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  1. Vos

    How Honest Are You?

    A: Same as above. Q: Roll!
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+the+fuck+is+a+tulpa
  3. Yeah, I don't see why you shouldn't try it out... just try not to get too distracted from the story.
  4. Vos

    How Honest Are You?

    A: Not necessarily correct when trying to avoid stigma. Q: Roll
  5. Some people wear bands or draw on their hand or whatever to remember to narrate or who they're talking to. I don't do that personally, but it seems to work for most people.
  6. Vos

    How Honest Are You?

    A: I have not had any experiences with it. It is deadly. Q: Roll!
  7. As far as I know this series is about Slender Man. I think the whole tulpa idea is just there to push the series along. Anyways, pretty cool playlist ya got there.
  8. Thank you. This has helped me out quite a bit.
  9. It hasn't happened yet as far as I'm concerned, but I'm ready for when she does.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty much the host's choice. I wouldn't mind if my tulpa created a tulpa as long as I was informed.
  11. "There's a black guy in this series? He'll be the first to die..."
  12. I don't do it for a set time or anything like that, but when I do force it is at night.
  13. Vos

    How Honest Are You?

    A: Yes. Q: Will we be able to reverse the derailing of this thread?
  14. Fleur smells like peaches, Hayley smells like cinnamon, and Alice doesn't really smell like much of anything.
  15. Most of these along with slight stinging (doesn't hurt, but feels weid) and temperature changes.
  16. A few friends, but it's not like they care or think it's real. Oh well...
  17. Sounds interesting. I'll try it later tonight if I remember. I never did write about this and how it compared to what I was doing; the tip in itself is fine, yeah, but it definitely doesn't qualify as a guide in my eyes.