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  1. There are plenty of different interpretations you could make, but nobody here can give you a definitive answer as to what's happening in your mind. While I would personally be skeptical of any potential responses this early on, if you're comfortable with attributing these actions to your tulpa, feel free. Your questions so far give me the impression that you haven't done much reading, so it might be a good idea for you to read through some more general guides or skim through the Q&A board to see if anything catches your eye. Also, forums are usually slower than chats so don't be surprised if it takes hours (sometimes even days) for someone to reply to your posts.
  2. Just to protest the holly jolly spirit I might use the Halloween avatar I commissioned. I forgot to use it this year, anyway.
  3. The Persona Q series is on the 3DS (the latest game just came out in Japan) and Joker is a part of that. Same goes for P4's protag and both of P3's, so maybe we'll see more characters from that pool at some point.
  4. This is because none of your posts have been deleted yet. You can't view the deleted posts of other members.
  5. There was a post made in that thread by Breloomancer (it was complete gibberish so nothing of value was lost) and it's now resting in the Your Deleted Posts board. Not sure why or how it happened though.
  6. It's even worse the second time around.
  7. Missed opportunity to put a santa hat on the moon.
  8. Your tulpa isn't going to know anything that you don't; they might come to a different conclusion than you on something logic-based, possibly, but that's as far as it goes. Even if a tulpa was able to ace all of your tests, it would be unreasonable to expect them to do everything for you. They can give your their best guess as to what's going on but that's it. They exist in your head and aren't able to leave it to spy on your sister, sorry. Yes, tulpas are capable of love and every other emotion. People generally advise against creating a tulpa with the goal of having a romantic partner, however. You can sit down and spoonfeed your tulpa random tidbits of information but this would just be redundant. Your tulpa will know everything that you do.
  9. Also works just fine for me. If it continues to be a problem, try loading the page on other browsers.
  10. I'm not too surprised by the news. Some of the more obscure artists I follow finally opened up Twitter and Newgrounds accounts because of this so I followed them there. While it sucks that some communities are being torn apart, it opens up the opportunity for (probably better) platforms to get some more exposure. And now some of the more creative types are learning to not put all of their eggs in one basket.
  11. I'm not interested in most of the available Switch exclusives so I'm holding off until I'm satisfied with the lineup.
  12. I stopped trying to catch up a long time ago.
  13. Edit: This post is no longer a post.
  14. It would probably be more accurate of me to say that I don't like his content overall. I appreciate the effort that he puts in, but the majority of his videos are very samey to me, and if someone sent me one of his newer ones without context I'd be wondering if I'd seen it already. I'm pretty picky.
  15. The power of the weaboo is strong in this thread.
  16. Looking at your post history, that's how it seems to be.