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  1. I've tried this, but it's extremely difficult for me to follow the plot and talk to my tulpa at the same time. I have to stop every other paragraph and explain what's happening.
  2. The problem with an established personality is, like you said, your expectations. If you're fine with your expectations not being met, it should be ok. The main problem is giving the tulpa backstory.
  3. It's no good when they realize it's all fake, even though it seems so real to them. How would you react if you woke up tomorrow in some dude's mind and saw that your whole life was fake?
  4. See? Your tulpa is improving your life already.
  5. Tulpae are in your mind... how could any of these things be true?
  6. Just don't give her memories of the show as part of her personality. Someone gave theirs false memories and it eventually became suicidal. As long as she isn't pining for the show, it should be alright.
  7. It doesn't have to be stable, but if you don't remember changing it and it isn't a change you would make, it was probably your tulpa.
  8. In that sense, everything is sensory. You could do basically anything if you could convince yourself that you could feel the pressure, not feel the drag of your hand going through, not see your hand going through, etc. It's too much for me to do all at once, but if you work hard enough, I'm sure it would be possibly. It seems like a lot of work to no good purpose.
  9. Your hand goes through it. The sense of touch isn't the only thing at play.