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  1. Not gone just yet, fellas. The doctors were estimating around late summer, but the progression is going faster now. At this point, I won't see May. I went through my things and found these drawings I made. Thought it might be nice to share them with you guys. Philip Amalia Indeed, I love them so much. Knowing they'll be by my side throughout this is a huge comfort, the immense irony of the whole situation has been very harsh and I don't know if I would be this accepting without them. Life truly is a bitch, isn't it? But I was born with it, so I am happy I at least got a
  2. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I wrote in here. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In this short time we have left, Amalia, Philip and I going to try and fulfill our last wishes, so we'll be leaving for good. I'm sorry for not telling earlier, I almost decided not to, but my final conclusion was that it wouldn't be fair to lie or leave without an explanation. I want to sincerely thank Pleeb for creating Tulpa.info. The guides by FAQman and Irish started it all, but I probably would've given up in the middle without t
  3. Stop making me miss my cat Sands ;_; The next person prefers regular milk over chocolate milk.
  4. We chuuni now. Still, I'm interested in this. Might try it, with wings in that case. Tiny ones - Haibane style.
  5. Holy shit that perspective. I might get addicted to this, oh wow.
  6. Are you kidding? I'm like 5'2" The next person to post eats a healthy diet on a regular basis.
  7. Those little emoticons? Yeah, they are a little unnecessary.
  8. A: OT doesn't count anymore. Get w/ the times, Kadoh. Q: If you had a magic mirror, that could show anything you wish, what/who would you want to see?
  9. A: Oh, you'd like to know that, wouldn't you? Q: If you alone on this earth got a superpower, which one would you want?
  10. Yes, >energy indeed. Narration is good. They survive off your attention, so talk to him/her. Lurk before you post, use the search function, read guides, read the FAQ.
  11. A: I used to be, now I'm more of an Agnostic Theist. Why? Lately, I've noticed that things just don't add up (I think the tulpa concept added to that). It's a long story, but my conclusion was that there has to be something more, something we could never understand or perceive. Whatever it might be, I'm sure that this right here isn't everything. Q: If you got one (1) wish (no monkeys paw-esqe backfire, no wishing for more wishes, no "saving" the wish for later use, cannot change feelings in sentient beings), what would you wish for?
  12. Or call him Don, cause he's a badass. Then you could pretend you're in the mafia, busting peoples asses without consequence. "Where's the money, Carlos? You've had your two weeks, the Don doesn't like waiting."
  13. Knapp


    Bad Little Boy I was watching Adventure Time, honest!
  14. Amalia: Uwa! It's snowing outside! Alice, look, look! Me: Yeah, I know. Amalia: Can we go out and play? Please? Me: It's in the middle of the night. Amalia: *Pout* We're going, and that's final! No objections! Me: Object- Amalia: 15 YEARS DUNGEON Philip: Lol wut Amalia: 20 years, no trial.
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