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  1. I plan to keep this as a public log for the benefit of anyone who is interested in tulpa. Brief background: I came here by searching for info on tulpa via google. I saw few references to the topic before this website. I appreciate the effort of Pleeb and the community to create this resource, thank you. I have no experience with tulpa. I do have experience with altered mind states, meditation, and some imposition. I intend to report from the psychological perspective here for the interests of science, and to support the intentions of Pleeb, the founder of I will exclude any references to techniques, experiences, phenomena, etc. that might contradict the psychological perspective from my public reports, and will instead discuss them elsewhere. I hope this report proves useful (or at least interesting) to any and all sentient beings who are interested in thought form development like I am. NEW:I will use spoiler tags to hide some information that some have found detrimental to tulpaforcing. This way it's there for those who are interested, and won't bother those who are TLDR; I will report from the psychological perspective in this log, hope you find this useful.
  2. NariusV here. Just started (active forcing) a few days ago. I have been thinking about creating a tulpa off and on for a few years. I plan to keep a log in the community section, probably updated a few times a month, as progress is made and I have things to share.