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  1. Bulgaria, and it's pretty likely that I'm the only tulpamancer here.
  2. Hi, my tulpa has been vocal(or at least that's what I think) for a few months now, but my concern is that she usually has similar opinions to mine and her mindvoice is really hard to distinguish from my own thoughts. I can litteraly think up a character right now and talk to it the same way I do to my tulpa. I'm also not sure how "loud" I'm supposed to hear her. Any advice is apreciated, thanks.
  3. This is quite likely. You guys haven't seen anything yet because it takes a very long amount of time to get any noticeable effects.
  4. Same here. The people in the group were so uptight it wasn't even funny.
  5. Deluding yourself at first does help. Doubts hinder your progress.
  6. This is the only guide that is useful to me. Anything works, it all comes down to the same thing.
  7. I can relate to this. 6 months here though. I'm pretty sure that you are making progress as long as you give attention to your tulpa.
  8. Or you can just imagine the tulpa and try to add as much of the details as you remember, you don't really need to use a wonderland. I just visualized my tulpa in a black void/background.
  9. Same here, had exams and I didn't really tulpaforce or narrate because I had to study my ass off. Exept I still haven't got any signs of sentience, even though I started like 5 months ago, and I tulpaforce around an hour a day, and I narrate a lot. Really demotivating.
  10. So I'm around 2 months into this, and I've started to wonder- Does having a tulpa mean that you wont have any privacy? I've read a lot of things about people complaining that they have no personal life or something, and that it's become a burden to them. =(
  11. No, the truth is most of us are actually lonely. How many people have made a male tulpa first? (Straight people, though)
  12. Believing in an imaginary friend for too long, focusing on something like you normally would create a tulpa.
  13. Start studying instead of playing games all the time, thats what I did and it worked out.
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