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    Fully motivated (well that's convenient) to spend the entire summer tulpaforcing. We'll see.
    currently learning clockwork/watchmaking at school
  1. Using pone reaction is a pretty bold move in my opinion. Other than that, it's as you said fairly simple, but all the useful information is there. Good work.
  2. I consider tulpas as conscient beings on the same level as humans. If you have a child, and make a slave out of him from the very beginning, he won't grow resentful (the state of slavery being his normality, having known nothing else) UNTIL exposed to other things. He may get angry if (or when) he discovers that it isn't normal, that it shouldn't be that way. When he'll be in contact with other people. Now your tulpa could only get in contact with or get informations about other tulpas from this place (unless you have real tulpamancers friends). As long as she doesn't realize the state she
  3. Between yesterday and today, I see you created four threads. My advice is to chill. You don't gave much experience and asking questions is a normal thing to do, but don't be overly paranoid about everything. A tulpa takes a lot of time. Do what feels natural and maybe if you don't notice progress two our three months from now, you're doing something wrong. But don't freak out on the smallest thing. All you need is to love your tulpa, to interact with him/her and things will get better. I would advice doing some active forcing to see if it changes anything, things may come easier and faster
  4. The complicated part is to design and fully visualize every different shape. Of course it can be done but it will take a colossal amount of time. You could teach her to create these forms by herself but it may be difficult at the beginning. On the other hand, almost everything about tulpas is difficult and time consuming, so I can only encourage you to go on with this idea. If you succeed, it can only give you both confidence and straighten your bond. Good luck then !
  5. It does not seem to be that usual (I haven't seen it mentioned often at least) but I suffered the same type of displeasure when I stayed tulpaforcing. It went away quite quickly. Don't worry about it. If anything, it proves your forcing is having some kind of effect.
  6. Depends on your tastes. What are good topics of discussions with your best friend ?
  7. We seem to be a handful of frenchies here :) I feel like Linkzelda pretty much of summed everything up, like always, so I can only wish you luck in your future experiences.
  8. I personally see nothing fundamentally wrong with your reasons. Some others may disagree, but I usually reduce these morale problems to a single question : Would you use a friend to do that sort of things if you could ? That may sound like cheesy and obvious advice but it helped me at times. As for your number 2, that's what friend do for each other, in a less psychic way. Or at least that's what I think and that's how I live my life. If you have respect and care for your tulpa, (s)he'll know it. These are not the reasons you have to worry about if you decide to make a tulpa.
  9. Just one tip, follow it or not, as you wish : Think about it. Yeah there are ways to get rid of a tulpa but don't create one if you're not sure you can cope with him in the first place.Give it a little time, at least a week or so (some would recommend more) and then you'll see if you're ready to begin. Good luck !
  10. Maybe visualisation isn't the easiest step to begin with... Not being able to visualise after one week of forcing is pretty common, I'd say. I find it to be one of the most difficult stages. Personally, I didn't attempt to visualise my tulpa until I had clear responses from him and the feeling that he truly was here. That way, it felt like there was two of us working on it, making things easier. That's just my personal experience, but I still think that working on personality or simply narrating is the most common and most natural first step. Moreover, it guarantees you went end up with a
  11. We can't possibly know. You're just saying she lies sometimes, but if any of us can know when it's the case, it's you. For your sake (for both of you), you should assume she's not imposed yet and work on that. Also I don't want to imply anything but did you consider she just might be having a hard time controlling head pressures ? If I were you, I would wait until she is vocal to really begin the work on imposition. But, eh, it's fine either way.
  12. Keep it. Even if you think it's badly written, it doesn't really bother anyone.
  13. Easy there, boy. I can only confirm what Kenziek said. I will simply insist on one point : Begin with ONE SINGLE TULPA. Once you're satisfied, you'll have a much better idea of what making a tulpa is like and then, if you still want to, it'll be far easier to work on the other ones.
  14. Not bilingual yet but Frenchie as well, I'd be glad to help ! Envoie un message privé avec des questions et je serai ravi d'y répondre dans la mesure du possible :)
  15. Visualisation gets better with time. Like everything else, you have to be patient and to practice. I heard drawing helps some people but it's like everything else : If you think what you're doing is helpful and productive, then it most probably is. Don't worry about languages. This is an English-soaking forum but many of us (including me) come from non anglophone countries. Protip : the German -sch is really uncommon in English.
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