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  1. I've seen people compete for post numbers more than I have post count in this thread.
  2. Headaches during forcing are normal, and are (in my opinion) likely related to intensive focus rather than the tulpa itself. For those alien feelings, while it's very possible that they may not be related to your tulpa, you could still attribute these to them, and use those as fuel for questions while narrating to provoke a response.
  3. Where have the posts gone?
  4. If those screenshots are anything to go by, I'll pass.
  5. There's nothing wrong with asking here, but as of right now there aren't any mentors. I've updated the OP so that there's no confusion, sorry about that. If you have specific questions, you can make new threads in the Questions & Answers board, but use the search function to see if they've already been answered elsewhere first.
  6. If you want to share something else not long after you've made a post, edit the previous one instead of adding to the thread once every few hours. Also, I don't know how you expect anyone to take your claims seriously. A developed tulpa isn't a thing that you just "get", and I would hope that most people still believe that it takes effort to create something that is seemingly autonomous in your mind, delusion or not. Here I'm assuming that you're just applying the label to underdeveloped roleplay characters.
  7. Vos

    Edit bug

    This should be fixed now.
  8. jean-luc has resigned from the staff as a forum moderator.
  9. I've bumped the default message count to 2k, same as it was for MyBB. For drafts, I think you should be able to view everything from the old software once https://old.tulpa.info/ is ready.
  10. This is an anti-robot thread. Beeps and boops are prohibited.
  11. This board was created with the question type selected instead of the usual discussion one: I think that the use of it is appropriate here, but you likely won't see it in any of the other boards. And feel free to make as many threads as you want for separate issues if nobody has mentioned it yet.