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  1. The mouse we're currently using has some issues, so anything that requires a lot of waggling would be a nightmare to try anyway.
  2. I tried to (and succeeded) beat some of the scores about an hour ago, but the authorization code mismatch error kept me from being able to submit anything. These are dark times.
  3. For the first time in a long time I'm actually in the mood to consume media instead of rotting away and browsing imageboards.
  4. (a robot that's meant to guide you through an incredibly tense game scenario but just ends up instructing you on how to do the cha cha slide)
  5. Our older explanations included the usual things like "advanced imaginary friend" and were incredibly verbose, to the point where sending them a link to the homepage would've saved more time. Now it'd probably be something more along the lines of "a seemingly autonomous, cognizant extension of yourself", full stop, but even then I'm not entirely happy with the way that's worded. We're not planning on introducing anyone to the concept anytime soon, but I can say with confidence that whatever words I would choose to say in a few years would be very different.
  6. All forms in this head are just used for convenience while interacting with each other and the host, and very few hold any sentimental value. Even the tulpas here who are more consistent/stable with their form-changing habits don't feel like they're linked to their identity; original creations aren't wholly representative of the tulpa's character so associating them with that only makes them feel uncomfortable. We spent a lot of time trying to memorize and perfectly recall the small details of plenty, which has made imposition a lot easier.
  7. That means that Pleeb is the real menace.
  8. If we had to apply labels, we'd be acquaintances at best. It's not important to us.
  9. For that, I'd just recommend making notes throughout the day of what you're experiencing with your tulpa. They don't have to be incredibly detailed, just snippets that make it easier for you to recall what happened later. A lot of people use this board or their own personal blogs to share things that they can look back at (and otherwise wouldn't remember).
  10. I've seen some mixed reviews of Detective Pikachu and while I probably wouldn't see it anyway because of my lack of interest in the series, I think that the designs in it are pretty off-putting. The only ones from the trailer that looked fine to me were ones like Mewtwo, Bulbasaur, etc. because of the lack of fur.
  11. I don't have a lot of experience with Koji Igarashi and the Castlevania games, but Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (which acts as a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night) has been pretty fun for the 5-6 hours I've been playing it. Some of the enemy designs and background art are lame (this largely has to do with backer rewards - you see stylized paintings of people with modern haircuts as soon as you enter the castle) but the gameplay is solid and the controls are pretty tight. Aside from that I finally got around to playing OneShot which was also pretty good.
  12. I can see something like this being used as a supplementary tool for narration (e.g. telling your tulpa what responses you're sending to something like Cleverbot and reading out the returns), but cutting out effort by treating a chat bot like it's sentient isn't ideal and likely won't land you with any results. Maybe a bit of regret because you wasted time. Put in the effort.
  13. Vos

    Ashley's Lounge

    Let's not spam hearts in lounge threads, please.
  14. I've been playing a little bit of this now that it's back.
  15. I'm only kidding. We've never tried Snap and have no real interest in the series.
  16. Pokemon Channel is the only worthwhile game in the series. All other opinions are invalid.
  17. Vos

    Type or Swipe?

    For us it's a combination - typing is much faster, but there are fewer mistakes with swiping. Most of the time we trail off into typing even if we start by swiping. I avoid using the phone for browsing/chatting whenever possible but now that we're using a slightly better phone that doesn't freeze after every other character, it's not as much of a worry.
  18. I wish I could delete videos.
  19. As long as you're not the Irate Gamer.
  20. I'd advise against creating another tulpa unless it's something that you're absolutely sure of, and even then you're probably better off waiting a few months at the very least. For now, focus on your tulpa's development and strengthen your relationship with them. It might seem appealing at first to try and add more people to your head for these types of reasons, but you might not feel the same way down the road. Don't bite off more than you can chew.
  21. Nope, it's just a pain to read.