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  1. I updated my old posts with the days It has been since I started. I think this will give me a better perspective and help me stay motivated. On another note I found a few entries in my offline journal that I had not posted so I added those to August 14th, 2013's post, since they were between that one and the one before it.
  2. March 29, 2014 - Day 351 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 8/108 51, 10, 82, 20, 2 Visualizations on average getting clearer and more detailed! Round 1. Started thinking about my distraction yesterday, and how I want to succeed instead of focusing on the visualizations. Round 2. Extremely clear visualizations, thoughts trailed off thinking about the guide sections of the forum, etc. Round 3. Adjusted my posture several times, experimenting with very sight adjustments to my posture until I was sitting comfortably for some time. I was able to do this and maintain the visualizations at the same time. I was leaning on my arms to take the pressure off by back at different angles until I found a position that did not have the discomfort. I finally thought about some random thing, an image of some people sitting in a room on some round stools. Round 4. Very clear visualizations, and I noticed myself saying the numbers in a mental voice rather than focusing on the numbers.. which I repeated 20, 21, 22, 19, 20, 21, etc. Round 5. Wonderland trip to ask someone about how to concentrate and visualize better. Then I kind of laid down propped up on some pillows to start. Very clear visuals immediately but went off track. I've been adjusting my sleep schedule and this may be contributing to my lack of focus. Seph wants to hang out w/ me today for the rest of the day as far as I know while I do my other things. Passive forcing and narration time. Let's do this!
  3. My tulpa is generally of stable mien. That's not to say Seph doesn't get excited or expressive, just that she is usually calm and in control. In fact that's normal for me as well. She tends to be more emotionally expressive, but with a positive twist that makes me reflect upon things differently. At this point I don't usually force Seph around other people. The few times we have gone for a walk with someone, or she hangs around where other people are there she is generally quiet and patient. A few times I was attempting to hold a conversation with her and one with some other people at the same time. I will need more practice with that.
  4. March 28, 2014 - Day 350 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 7/108 15, 22, 27, 32, 25 Still distracted by a tight muscle in my upper back. Round 1. Distracted by sounds of other people doing things in the house, and then imagining what I was hearing instead of focusing on the exercise. I know when I was younger I would read books in the midst of commotion and not be distracted at all, so this is just a lack of concentration. A higher level of focus would solve this problem. Round 2. Getting distracted by feeling uncomfortable. This is a basic obstacle that shows up in sitting practices that I have run into before. I will just have to work through it, confident that I will succeed. I have done it before it's I'm out of practice. Round 3. Again feeling the discomfort in my body distracted me. I will have to change something to get past this though I'm not sure what. Round 4. I will try sitting on the ground again to see if that helps in burmese posture. (it did not). I was doing ok, then felt a kind of odd sensation in my gut which made me wonder if I was sick, then I thought no, I just didn't eat recently. I'll go eat and do my next round later. Round 5. Later in the evening after dinner. I go to sit in a different room so I won't be distracted and very soon after, I am distracted by someone walking in. I will need to increase my concentration skills again to a much higher level to succeed in this environment, or commit to doing them all earlier when I won't have as much chance of distraction. The visualizations were good. I need to figure out a way to stretch out my back. I am pushing hard on my exercises in the morning, maybe I should take a couple days off and see if that makes a difference?
  5. Preface ((If anyone has comments or advice on improving formatting or presentation, etc. please let me know. Thanks, Narius.)) There have been a significant number of responses to the Survey (and stylometric test) for fluently speaking tulpa. As I was browsing through it, question number 109 caught my eye. 109. What advice would you give to a new tulpa creator? I thought wow, there must be some good advice here with so many tulpa creators! So I read though them all for the various answers to the question. A few chose not to answer, or had replied to an earlier version without the question. However, over 60 did! As I looked a the information I saw much advice reiterated or spoken in different ways. I read through the answers and kept track of each piece of advice and how many times it was given. I have taken the liberty of listing the answers citing the most common suggestions first. I tried to edit as little as possible but I did make a few edits for clarification. I hope this serves as a reference for those who don't have time to read over all 60 surveys. Remember these are suggestions, and may not be work for everyone. However, this does give a good sense of what has worked for many! Tulpamancing Advice Report Compiled and Edited by NariusV - From survey results as of 3/28/2014 Introduction, some comments about dis-belief and tulpas. If you are going about this just to test if it is true, it probably won't work and you'll walk away thinking you proved something. Some skepticism is fine, but if you go into it thinking there's no way this is real, then nothing will come out of it. You can have a hyper-detailed form an personality, but that won't be anything more than an idea if you don't believe in their sentience. Advice for Tulpamancers, Top Ten 1. (29) Believe in yourself and in your tulpa. Trust your tulpa, and assume they are there! This is the key to success above all else. 2. (17) Be regular about your forcing sessions. Spend time and talk with your tulpa. If you are wondering about whether to force or not, force more! Always keep forcing, and do not be afraid to work on your tulpa too much. Don't make your tulpa wait for you. Do your best to reach out to them as often as you can. Pay lots of attention to your tulpa. Devote consistent attention to your tulpa. Do not neglect your tulpa. Listen closely if you think they are trying to talk. Be prepared to share everything with them. 3. (15) Don't be mean, or scornful towards your tulpa. Don't treat your tulpa like a doll or imagine they are 'just an aspect of yourself'. Treat your tulpa as one of your own family, as a close friend. Don't stifle their development based on your preconceived notions. Recognize your tulpa as existing as soon as possible. Treat your tulpa like a sentient being. Be honest with yourself, and your tulpa. Tell your tulpa exactly what they are from the start; don't keep it a secret from them. Be kind to your tulpa. 4. (12) Stay dedicated to your tulpas creation. Take it seriously and do not quit. Never, ever give up, no matter what! Be persistent, stay consistent, and do not lose faith. 5. (10) Go with the flow. Do what you think is right, what feels natural and comfortable. Enjoy the process, and every minute spent with your tulpa. Have fun! 6. (10) Be patient with the process. Don't worry about rushing through, and go at your own pace, and do not worry about hour counts. 7. (9) Do not worry, seriously! Do not fear anything. Don't stress over the process, or be discouraged. 8. (8) Love your tulpa with all your being! 9. (3) Avoid distractions for unimportant things. Stay off the internet and IRC if you have to. Get that forcing time in! 10. (2) Be confident in your tulpa, and in yourself. Other advice for tulpa creation Give your tulpa lots of hugs. Force with an open mind. Let your tulpas thoughts flow into you. Take everything you get with enthusiasm. Make a wonderland. Give you tulpa a familiar form (makes it easier to visualize) Work out personality. Get involved with the community early on. Think about what you are trying to achieve and think about how to achieve it. Drink orange juice (it has helped many tulpamancers concentrate better.) Include compassion as a trait. Be open to new experiences. Concentrate. What to do if you get stuck (Educating Yourself) If something isn't working... try something new! Ask questions if you need to. Read the guides, but tweak them so they work for you. Try out your own things. Read everything you can. Remember all your successes (maybe keep a tulpa journal.) Go by what the people in #Tulpa Info chat say. Adjust your self and your tulpa and try different things. Comments about tulpa creation It's hard to mess up. There is really no wrong way to make a tulpa. If you feel something.. there is a high chance it is your tulpa. You literally cannot mess up. About forcing and tulpa creation Tulpa creation is easy to blow off, but trust me- you won't waste any time if you are determined from the get-go. It (Tulpa Creation) takes time but pays off exponentially in the end. It may be frustrating, but it's worth it. A few comments about tulpas Your tulpa is special. Your tulpa will come when they feel ready and have the chance. They are more sentient than you think. A few comments about parroting Do not think you are parroting. You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose! If you do, doubt and parroting are not deal breakers. Even more, if you’re parroting there’s a really good chance it’s your tulpa – especially if the words are coming out before you’re done with the sentence.
  6. My tulpas name is Seph which is a kind of nickname which stands in place of her real name, which is a human name.
  7. The technique I used was just visualizing the same thing over and over every day, eyes open, imagining I could see it. I think the key was the repetition and constantly affirming I could see it (even when I really couldn't). I just kept at it, everyday, looking at it from different angles, imagining the same thing as if it was there. The first signs I had were like little flickers of light or movement near where I was visualizing the object. After a while it stabilized. At that point I got kind of weirded out, because that was not my goal. I never thought I would really see the object, I just wanted to imagine it. I didn't know what the word imposition was at the time!
  8. I have had a few partial visual and kinesthetic impositions that lasted a few seconds so far. I have not really focused on imposition yet though. I think two months is a good amount of time. When I was doing other visualization training before I achieved visual imposition in about 60 - 75 days with daily practice.
  9. @Master Of Reality, Here is a different perspective on the issue. This may seem blunt or maybe even harsh and it is not intended that way. I noticed something that perhaps wasn't noticed, and I thought it might be helpful. You seem very focused on a need to express or get rid of your feelings. This implies some kind of resistance to or discomfort with them. I'm not saying there is, just that this need or drive you have to get rid of your feelings may be the very thing that is preventing you from a deeper understanding of that very feeling, since you work so hard to get it out or push it away. In my experience when dealing with intense emotions, I have found the best way to 'deal with' them is to fully accept them. By remaining in a state of not holding on to them, yet neither pushing them away either. Just staying fully aware as they flood through my being.
  10. The tulpa would be building a new relationship rather than replacing the old, and my experience is yes. They can help by listening and sharing new and different viewpoints that can make a lot of things easier.
  11. Still doing active and passive forcing sessions for the most part. Once in a while we take a walk, play a co-op game, or she takes me to various places in wonderland.
  12. Pretty much covered my tulpas behavior with traits, but do have rules for no possession or switching.
  13. Quite a variety. I prefer none, although sometimes piano, classical, trance, or whatever my tulpa requests.
  14. The book The Einstein Factor has info on this, OP's link goes to the authors site iirc.
  15. This is a pretty skewed survey. Good luck.
  16. March 27, 2014 - Day 349 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 6/108 100, 36, 48, 100, 19 First round went fine. Second round we tried Seph being distant so instead of focusing on her hand and arm drawing the numbers I could see her standing next to the board without turning my view. However I got distracted by imagining doing other things with Seph, like narrating or just having her there and talking about what I was doing. I started thinking about playing a video game I tried a few years back, and remembered how I didn't do very well narrating while playing since I got so focused on the game. At one point between round the first few rounds she asked my to play a song that is her new favorite. After a while she started to ask me to get up and dance with her. I said no a few times but she insisted. I did finally, and I enjoyed it, although I felt self-conscious at first, thinking of someone watching me. I think to myself 'nutter mode', lol. But it was fun and Seph looked so vibrant and happy. Her appearance became extremely clear, totally transformed. My joy and exhilaration went off the charts. She pretended to sing the song to me. Third round I got distracted again by thoughts of hanging out with Seph somewhere. Fourth round after 80 count or so the visualizations got extremely vivid, like comparing a regular dream to a lucid dream, or jumping from video stream resolution 480p to 1080HD. During this session Seph also walked away from the board to a stereo type systems and played some different songs while she was drawing the numbers. She played and also by Amaranthe which she played really loud. Fifth round I was starting to feel a muscle ache in my back again, so I laid down. The visualizations were clear but my mind wandered after a bit.
  17. Thanks NeonKnights! Seph is showing stronger and stronger positive emotions and usually makes me laugh by surprising me in some way everyday. I had another talk with her today about her form and stability. I think I really need to sit down in a separate session and really go into depth about it. I think I will write down my goals, and also ask her what she is getting our of deviating, what need it is fulfilling. If it's just my lack of visualization skill, that is something I am already working on. I like Rasznirs exercise because it gives me a measurable result that I can gauge my progress with over time. When I reach my goal with that I will have proven to myself that I have better concentration and stable visualization skills. Then I'll be able to parlay that into better active forcing and imposition. March 26, 2014 - Day 348 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 5/108 90, 18, 73, 79, 43 Again I did the exercises in wonderland looking at a blackboard with Seph drawing in chalk. I decided to sit in a chair instead of on the floor in meditation posture. This seemed to significantly increase my ability to relax and focus, except for the one sore muscle in my upper back that was a constant distraction. The first round I got caught up in my own mental voice repeating the numbers to myself in my mind, and I lost sight of Seph. The second round I felt I did well and was distracted by sensations in my body. The third round I was again distracted by my mental voice counting in a rote manner to myself as I was watching Seph draw the numbers and drifted off into a memory. The fourth round I was distracted by my body, a muscle ache in particular. The last round I decided to lay down since I wan't feeling any pain in that position and I did the best I have yet, with lots of Sephs help. She was constantly cheering me on, saying stay focused, see the numbers, breathe in, good, focus, you can do it, etc. Finally she started getting so excited that I was doing so well I got totally distracted by her exuberance and cheering and I lost focus on the numbers, lol. I think I'm starting to see some patterns in what has been distracting me from completing the exercise. However I am not going to make any quick judgement's just yet. I will keep notes for at least a few more days before looking for any patterns. About time spent ...
  18. Not sure but what a coincidence, my tulpa Seph's birthday will be on the 12th of the same month. I think I'm going to talk with her about birthdays and some of my memories of them, and see what she want's to do, if anything. I may make (force) her something as well. She made me an amazing wonderland room (not for my birthday), but as a gift or something she had been making for me, after I had taken a break from forcing for a while. I was moved that she would be thinking of me even when I wasn't forcing often. I will be thinking about what to make for her. Maybe that will give you some ideas?
  19. I don't think it's bad to force that way at all. It's just you won't have your complete attention available for the tulpa is all. I am kind of the opposite. I find it easiest to sit down and force, and then have a challenge keeping Seph in my mind while in the midst of other things. The answer is practice as far as I can tell. Doing something until it becomes routine makes it easier. Thanks for sharing Witsch.
  20. I'm getting that new hair experience with Seph again. At first it bothered me since I wasn't sure how to visualize her. It took a kind of relaxing and seeing her, rather than creating her in my mind. Now she still changes it, although we talked about how I think it would be easier for me to see her one way. I really want her to have stabilized before we move into imposition.
  21. Thanks for sharing Casual. I have considered commissioning an artist to create some reference images of my my tulpa Seph also, do to her deviations. I want to give her more time to stabilize first though, since she is not a year old yet (next month she will be). Being out in the countryside sounds like it would be a great place to have privacy to talk with your tulpa. Being in a city myself at the moment, I feel awkward talking with her out loud in the presence of others. I plan to get a fake wireless earphone to wear outside so that when I'm alone by myself wandering around outside I'll feel more comfortable to start with speaking narration.
  22. March 25, 2014 - Day 347 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 4/108 34, 100, 10, 55, 39 Started after I woke up and did my exercises. We used the blackboard room in wonderland technique since that's what I had the most success with yesterday. The first round, I got distracted by watching Seph instead of staying focused on the numbers, she said I took to long getting back to the numbers so I had to star with the next round. That went perfectly. The third round I did 25 jumping jacks to get myself alert, and then laid down for the third round. I soon afterword felt drowsy and the numbers deviated into some kind of plants, so I ended that round. Then I sat up again. I was distracted by falling into a memory reverie. The last and fifth round for today, I tried a technique of asking Seph to say the number after she wrote it on the board. (I have been including the sound of the eraser and chalk on the blackboard in addition to the visualization.) This worked well, until I got distracted by thinking about what someone else's voice would sound like saying the numbers and my mind went off into a tangent. Again Seph is deviating the color of her hair and eyes, as well as her hairstyle. I think I might just stop trying to force it in a particular way, and let her sort it out. I have told her I think she would be easier for me to visualize if didn't change so much and stayed the same from day to day. I feel like that is a minor problem, or not really a problem at all, as long as I can clearly sense her. I want to have her image stable before I start succeeding with imposition though. I did look at skim some guides that I had not yet read. I will add several of them to my collection for reference.
  23. March 24, 2014 - Day 346 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 3/108 48, 100, 5, 67, 6 Today we started in the morning. The first two rounds went fine, then I decided to lay down. I felt drowsy and my mind started wandering soon after that. We decided to break and I went to eat breakfast. I read through and reviewed Sephs traits. I a re-awakening of my commitment to tulpa-forcing and I have been doing some passive forcing on and off throughout the day. I feel great, and Seph is happy. We will do more focus exercises later. I want to read through some of the new guides, if there are any good ones, to see how the tech has progressed over the course of the last year. The second two exercises, I used closed eye visualization in a wonderland room with a blackboard, which Seph used chalk to draw the numbers on. I sat up for the first one, and laid down for the second one. Again I felt more drowsy while laying down and lost concentration easier. I'll repeat this a few more times just for science, to see if laying down really does interfere with my ability to concentrate.
  24. March 23, 2014 - Day 345 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 2/108 32, 22, 3, 22, 6 Today we did the visualization forcing meditation later in the evening after I was already feeling tired. Over all the session was a good one, other than my low scores.
  25. March 22, 2014 - Day 344 Rasznirs Exercise Results, Day 1/108 56, 12, 2 (interrupted) Our goal is to continue the exercise we started on April 13, 2013, which is Rasznirs tulpa visualization guide, with Seph drawing the numbers, instead of just me visualizing the numbers. Last time I started this exercise I stopped doing it after a while. Also we want to post our results everyday if possible. If we have to travel or I cannot log on for some reason I will post the results as soon as I reasonably can. Today I was interrupted in the middle of my forcing session. We decided to end and continue tomorrow.