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  1. I had recently seen the movie Bus Stop, and Reita enjoyed it and thought it was really funny. When we got home, he told me: Reita: Scarlett, I want to change my name. Me: To what? Reita: I want my name to be Cherry. Me: are you sure? Reita: yes! Me: Well then, Cherry- Reita: It's Chérie! (Said with an accent exactly like in the movie) Me: *stares* Nope. *leaves wonderland* Then, the next day, Me: *goes into wonderland* Chérie! Reita: *throws a book at my head* MY NAME IS REITA!! So it turns out that he didn't actually want to change his name, he just wanted to fuck with me.
  2. I had based both of my tulpas off of existing people, Reita of The GazettE and Mana from Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois. They both liked their names-Reita and Mana-and decided to keep them. However, Reita was reading a story one day and came across the name Mizuki. He instantly fell in love with it an pinned it as his last name. Mana's last name comes from the homestuck character the Dolorosa, since he's a motherly type and his favorite color is jade.
  3. For me at least, it was a couple days of forcing for Reita to be able to completely possess one of my arms. Mana, on the other had, was a fast learner and was controlling almost my entire upper body in a two day span of half hour each. Whenever one of my tulpas possess anything, it feels sort of like there's a pocket of air between my skin and my muscle-almost like it's 'detatched', in a way. (I'm sorry I can't describe it better :( ) To distinguish between you and your tulpa controlling your body, I would ask if they're the ones doing it. In the past Reita had always gotten frustrated when I parroted or controlled him,so he was adamant about not letting me re-possess my own body. I would suggest finding a way for your tulpa to alert you if you happen to start controlling your body. A technique I've discovered to help is to have your tulpa conjure up gloves or boots or a bodysuit in the wonderland-basically just an article of clothing based on the part of the body that will be used for possession. We had always used these green latex gloves, mainly because they use those for special effects in movies and for when they wanted to cut out certain body parts-Reita used this as symbolism for his (in this case) arm 'becoming' my body. After we got used to that for a while, Reita began to do more active possession-he would be sitting on my lap (in real life, not wonderland) and would lay on top of me, kind of 'melting' into my skin-basically he would just kind of transition into my body. I would only recommend this for full body possession though, and this is just my personal experience. It's not described as well as I'd hoped, but I hope it helps :) Also-since possession is different for everyone, so exhaustion is normal. In my case, Reita would be the one who was was tired all the time, while Mana picked it up right away and had no problems. You just have to practice a lot and then it'll get easier! :) Hope this helps!
  4. *After playing in my last orchestra concert of the year* Reita:this is such a big accomplishment for you! I'm so proud! Therefore, I brought wine so we could get drunk and party :3 Me: *looks down at glass of red liquid* Is this actually wine? Reita:'s actually Kool-aid... Also, one day when I was trying to do homework- Reita: Scarlett Hey Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett Scar Scar Scar Scar Scar *poking my shoulder each time he said my name* Me: *after about ten minutes of this* OH MY GOD REITA WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT IM TRYING TO DO HOMEWORK Reita: *hugs* I love you <3
  5. Reita would like to try-
  6. Reita's actually a homosexual, and a crossdresser at that. I've never really been bothered by this though, I've more or less encouraged him to be himself and to be happy like that. (I, on the other hand, am a complete heterosexual.) After I made Mana (with no thoughts about giving him a sexuality either) he and Reita just sort together. Which is good though, I'm very happy that they're happy together :) I actually asked Reita about his cross dressing once, wondering if he had rather been made as a girl. He's perfectly happy being a male, and I've gotten quite used to waking up and seeing him (as well as Mana) in dresses and makeup.
  7. I was watching Saw for the first time, and Reita's a complete scaredy-cat. As I usually do while watching movies, I was imposing him on the couch next to me as we watched it. A few minutes in, he started to cuddle up next to me, and near the end escalated to hugging me while burying his face in my breasts. Confused and slightly unnerved, I asked "Reita...why is your face in my boobs?" To which he answered, "Cos I'm scared and they're comfortable! :D" That's when I decided to stop watching horror movies with him.
  8. I had gotten into an argument with my parents, and I went to my newest tulpa Mana to talk to-I eventually wound up hugging him and crying, to which he sang In My Arms by Plum (not sure) and pet my back until I fell asleep-it was only afterwards that my first tulpa, Reita, told me that Mana had stayed up all night to make sure I slept okay.