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  1. The rules are simple: the last person to post in this thread WINS. Go!
  2. This is the first I've heard of someone learning about the concept through Instagram. Would you be willing to share the account that got you involved with this?
  3. The host here has dealt with black, shifting shapes and sudden flashes of light in his vision long before attempting imposition so even attempting to startle him with anything visual would be pretty difficult. But like the others have said, the experience has usually been more fascinating/pleasant than scary.
  4. Tulpas do a lot of things that your average person does, sometimes for the novelty of the experience alone despite not needing to. Even in an imagined environment they can eat, sleep, etc. and some groups even claim to have limitations imposed onto them to make things feel more realistic, so it's not too much of a leap to expect some to change their clothes every now and then too. For us, we all have outfits that we default to most of the time but (as an example) if there's something weather-appropriate that would make more sense while being imposed, we'll make the extra effort to change.
  5. There's a similar amount of effort put in from the host and tulpa, where one needs to dissociate / "disconnect" from the senses (I've seen some people refer to this as "reverse imposition" when placing yourself into an imagined environment) while also making sure to cut off any external distractions, and the other has to "slip in" through some sort of symbolic aid or the usual possession methods. The spot left when the body-user disconnects, at least in our case, is fairly easy for the person switching in to default to. Unlike possession, we can't steal control from one another if necessary.
  6. I'm still failing to see how the example could be interpreted otherwise because it appears as if you're interacting with each other, excessively, which is why some of the staff agreed that it would be appropriate to talk to you about this. No, I don't have evidence that suggests you're scaring anyone away, which is why I made it clear in my post that it's just how I feel about in-system conversations and the potential impression it could have on new users. It would be unreasonable to moderate based on that, which is why I don't. What I'm seeing in your post is your group talking to each other, not to any specific user or to the forum in general - the intended audience might be the general userbase of the forum, but that could be said for most posts here and I don't think anyone should be exempted from the rule because of it. I also don't think that your productiveness or likability here on the forums should give you preferential treatment, and the same applies to any other regular. I agree, and thankfully this isn't something that we do here on this site or in the Discord server. If you want to participate, you can, we just ask that you keep internal interactions to yourself because it's often unnecessary and a lot of people consider that to be obnoxious, myself included. The rule was put in place for a reason, not for the hell of it. If you're under the impression that adding onto what another person in your head has said within the same post is against the rules, you're wrong; perhaps this could be clarified better, I don't deny that, but we've never told anyone that they can't participate.
  7. Someone's getting their house teepeed on Halloween.
  8. I think that, "performance" or not, the in-system conversation rule applies to the post in OP's example and I don't think that the warning was unjustified. We've been pretty lenient with rules like these, especially in the off-topic section of the forums, which is why there have been a bunch of PM reminders and nobody's warning level has been raised because of it. Even light examples have been ignored in the past because they weren't full-on conversations, or because two people in the same head were obviously just speaking outwardly instead of to each other. The rule exists for a reason - quite a few people think that it's obnoxious, and the forum/chat isn't meant to be a platform for you to communicate with your mind friends. I also think that this, like roleplaying, is the kind of thing that would turn people away from the site and maybe even the concept altogether, but these are just my own feelings. That being said, I'm open to the idea of changing how the rule is worded, and possibly even how it's applied in certain sections of the site so that people don't feel like they're being unfairly targeted. Casual boards like Lounge and Forum Games aren't geared towards serious discussions so they probably wouldn't be harmed too much by more leniency. Ideally, if anything's done, we'd just allow in-head talk in the forum games.
  9. Happy birthday, 17 guests browsing this thread. If you or anyone else wants that, just send a PM with the date(s) of birth.
  10. These aren't Google search terms, but still work for anyone who's bored (from /x/'s sticky): Websites of interest Wikipedia articles There's also the classic bored button but I'm pretty sure most people know of this.
  11. One of the minor criticisms of 3 is that it's lacking Final Fantasy characters, something that used to be a major selling point for the series. This was done to focus on resolving existing storylines involving original characters, but that just makes me think that they should've toned down the Disney as well or remove it entirely. Cloud, Zack and Auron were fully modeled and referenced in Olympus at the start of the game, and things like moogles and cactaurs were present, so that set up an expectation for something that never came. At this point it probably doesn't matter - Final Fantasy characters were important to the early games because they acted as familiar supporting characters for a "literally who" protagonist, but now that the original ones are more polished they can stand on their own.
  12. Even though I know nothing about / have no interest in The World Ends with You, I hope the next game leans heavily on Square properties.
  13. In our experience, the host had to put in all of the effort for imposition to be near-indistinguishable from reality, and this is something that took many months of dedicated sessions. With this, the only thing the tulpas in this head had to do was cooperate and keep the host focused, especially while working with spatial visualization. There was no real initiation on the tulpa's end when they weren't in control; still, at the point where we felt satisfied with our progress and didn't think that actively working on imposition was necessary, whoever was using the body would perceive whichever mind friend in a half-imposed state but would still have to focus on them until they blended in with reality.
  14. At least it's way more interesting than the Yozora trailer.
  15. [hidden] [video=youtube] [/hidden]
  16. There isn't a rule list but if someone's spamming (you did this) or is spelling out racial slurs (you seemed to be surprised that nobody immediately stopped you), we'll likely boot you for a bit. It's just for a day, anyway.
  17. Don't spam on the forums, please. The lack of responses isn't an excuse.
  18. You don't need to treat your tulpa like a child - they know what you know, so explaining concepts you already have a good understanding of or introducing family members isn't necessary even if it's potentially decent narration material.