few more seconds (even if they tell me that there is no need for that), but the other day I was almost putting on the table another glass.