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  1. So you unknowingly forced for two years and when you were ten, Nash spoke to you for first time. It seems to me as pretty normal these days, considering how many people have created imaginary friends in their childhood and discovered tulpa community much, much later. As much as you can consider him accidental, you've still forced (even if you didn't know what you were doing) and brought him to life. Now what I meant in my post, was a tulpa, which literally shows up from nowhere and is accepted because of host feelings, beliefs and other peoples opinions on subject of accidental tulpas. This wa
  2. I don't know how unpopular this may be, but in my opinion there is no such thing as "accidental tulpa". Why? Well, because tulpas have to be created and worked on willingly by their hosts. An accidental tulpa, which suddenly shows up out of the blue and abruptly states "I am your tulpa now", in my opinion, is no more than a mix of intrusive thought, imagination and host's belief, that accidental tulpas can happen. Also I find it risky and dangerous, if one has susceptible mind, because there is a chance, that sooner or later this person may become host of accidental and unwanted tulpas. This
  3. It would be awesome if you did full body drawing of Quriel :P Camera angle: front, Hairstyle and facial features: well, she is very similar to Neytiri from "Avatar" so this picture should work: http://wallpapers.androlib.com/wallicons/wallpaper.big-wmD.cs.png If you'd like you can use other shots from the movie too, of course. The only difference is that there aren't any of these glowing spots on Quriel's face, she doesn't wear any hair accessories (like feathers) and her hair is a little past her shoulder blades, Expression: smiling, Body: tall and lightly muscled young-adult, Pose: re
  4. I see people here mention the "bad host" term and I just want to ask: what exactly makes tulpamancer bad and why would it affect teen hosts more than adults? I am sorry for spamming (if it is) but I am going to be honest here. I created my tulpa when I was 15 (she will be two years old soon) and I constantly find myself worrying whether I am "bad" or "good" host. She says it is all good, but you know, doubts have their strength.
  5. They are special people living in your head. The person they know the best is host. Also host is the only one they can talk to freely and this is why I though about tulpa-only forum section. Tulpa.info is all about tulpas stuff, tulpas problems, forcing problems and dozens of discussions. What I dont often see here is tulpa itself. So lets imagine there is tulpa-only section. Few brave and strong enough tulpas start some discussions and others join them. More are encouraged to do the same. Would not it be great forcing exercise?
  6. And why am I not allowed to park in place for drivers with disabilities? Discrimination! I though it would be nice if tulpas had their own place without us, hosts and our view point on everything related to tulpa. Would not it be interesting to see how tulpas discuss with each other without our interference? I read the "official" annoucement about all this stuff and I kinda disagree with it but whatever. Gonna lurk some more :)
  7. Wanna maybe explain what you mean, Sands? I am not native english speaker so it is hard for me to understand why you are telling me to "hide", "skulk" or "stalk"... Google translator btw.
  8. It does but what is offending about it? It is just tulpa-only chat about everything they would like to. Nothing insulting, really... EDIT: There is "General Discussion" mostly about serious forcing stuff and "Questions and Answers" to resolve (mostly) host`s problems. It would be nice if our lovely tulpas had some space for themselves. If my idea is wrong just ignore it.
  9. Anyone ever though about tulpa-only (>ONLY<) forum section? It would be like "General Discussion", "Questions and Answers" and "Off Topic" in one place but only for tulpas. Hosts would be forbidden to discuss.
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