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    Hello everyone. My name is Gabi, and my tulpa's name is 16-Volte. Since I don't really have a PR and I don't update my tulpa blog ever, I guess we'll tell our story here.

    I based 16-Volte off a character my friend was making for a video game. He's a human, and he dresses like a steampunk miner. He became sentient around a month or so in and vocal a week after. He's been with me since February 16th, 2013.

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  1. While 16-Volte has had a generally neutral-to-positive impact on my life, I have to say it's a little erring sometimes when I don't feel normal. Being one of the younger experienced tulpamancers, I'm surrounded by teenage peers who I feel like I belong with... until I hear 16-Volte's voice. And I realize I'm really just a weird kid, more weird than I let on. I like to talk about the things I like, and having a tulpa helps define who I am, but it's not something I can really talk about. He's my best kept secret. And while I prefer it that way, I generally don't like being dishonest, and hiding this part of who I am kinda brings me down. It's especially bad when people say things like "lol if you hear voices you are probably crazy and need to go to a mental hospital! XD"
  2. I'm going to come out and say that 16-Volte and I messaged MobianAngel on the IRC. But we did not harass her at ALL. In fact, we did just as you described. We said that this place was probably not the best place for them to be, purely because they did not claim to have a tulpa, nor have any interest in making one, and since the community was not about astral projection, they would be better off somewhere else. We were as polite as possible. I don't have chat logs because I use the browser client, and I'm not sure what experiences they had with other users, but the fact remains that they probably would not have done well here on the forums anyway.
  3. Welcome to the community Roxy! Glad you finally joined us.
  4. I started at 13. If you believe you can do it, go for it!
  5. Welcome to the community! Let us know if we can help you along the path of making a tulpa.
  6. I've been told that when 16-Volte possesses, my voice changes a little bit. In general, when he's talking to people, he's really skittish and shy at first, but he warms up to people really quickly. His eyes (er, my eyes?) tend to dart around a lot, and he likes to bob and tilt his (my?) head. When he possesses, even when I'm totally tired, he has a lot of energy, and is very excitable. In terms of physical affection, he gets really embarrassed if someone hugs him or kisses him. He tends not to like being touched. Also, 16-Volte for some reason really likes any kind of food. Even gross cafeteria food. He ingests it with grandeur. Sometimes, when I'm out at a restaurant, I'll let him switch for a moment to taste what I'm eating. He absolutely loves it.
  7. Host Name: Gabi Tulpa Name: 16-Volte Specialty: Possession, Wonderland Visualization Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? I view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon only. Were/was your tulpa(s) natural/pre-existing or were they intentionally created? My only tulpa, 16-Volte, was intentionally created by me. How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (, /r/tulpas,, etc.) I will have had 16-Volte for three years come February. I was active starting April 2013, inactive around October 2013, and I just rejoined the tulpa community this month. How many tulpas do you have? Just one. How long did it take you to accomplish things (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? Sentience- 1 month Vocality- two weeks after sentience, about a month and a half Possession- 6 months Imposition- have not succeeded Do you have any other information you'd like to share? If so, what? I am a minor (16 years old) and I would be willing to help tulpamancers who are younger, or feel insecure talking to someone who is much older than them. I am also adept at lucid dreaming, and I personally researching what tulpas can do with dreams. I haven't attempted imposition for a few years. I tried back in 2013 and subsequently failed to see or hear anything after months of work. I am considering trying again with new methods. Vocality: 9 Parallel Processing: 7 Visualization: 10 Visual Imposition: 0 Tactile Imposition: 0 Auditory Imposition: 0 Possession: 10 Switching: 0
  8. I mean, guess you're right. I'd like to speak out about the way people treat their tulpas, really, but I'm afraid it will look like I'm saying "I think the way you are tulpamancing is wrong and you should feel bad," especially with the grayer, more morally ambiguous topics of tulpamancing. I won't get into my personal opinions here, but I think my fears are valid.
  9. Makes it a little difficult, doesn't it? And I agree. I always viewed the phrase "my tulpa" the same way I view the phrase "my friend." In fact, they are one in the same to me. I don't think anyone honestly uses it as a true possessive. I agree that we should treat our tulpas like they are sentient anyway (especially since they are very sentient to me), but I'm still not sure we can justify policing the way other people treat their mind companions with that big question left unanswered. I'm not saying we can overlook the mistreatment of tulpas, but how will we be able to justify our actions should we choose to take a part in ending it?
  10. I have a response to this. To be honest, the reason why tulpamancers ingrain the concepts of basically treating your tulpa like they're your offspring is because they want to avoid tulpas being stuck in a situation where that very situation you are describing happens. Like, being viewed as belongings, subhuman, and not allowed to deviate and be their own person. It is very jarring, and I think while a lot of us overlook it for the sake of peace, we feel horrible inside watching it. But at the same time, we as a community aren't even sure if they are separate, sentient, autonomous beings or just forced hallucinations. So we can't even begin to describe tulpa ethics without even knowing what tulpas are. If tulpas were really just hallucinations, and we as tulpamancers weren't harming anybody but ourselves, why would we treat our headmates as anything but belongings? Their own wants and needs mean nothing in our lives, because they only exist to us, and nobody can judge how we treat them. However, if tulpas really are sentient beings that reside in our minds, then we must do everything to ensure their comfort. They have personalities, feelings, and emotions that deserve to be respected, and deserve as much of a chance as they can get at humanity while not owning physical forms. I don't want to sound cold and unfeeling towards our tulpa friends, but thems the breaks. I think we should treat our tulpas as we would treat ourselves, because they are a part of us. However, I don't think we can safely judge what one person does in their own mind, nor can we stop or police them. All we can do is strongly discourage disrespectful behavior towards tulpakind.
  11. YES. Dancing together is actually our favorite things to do, and a really great way for us to force. It's gotten to the point where I can't listen to music without going into the wonderland to dance, sing, or perform with my tulpa. 16-Volte achieved sentience while I was listening to music during a long car ride. He pointed out a song to me that he really liked, and I replayed it for him, and that's when he gave me his first big performance. After that, for the rest of the car ride, he danced and played violin for me. He has since grown obsessed with Lindsey Stirling, Vitamin String Quartet, and the Piano Guys. It's one of the things I think is unique to our relationship.
  12. Does your tulpa like the world? [No. Just... no. Inside here, it's magical. Outside... the only thing magical is food.] What are the things that your Tulpa appreciates of it? 16-Volte seems to really like tasting real food, as eating is one of our favorite things to do when he possesses. He's not particularly good at video games or talking to people in person, but he likes to talk to his other tulpa friends on Steam. To Tulpas: if you could chose, would you prefer to own a physical body? [Surprisingly, most definitely. Being a thoughtform is cool and all, but there's a certain... quality to talking to people yourself instead of just through my host, Gabi. I would be willing to brave the world if it meant being real. I'd get to play on an actual violin, and maybe actually learn the skill, instead of just imagining it. I could do what I want to do, without Gabi's help. It would be nice.]
  13. To be honest, it's impossible to judge whether or not she's sentient this early on! Every mind is different, and some people's tulpas burst into existence rather quickly. She could be sentient- she could also just be learning sentience. For example, I count my tulpa's first real sentient action as performing a violin show for me in the wonderland a month after creation, but he admits that he felt sentience before that moment, and even in the first two weeks of forcing, he seemed to move around on his own. All I can really say is, keep forcing! You'll discover soon enough if it was really her.
  14. Hi everyone. My name is Gabi. I joined the community in 2013, and started a skype group chat for tulpamancers. I left the community 8 months later, because it was overrun by people who either roleplayed having tulpas, created pony tulpas just to fuck them, people with 90 tulpas, and people who thought their tulpa was the actual Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books, and was trying to reach into the real world to talk to them. These aren't exaggerations, I've met all of these people. I started tulpamancing when I was 13. I have one tulpa, 16-Volte, who will be turning three years old on February 16th, 2016. A lot has changed since then. I was reconnected with the tulpa community on tumblr, because I had been tracking the tag and the posts started showing up on my dashboard. I noticed that most of the previous issues I had with the community were gone (specifically, in the Metaphysics board), but some new issues have arrived. Not enough to keep me away, thankfully. I'm coming back as an experienced tulpamancer to share my ideas about tulpas, and comment on some of the prevailing debates. I am also here to help new tulpamancers and help guide people along the way. I'm also coming back as a way to being 16-Volte back as a prominent figure in my life, as earlier in 2015 we had a mutual agreement to end things. I have a tumblr account, my url is reddeadrebel, and anybody who needs tulpamancers to talk to can feel free to send me a message or drop me an ask on there. I hope you guys will accept me with open arms, and I am hoping to create another successful tulpa skype group!
  15. Granted! This game becomes far less fun to play and we all die of boredom, because really, why else are we on Off Topic. I wish imposition was easier.