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  1. Now I'm not sure if other people's tulpae have this ability but I've noticed that Wildfire can effect my senses and such. I've tested it out and found that she can reduce headaches, help so that sun glare in my eyes isn't as problematic (problem with my eyes means that I'm really strongly affected by bright ligh), among a few other things. I'm wondering if she can take it a step further, actually change my perception of things, or help my visual impairment. I'm probably going to keep my findings updated here, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar.
  2. Thanks for the offer but its just been sorted, I was about to close off the post.
  3. Wow, awesome thread man, thanks for doing this! Well, if you have the time could you do Wildfire (my profile pic)? She does have a cutie mark of a campfire if you can incorperate that. She would perfer being in mid flight, that would be epic! And if possible (probably not but i'll ask anyway) could you do it so that it can fit into youtube channel art? Thanks again and sorry if this is too specific.
  4. Sorry, I tried to look for a topic like this but couldn't find one
  5. Thanks! The same person that posted that comment subbed me, although i'm not sure if that was because they liked my videos or wanted to see if I would end up getting possesed by a demon XD
  6. How many people in your everyday life do you think have a tulpa wihout you knowing about it? could it be possible that some of the people that you know have a tulpa without you realising? I just wonder, is there anyone in your life you would be willing to tell?
  7. Hi everyone, today I'm just gonna explain how my tulpa got me through some real tough times and made me a better, happier person. (not going to explain "how" I did it because its been done and i've already made a video on it) So basically after the results of my january A-level exams I found that I got 3 U's and a D, I was upset being that i'd been revising for months. This wasn't a major problem however as we quickly came up with a plan on what to do next year. What did bother me, however, was the implications this had on my plans, I could no longer go to university, I could no longer cont
  8. Thats a really good idea, I mean it might be an idea do have some kind of switching because she is comfortable with her vision just as I am but we might try it out (pony with sonar vision, lol).
  9. I've had it since birth, never known any different which is probably why I cant alter her vision to be better.
  10. So, I've recently updated my youtube account but now its asking for some "channel art". I would like to know if anyone out there would be kind enough to make me some channel art, my tulpa is my profile picture and I tend to do minecraft video's, but to be honest i'd apreciate anything. Anyone that does help me i'll give a shout out too in my next video. Thanks guys (youtube channel; Cyclops6161)
  11. "But, once you gain awareness, the universe endows you with a soul, regardless of your makeup." Your tulpa will go wherever you go, dont worry :)
  12. I'm visually impaired, blind in one eye and bad vision in the other. Now my tulpa also has the same visual impairment, even when within the wonderland. I was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar?
  13. Wildfire gets upset quite easily over the last couple of days, she seems a lot quieter and has "mood swings" where she will be sad for about 30 mins then be ok. I really want to know how to help :(
  14. So, I've been listening to some music lately, and theres a song by "Of monsters and men" called Little talks and one of the lines in that reminds me of tulpae in general, "There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back Well tell her that I miss our little talks" I love music that reminds me of Wildfire! (not the holding me back bit tho) anyone else got any music that reminds them of their own tulpa? Mumford and sons Whispers in the dark and I will wait also remind me of her!
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