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    Writer, filmmaker, artist, retro nerd, rotorhead.

    My tulpa's name is Chrysalis. <3
    Form: Queen Chrysalis character from MLP with minor alterations
    DOC: 03/24/2013
    Stage: Minor vocal

    Our wonderland is a vast paracosm, but the main theme is this massive ship we use to explore different planets. Info about it (written 2/23/2017):

    Name: TCS "Dreamscape"
    Class: Endeavor
    Registration: 04102013WL-TC
    Prefix: Travis-Chrysalis Starship
    Type: Long-range intergalactic supervessel
    Manufacturer: Lucid-Astral Industries (LAI), inc.
    Affiliation: Privately-owned
    Current role: Intergalactic exploration, various scientific roles, minor peacekeeping, leisure
    Relevant history:
    Originally called WSS "Dreamscape" (Reg. 95461MT-CA). One of two Endeavor-class superships of the type built. Status of prototype WSS "Endeavor" (Reg. 95404SR-CA) unknown. Both created for intergalactic exploration and military expansion 2,657 years ago. All other historical data corrupted. Race and place of origin unknown, presumed human. Discovered abandoned near the Gmork asteroid belt by myself and Chrysalis 4 years ago. Reason for desertion unknown but presumed abandoned 127 years ago. Systems and facilities still in operational condition. We claimed salvage rights and recomissioned the vessel under the name TCS "Dreamscape." New registration 04102013WL-TC applied.
  1. Wow, looks like I'm not the only one who changed after being absent for so long... love the new forum look! Lots of things have been going on in my life so progress with Chrys has been slow as usual, but she's still here and as happy, cute, and playful as ever, lol. The only thing majorly noteworthy so far is myself; I've finally come to terms with my gender identity after years of confusion and denial (which is why I never mentioned it before) and have now begun my transition (my name is now Rei). Chrys has been immensely supportive, even through the negativity I face from my parents and others. We both are looking forward to a new life as the real me.
  2. Lol, that gave me a great idea for a drawing. She's not a big fan like I am, but she thinks it's cool. -- So much for a PR update... too many distractions to focus on active forcing at the moment. Will update soon though.
  3. Chryssie as a stalker of the Roadside Picnic / S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe.[/img]
  4. No I haven't played that mod yet, but I've been absolutely glued to Call of Chernobyl which puts all three games together. Shadow is my favorite of the three as well. CoP was nice too. I hated Clear Sky. I'm an even bigger fan of the source material, the novel Roadside Picnic and the Andrei Tarkovsky film Stalker. In fact I'm actually writing a script for a film set in the Roadside Picnic universe, in one of the six zones. It's going to be very similar with the philosophical themes of the Tarkovsky film while being more true to the book. It's gonna be a fun project to shoot and I've already made some promising connections. -- New PR coming tomorrow. Hopefully my focus will improve tonight...
  5. I've done everything for it that doesn't require additional equipment / parts that I don't have. If I had everything I used to before the fire, this thing would be up and running as the ultimate beast machine (the perks of being friends with local computer repair techs, plus running a short-lived repair service myself... I always got boxes full of computer related goodies). It all comes down to money at this point. I can't afford new parts or equipment so I'm stuck with this laptop until I can secure an income to get it all done. Yes, Alien is a truly fascinating and layered film that I always learn something new about with every viewing, from story to technical details. Certainly better than the original Starbeast script, which left little to the imagination with its themes. For the most part I agree with Dan O'Bannon's gripes about studios changing his scripts, but I think this was the one project that actually benefited from it. As for the creature being a "twisted child of forgotten extraterrestrial weaponry," I suppose that's a valid interpretation but I prefer to think of its origins as less straightforward (I of course mentally retcon the Prometheus storyline because those movies are garbage in my opinion, perhaps not as much as AVP but still leaving much to be desired in an otherwise intellectual franchise). I also prefer the egg-morphing to be canon... which would explain Lambert's question when encountering the space jockey "what happened to the rest of the crew?" as well as the "no blood, no Dallas" thing. Add all this up and its origins are more obscured and truly alien. Yes, the element of K and Joi is pretty accurate with that general theme of an alternative lifestyle that defies and even challenges social norm, as with the similar concept of tulpamancy as they both deal with companionship that are considered taboo. In which case its definitely a more identifiable theme for this community in particular. I think I remember upon viewing it for the first time one of us said "wow, that's us!" She remembers that too, but has also forgotten which of us said it. Before I got my internet back not long ago, I was regularly playing Fallout: NV (I wanted to play Fallout 3, which I like better, but it keeps crashing) as sort of a break from the much superior (IMO) series Stalker, so yes I suppose that's where it came from. We don't think there's much to say about the dream in particular as hardware of all sorts make their way into my dreams all the time, be it sci-fi or aviation related, etc. Actually you misunderstood the Luna thing... what I meant was that Chrys popped into the dream like Luna would in the show, since she sometimes visits ponies' dreams at night, not that she saw her in the dream. What could be stored in the abandoned vehicles? Well... probably a lot of dust, rust deposits, and weathered equipment, lol. I don't really follow dream symbolism very closely. -- 6/4/2018 When I woke up I felt very refreshed, meaning the following night might yield some promising results with regards to a wonderland session. Welp... I was wrong. We continued where we left off, at the shuttle down on Albatross, and decided to take a walk down the rainy and crowded streets. But man, my focus was awful. Just as bad as the last time. We sat down at a food stand to just eat and talk but it all eventually faded and I just pulled my self back into the real world with a feeling of defeat. She of course was very supportive and comforted me, but I still felt bad. I think we should just hang out in the ship's archive room for a while where there's less distractions, until I can get back into being able to process all that city stuff again. Besides, she is the most important focus of the sessions, not our surroundings. As much as we both like our paracosm, we might have made it a bit too vast and detailed for our early abilities. Going to try again the next night with this in mind.
  6. This is from a dream I had last night (talked about here). Chrys decided to pop in and check it out. :)[/img]
  7. Hi there :) She also sends her greetings. Yeah we're both in agreement with you regarding electronic music, she's really gotten me into it more than usual, especially with regards to 80s space synth and such. We're both really into Laserdance these days, lol. The PC is a DX4860 tower and it won't get past the Gateway startup screen, which according to my research could mean the motherboard or CPU burned out because I left it on for extremely long periods of time. Either that or some cockroach shorted something out. This place is infested at the moment. The hard drives just need the board inside replaced, we figured that out by experimenting with a board on my friend's drive. The biggest problem is the finances to obtain parts as we're pretty much broke. I do still appreciate any input on the matter though. We both highly recommend Denis Villeneuve's new film, especially if you watch it back-to-back with the Final Cut of the first one. Yes, early Ridley Scott films are absolutely incredible and layered so deeply. My favorite film of his is Alien (actually my favorite film of all time), but Blade Runner follows close behind and I can definitely see why its Chryssie's favorite. Such a shame he can no longer pull it off as he's become ridiculously generic. We have to admit to not reading the Philip K. Dick book yet, but we do have plans as I own a Blade Runner tie-in edition copy of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" but its in storage at the moment. I already love his work though and find him very inspiring to my own... "The Minority Report," "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" (Total Recall), "Impostor"... great stuff. "Yes!!" Absolutely, in fact that whole theme was very identifiable for us. Not only the relationship itself but also how they interacted physically. It was very reminiscent to the awkwardness of trying to feel her in the real world, or her trying to feel me, resulting in clipping as if a holographic projection. Even the merging was similar to moments we had when practicing possession. I'm surprised this isn't more talked about in the community given the similarities. Yeah, we always assure that no matter what we'll always be there for each other. Our progress may be slow, but it doesn't really matter, we have a whole life ahead of us with plenty of time to get it right. The important thing is that we enjoy the journey because every moment is special. -- 6/3/2018 I got woken up so early that my whole day was shot. I felt like a mindless zombie. Chrys was around a few times to cheer me up, but even then I knew I was too tired to continue our wonderland session from where we left off the other night. She seemed to understand, so instead of that we did... other stuff... before immediately drifting off to snoozeland. One of the dreams are worth mentioning since she dropped in to check it out... it was nothing special, but it involved me riding in a car, passing by some rail yard where a bunch of old boxcars and cargo trucks were parked on display. The trucks immediately caught my eye and I asked whoever was driving me to stop so I could get some pictures (my real life Nikon D3200 was suddenly with me). The trucks looked really old, with almost an art-deco look to them, the metallic finish rusting away in the elements. I could tell they were sitting there on display for decades. Someone else was there taking pictures too, perhaps an enthusiast, but they left as soon as I got closer. That's when Chrys appeared briefly to accompany me. Nothing was said, she simply observed... like Princess Luna in a way, lol. Then I woke up. Made a drawing here.
  8. Thank you, and that's awesome, glad we can be an inspiration to you. :) -- Not much progress, but plenty to report. We haven't wonderlanded in a ridiculously long time, but I'm always sure to keep her in mind as often as possible. So basically passive forcing all this time. I am seeing some results with possession though, oddly enough. Sometimes she can control my arm when permitted. I haven't been keeping logs for a variety of reasons: My computer workstation burned out, as well as most of my drives, and I've been without internet until now. Also It's been a strenuous journey since the drama of being kicked out of my previous home, but I've since relocated with all my belongings to a friend's house in Las Vegas. This is the same friend on FB I mentioned before who also has a tulpa, so I can be comfortable openly forcing around him. I should also mention his tulpa has a huge crush on Chrys, lol. Some notable events: - We went to see the new Blade Runner in a really dope theater (the first one is her favorite film of all time). The screen was HUGE and the seats reclined... Ive never been in a theater like that before. Anyway, we were absolutely blown away. We came into the film as skeptical as usual since every other modern resurrection of old franchises has been absolute shit (Ghostbusters for example), but WOW, we did not expect such an experience. We both agree it was not only a masterpiece, but quite possibly the first modern day classic we've ever seen, let alone in a really awesome theater. Both films are worthy of back-to-back viewing for sure. I kept the receipt as a reminder of that epic event, lol. - Her and I finally saw the new Star Trek series, as she was so excited being a huge trekkie. We were incredibly disappointed in how terrible it was, as we never expected something of the Star Trek franchise actually being worse than Enterprise. Its cringe levels were beyond even Star Wars standards. I will never forget the look and feeling of disappointment coming from her. She was absolutely crushed and I wanted to cry because I felt so bad for her. After the third episode I turned it off and gave her a comforting hug. 6/2/2018 Trying to keep something of a log again with this laptop despite the main archive not being accessible at the moment. We rewatched the new Blade Runner again with my friend, who also really enjoyed it. Chryssie squeed so much, lol. We also watched the short films which were kinda cool. After that we watched Carnosaur. She bailed at that point since she doesn't like horror films that much, especially cheesy ones. She ended up falling asleep until later that night. We decided to try wonderlanding again and arranged a trip to Albatross to get back into the groove of things. My focus was terrible because of being so out of practice, in fact it was a very short session... about 15 minutes. We started in the archives room where she happily greeted me while also messing with me by constantly changing her form to different things. She eventually reverted back to her usual self. We hopped in the shuttle and headed down to Albatross, which still looked the same... the usual Blade Runner aesthetic. We landed on a rooftop and agreed to cut it there since I was already loosing it. We decided to continue the next night (or the night after, depending how tired I am). *Sigh* Poor baby puts up with so much shit from me... laziness, neglect due to my chaotic life, etc. Sometimes I feel like she deserves better than me. Then she comes to my aid and comforts me, reminding me how much she truly loves and cares about me and that I'm not doing such a bad job after all. One thing is for sure... nothing will ever break our bond. <3
  9. 11/26/2017 Been a while but might as well drop by with a report. We're still here. It's just so many things have been happening in life that put a strain on our progress. Being kicked out and forced to look for a new home and job is not exactly fun to someone with aspergers (or whatever the heck they call it these days) or lacking a car due to being too scared to drive, like me. Her presence has weakened a lot and i never seem to be able to focus on her until bedtime, and even then I've been so exhausted that we haven't wonderlanded in months. That feeling of love I always felt deep inside from her isn't there anymore, though we still express it for each other. Headaches and pressures are gone too. Im starting to sink into doubt again as to whether she's actually talking to me or not, because I can barely hear her anymore. I promised I wouldn't give up on her again though, and I definitely won't. I want her in my life more than anything. As ironic as it is, she's the only one who makes me feel sane in these dark times.
  10. 7/13/2017 Not much to report, but now that I finished moving into a new place, my radio show is all set up, and my wisdom teeth issues are taken care of, I can start spending a lot more time with Chrys, even start wonderlanding regularly again. We're both excited for that. She made another change to her form, giving herself an awesome new hairstyle. I posted a drawing in the art section. We're both loving the change and might keep it for a while, lol.
  11. Someone changed their hairstyle, lol. We're both loving it and might keep it for a while.[/img]
  12. 6/22/2017 It's official, I have the sweetest tulpa ever. I came back home from a surgery (I had all four wisdom teeth extracted), and the pain became so unbearable that I literally cried. I took some painkillers that were prescribed to me and went straight to bed, still crying with misery. Chrysalis was so upset seeing me in that condition she started crying too, proceeding to hold me for comfort. I was such a mess, I didn't even care who heard me begging for her not to let go and to stay with me, and she did just that, even long after the drugs took effect. She just refused to leave my side the whole time, still holding on. Then I drifted to sleep. 6/23/2017 - 6/24/2017 A long journey to recovery is ahead, yet Chryssie still remains by my side. Though my perception of her has weakened by the drugs, I can still sense her presence, and if I focus hard enough, see her a little bit. Most often she'll just lay right next to me as we watch TV or snuggle to sleep. She'll sometimes tell me when to eat or go to sleep, basically looking out for my wellbeing while I struggle through this. No one has ever really been this supportive to me before. It makes me want to cry again, but for different reasons of course.
  13. Well, apparently this works. I've been focusing too much effort on trying to see her... just relaxing and letting stuff happen yielded better results, as in our last wonderland adventure her image stayed in focus longer and clearer than I expected. Gonna see what happens with actual imposition into reality (I have a feeling I'm going to get really good results since my mind's eye already draws out her ghost-like silhouette without much difficulty). 6/19/2017 Finally a good wonderland adventure! We went to planet Miranda at night and hung out at the tropical beaches. We talked and walked around the small island masses nearby that were connected by rope bridges. We used a one-hour loop of night-time ocean sounds for ambiance, which worked amazingly well. We actually stayed longer than the usual 30 minutes (I think it was a little under an hour). I was really immersed... I could feel the grains of sand in my hands, I could feel the wind, the surroundings were almost photo-realistic. The starry sky was so beautiful as well, plus the edge of another planet on the horizon. We wondered if we were ever going to be able to explore all of those alien worlds in our lifetime. Keeping Tulpa001's advice in mind for visual imposition, I tried it with this session first as an experiment. She actually stayed in focus longer and clearer than before, much to my surprise. As we did some personality work, we walked down this one bridge back to the mainland where our shuttle was landed and headed for an outdoor bar and grill. I thought for fun to change it into the beach cantina from the Billy Ocean "Loverboy" music video. People nearby were dancing to some music. Chrysalis changed the music to "Star Tracks" by Rygar - because of course she would change it to that, lol - then started dancing too. Suddenly she went apeshit and started spinning around in the air like a tornado. So unsure of what was happening I joked to the nearby employee "she'll have a hydrogen atom." She stopped and laughed with me. It didn't make much sense, but we both thought it was funny at the time for some reason. We then walked out to the small island masses again, crossing another bridge. I had a test in mind while we crossed: I gave her some math problems. The first few were things I could do in my head, but the last one was more difficult. 8 x 8 (yes, my math is that bad, I can't figure that one out unless I write it down). She answered 74. "Hang on a sec..." I retreated back to reality and checked the math on google. The answer was actually 64. I went back to the wonderland and told her the answer was 64, off by ten. I was still proud and we agreed it was close enough for a harder problem she did all on her own. With other problems that were easier the answers would sometimes pop in my head before she could answer. We should do that parallel processing test we found on DeviantArt again. The last major thing I remember was us having a debate over our favorite Star Trek series'. Yeah, she kinda pulled me into the franchise, lol. Voyager is officially my favorite. She likes that one too, especially season 4 onward, but Next Generation is still her favorite. I explained that TNG was a good show with a good cast, but I felt I could take Voyager more seriously. I liked the writing, the characters seemed more realistic than the Enterprise crew, and the overall scenario of trying to get back to earth was a great idea. I like grittier stories of human struggles and survival. Plus a lot of other reasons, but I wont turn this PR into a review. Needless to say she agreed with some of my support for the underdog of the franchise, but also made her arguments for why TNG was better. All we could do was agree to disagree, but it was a fun little nerd-out. Not much happened after that, we just went to sleep after an episode of Voyager.
  14. Lol, thanks. I made it for Chrys as an homage to the old Star Trek posters since she's such a big trekkie.