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  1. If you want to share something else not long after you've made a post, edit the previous one instead of adding to the thread once every few hours. Also, I don't know how you expect anyone to take your claims seriously. A developed tulpa isn't a thing that you just "get", and I would hope that most people still believe that it takes effort to create something that is seemingly autonomous in your mind, delusion or not. Here I'm assuming that you're just applying the label to underdeveloped roleplay characters.
  2. Vos

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    This should be fixed now.
  3. jean-luc has resigned from the staff as a forum moderator.
  4. I've bumped the default message count to 2k, same as it was for MyBB. For drafts, I think you should be able to view everything from the old software once https://old.tulpa.info/ is ready.
  5. This is an anti-robot thread. Beeps and boops are prohibited.
  6. This board was created with the question type selected instead of the usual discussion one: I think that the use of it is appropriate here, but you likely won't see it in any of the other boards. And feel free to make as many threads as you want for separate issues if nobody has mentioned it yet.
  7. This thread is an announcement and is meant to stay open. The Invision Community Q & A board is the place where you ask questions related to the software / let us know if things aren't working properly. I've lifted the edit time restriction.
  8. You should be able to edit your signature now here. Let me know if you're still running into problems.
  9. For viewing new posts, there's a page where you can view all forum activity as it happens. I'm getting an error when I try to access the signature page, so I'll look into it.
  10. I don't know much about the body OS nonsense but I also don't see much of a connection between intrusive thoughts and difficulties with switching outside of interrupted focus, but if you're at the point where you're doing advanced things like switching you've likely found a way to alleviate them.
  11. Double-posting is now allowed in the Forum Games board, same as in-system conversations. You can read more about it here. Three or four in a row generally still falls under the "double post" term, and as long as you're not intentionally spamming threads you'll be fine. For threads that have clearly defined rules in the OP, please try to stick to that.
  12. Some minor rule changes: Double posting and in-system conversations are now allowed in the Forum Games board. For double posting, please keep in mind that this isn't an excuse to spam threads and that you should stick to the OP's rules on it if there are any. For in-system conversations, if your chatter takes up a significant portion of your post, please put it into hidden tags.
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    Ashley's Lounge

    I also have no problem seeing the pictures (I'm using uBlock Origin) but that site is blinding.
  14. anon122424 has been permanently banned from the forums due to repeated hostility despite multiple warnings / suspicion that they're a troll.
  15. As a temporary fix I've bumped your post count up to 5 (I'll eventually do a manual recount that will lower it again), but we're looking into changing the filter so that people would only have to make 1-2 on-topic contributions or filtering by group instead of by post count. I don't like the idea of people making low-effort posts just to have a flashy signature and the ability to post links.
  16. Allowing it in forum games (as long as the OP points out that double posting is fine in their rules) seems like a decent compromise to me. I definitely wouldn't want to see people spamming in a thread like LOTPW.
  17. I think that most of Bear's progress reports are fine from the few I've actually read. Wonderland adventures, form changes, updates on daily life with your tulpa — this kind of thing is alright as long as it doesn't turn into an off-topic blog, in which case it's either shoved into Lounge or we encourage people to make a separate thread/blog. Bear was only warned for the in-system conversations, and my reasoning behind not wanting to change this rule is that I think that this, like roleplaying, has the potential to give newcomers a bad impression and turn them away from the concept. There are already plenty of people who don't like it in general, anyway.
  18. It's not like the off-topic PR rule hasn't been enforced since it was instated; even if some threads were missed, and I'm sure that plenty were, we've still moved a good amount of threads from Progress Reports to Lounge over the past few years. Every now and then we've had some talks about what should be allowed there and we've been pretty lenient what's posted so long as it's tulpa-related, but our leniency only goes so far. I think that you're being an alarmist with the whole "forum is dying" talk, and that it's just a gradual shift as chat clients are becoming more convenient and forums are being pushed to the wayside.
  19. This place is meant to be a site about tulpas, so I'd expect updates in a board where the description is "a place to record progress with your tulpa" to have something to do with progress and not be a place for one-off comments about how you didn't do anything with your tulpa today, or how you thought about narrating but instead you barf out paragraphs that belong on an angsty teen's blog. If people decided to leave because they couldn't handle sticking to a board's idea back then (or even now), that's on them. This board might seem more "human" to you but this doesn't make the threads in it immune to the rules and I don't think that this should ever be the case. We've made exceptions in the past for people who post transcripts of their forcing sessions that are progress-related, usually in hidden tags (just because of how long these can become) but I still don't think that the forums should be a platform for people to communicate with their tulpas, even in personal threads.
  20. The standard path of development that the community here acknowledges is just one part of progression and I would agree with the idea that nobody, not even yourself is "fully developed", although a lot of it from here is just going to be personal growth and that's probably not going to be interesting for a lot of people. If you're not interested in actively furthering your imposition skills right now or documenting switching attempts, I'd recommend writing down shower thoughts on specific topics that might be relevant to where you are now with your tulpas, sort of like what CyberD did in his progress report. It'd definitely be more interesting than monthly/yearly fluff reports where you're just reminding people that you exist or talking about wonderland adventures.
  21. There's nothing wrong with replying to an old thread if you have something worth contributing. Just don't expect a reply from an OP who hasn't been here for five years.