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  1. My assumptions: Your experience has proven that the longer you work on the personality the quicker tulpa becomes sentient. Kids that make their imaginary friends don't work on the personality. They don't spend time pondering the traits, interests, behaviors, they only have a simple vague image of what their imaginary friend is like (at least i think it's like that, i would do it like this, but i didn't have an imaginary friend as a child) they get straight to narration. with such a short personality work time, even after years of narrating and visualizing they don't get to the high level of sentience (at least most of them don't). Although there were some people on /mlp/ who claimed to have sentient companions, not being familiar with the idea of tulpae. A woman with a comforting guardian angel who would sometimes talk to her when she called him, and uh.. a writer? i think..
  2. Is that confirmed to be possible? Do you mean possessing as in controlling your body? I wanted to see what he can do with music so that we could compose together. He can just tell me what notes should i put in and what instrument to use, so he could even compose a song all by himself.
  3. I have noticed there are three main reasons why people make tulpae: 1. The visual part - mostly pony tulpamancers 2. Companion - those in need of a friend 3. And Objective thinker So lets talk about the third one. Of course we all know a tulpa is not a tool, but that doesn't mean it won't want to help us wether because it likes it or as a token of gratitude for us entertaining it. I'm not talking about tulpae doing our homework for us, though if it likes math thats alright. But it also could help us with arts we perform or our life problems and other things. Did/Do you make a tulpa for that reason? What do you think about the idea? What are the important personality traits to make our tulpa want to help us?
  4. Hello I'm Ishey I'm 17. I started working on personality, the form is one of a miniature dragon. I will let him choose the name himself . Decided to join the forum in case i have any questions or matters to discuss.