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  1. It's impossible for us to determine whether or not it was tulpa-related, but considering that you just started, it's very unlikely that this had anything to do with yours. It's very easy for our minds to fill in the blanks, and if you throw simple, open-ended questions at it with the expectation that'll you get a response, it will probably try to do that. You should definitely continue to talk to your tulpa and ask questions whenever possible, but don't go attributing every little thing to them.
  2. @JGC has been added to the staff as a global moderator.
  3. The Felight group has been removed from the staff due to inactivity.
  4. There are occasionally claims of regression after long periods of inactivity on the part of the host, but I can't imagine it would be terribly difficult to get back to where you were if you started putting time in again. You don't need to set aside time for dedicated sessions, just talk to him throughout the day whenever you're not too busy. If you have a difficult time remembering to do that, set something up that could represent him like a phone wallpaper.
  5. I don't see why not. Guests should be able to download attachments now.
  6. I've edited some permissions and it should be working for you now. If not, please let me know.
  7. I've edited the OP so that it links to Purlox's 1.5 reply. As for the files, all of them are working for me. What issue are you having?
  8. The Beginner Questions General should stay as-is. If possible, I'd be more interested in an opt-in channel on the Discord server where people can see a full RSS feed of that thread. Allowing people to make these topics without merging and pointing them to resources will just lead to people who want to be spoon-fed. That'll happen regardless, of course, but it'd be great if we could mitigate this issue.
  9. No to all of these, as they exist within your mind and your mind alone. At best, you can provide the framework for anyone who wants to make a similar tulpa but deviation is both possible and likely. People perceive traits differently and have different preferences so if you end up doing something similar for whatever reason, don't expect a 1:1 copy.
  10. One day I'll catch all of the 2hus.
  11. You can start by reading through the approved general guides on this page to get a basic understanding of the concept / familiarize yourself with different methods. The links on the side of the homepage are also useful, especially the FAQ. Once you've done that, you can come back here if you need clarification on anything - make a new post here or create a new thread in this board, but only after you've searched to see if your question has already been answered before.
  12. There's a $10 plugin for that one, but editing the database should work just fine provided that you know what you're doing.
  13. Yeah, it's way more freeform than that page suggests. I'm assuming that the numbers he threw out there for traits, hobbies, etc. were to inflate those hour counts. It doesn't take much to get a decent grasp of a tulpa's base personality, anyway.
  14. You narrate, either in-head or spoken aloud, as much as possible. For the topic, either route works - I'm of the opinion that "personality forcing" works best as a tool for narration, where you're half-suggesting traits and explaining them in detail when you can't think of anything else to talk about. FAQ Man's trait template can help with this, but you can ignore the hour counts. But putting time into the personality is completely optional, so you can just talk about whatever so long as you're directing those thoughts toward your tulpa. Like Mirichu said, parroting isn't necessary.
  15. Sorry, but it just had to be done.
  16. I've seen people compete for post numbers more than I have post count in this thread.
  17. Headaches during forcing are normal, and are (in my opinion) likely related to intensive focus rather than the tulpa itself. For those alien feelings, while it's very possible that they may not be related to your tulpa, you could still attribute these to them, and use those as fuel for questions while narrating to provoke a response.
  18. If those screenshots are anything to go by, I'll pass.
  19. There's nothing wrong with asking here, but as of right now there aren't any mentors. I've updated the OP so that there's no confusion, sorry about that. If you have specific questions, you can make new threads in the Questions & Answers board, but use the search function to see if they've already been answered elsewhere first.
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