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  1. We've added a rule on inappropriate usernames and avatars. This includes anything sexual, offensive, or containing hate speech. For the full list of rules, click here.
  2. solarchariot and Harleen have been removed from the staff due to inactivity. AZ has been added to the staff as a chat moderator.
  3. Fixed the link. Thanks for letting us know that it was broken.
  4. cardscov has been removed from the staff due to inactivity.
  5. FAQ Man's guides (and some other old ones) are listed on this page, but most of the information in them is outdated. That isn't to say that you won't get anything useful out of them, but take ideas established in older guides with a grain of salt. A lot of the community's preconceptions have changed in the 7-8 years since these guides were posted.
  6. Tulpa memes have gone too far.
  7. I only visit that page out of habit.
  8. The internet is chock-full of them, but here are a few I've seen recommended within the community to get you started: Headspace Sam Harris - How To Meditate Tulpaforcing and Meditation Meditation (another thread in resources) There are plenty of threads on intrusive thoughts that go into more detail (you can find these by using the search function), but the idea that's usually suggested is to ignore them outright. Sometimes it takes a few attempts of clearing your mind and refocusing before they go away. If it feels like you're spending too much time dealing with it, take a short break from whatever you're doing and come back to it 5-10 minutes later - there's nothing wrong with taking a breather. If whatever you're doing requires all of your attention, focusing on that isn't going to negatively impact your tulpa unless you believe that it will. If you can keep your tulpa in the back of your mind while you're still focused on the game, that's great, and it's even better if you can send a few thoughts their way, but it's not a big deal if you can't.
  9. The staff has agreed to continue the permanent bans on the Mistgod-Melian accounts after some deliberation.
  10. You should consider adding a small note about specific thread names in the welcome message.
  11. For most people it's likely going to be visual imposition, but I've read of a few instances where people struggled more with auditory and tactile hallucinations for whatever reason. This is why I sometimes respond to imposition questions by saying that things differ from person to person, and what you might find difficult will be a breeze for others. But I guess you could say that's anything related to tulpa creation.
  12. I don't identify with any name in particular, but the username that I use here and on a few other sites is just a shortening of something I came up with on the spot when I needed to register a new account somewhere. Naming the others was also a spur of the moment thing, but a little more effort was put in (looking up name lists and finding things that sounded nice).
  13. I have my own email and accounts on various sites/platforms, all of which are completely detached from the host. I've been a part of a few small communities that aren't tulpa-related and the question of my identity never came up because it was never relevant. Considering how much time I spend doing things, it made sense to make new accounts, but it didn't have anything to do with self-expression.
  14. Trading rocks for tulpa bucks.
  15. Harleen has resigned from the staff.
  16. Feel free to send me a private message with your questions/concerns about the mentorship program. Having a dedicated status for trainee mentors probably isn't necessary, but even if we did have some sort of role for it, there aren't any active mentors at the moment.
  17. Have some fine blini kot videos. [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  18. Like the older thread says, responses would ideally be coming from fluently speaking tulpas. Ones that are able to reasonably answer any questions thrown their way. It would be pretty difficult to do this if your tulpa only gave yes or no answers.
  19. While I agree that having that so many questions about sex is unnecessary, it makes sense to me that the topic would be brought up at least once. If the goal is to focus on both the process and daily life, we ought to cover as much ground as possible without staying on a particular topic for too long.
  20. The only semi-satisfying way to continue this idea (considering that the goal has been hit more than once) would be to make a new game where the count is infinite and the goal is to break records / reach milestones. Of course, we'd have to make it fair for the members and disallow individual mods from breaking the combo twice in a row.