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  1. Do it, or forever spend the rest of your life wishing you had.
  2. The body didn't take nearly as long as the face did. There were a number of different forms my tulpa went through before she settled on a permanent one. I'd say a couple of months for me, but I wasn't keeping track. She looked kind of like this until she got her face right: [hidden][/hidden] As for seeing a tulpa perfectly, it really depends on a number of factors, including how rested I am, how awake she is, whether I am under any intoxicating influences, whether or not I am in a distracting environment, etc. You know what really helps with visualization and imposition? Caffeine. Doesn't mat
  3. Why? No, seriously, why? Elaborate on why you think that she is so broken you have no choice but to scrap her and start anew. Is it something that is temporary and will go away? Because stasis is always an option (granted, not a very good one, but preferable to dissolution). I hope it's not because of her form (which can be changed easier than you or I can change our clothes). Exactly this. Not to mention, if you can't fix whatever issues arise with your first, what's to stop you from giving up on future tulpas in the same way? It sets a bad precedent. It's something only a baka would
  4. Any news on this? I checked their youtube channel's video listing but couldn't find it there.
  6. It's called "subvocalizing" and Stevie's right about it going away with time. At least, it's mostly gone away for me over time.
  7. This. Also, given how modern tulpamancy has stripped the religious Tibetan elements from the practice and views it (at least on tulpa.info) as a psychological phenomenon (as opposed to a spiritual or metaphysical one), referring to your thoughtforms/muses/fetches/headmates/constructs/penumbras/imaginary friends/any number of synonyms as "tulpa" seems akin to calling any form of swimming "baptism". (ie, "Hey guys, let's go to the beach for a baptism!") I'd support a movement to change what we call tulpas to something else to better distance it from its Tibetan roots, but I doubt it'd see muc
  8. Sounds like you're experiencing eclipsing -- a sort of partial, shared possession between host and thoughtform. Do you sometimes get thought or emotion bleedover? Do you sometimes feel like you're thinking Melian's thoughts (as opposed to her speech-like thoughts directed at you)? That's eclipsing. I haven't personally experienced much "true" possession (where the tulpa alone is controlling the body), but eclipsing (which sounds like what you just described) comes pretty easily, especially if I've toked a bowl or two.
  9. I can't be the only person who read the title and thought the OP was talking about scented tulpas.
  10. I am reminded of the following quote: See, while you're drunkenly hitting on Emily, she's constantly checking her watch, counting down the seconds until she and Tom can be together, and you'll pick up on this, Al, you've got a plan. If you can't have her, Tom sure as hell can't, either, so you'll "get" the girl (in the murder-with-robots sense) and then pin the blame on Tom, which will drive him into exile, leaving you free to enact your plans free of meddling, and if some Joe Shmoe comes along with a bomb and a motorcycle, well, let's just say you're prepared. WHATEVER'S ON THE TABLE PL
  11. Welcome back! You should post some updates to your progress report. "Many things" should be written there, no?
  12. go go gadget tulpa, brassow, and god speed
  13. Just keep working at it. In time your tulpa's voice will become distinct from your own. You could try having her surprise you ("HEY! TULPA! SURPRISE ME!"), or have her address you by name every time she talks to you, i.e. "gadget, let's go outside and get some sun". This is called the nametag method, and it works off the assumption that you don't think to yourself in the second person. As long as you don't regularly think to yourself "you should go outside," instead of "I should go outside," it should work.
  14. Profile says 17. Screw you, man. jean-luc's a Cool Guy and any attack against him is an attack against the forces of Cool. You're the one who brought attention to your age, no? You shouldn't berate people for asking about something you yourself brought attention to. This is not to say that your argument (ageism is suck) is invalid; only that you're not helping your case by throwing ad hominem attacks against someone who has done nothing to deserve your ire. On the contrary, taking offense at jean-luc's random guesses only serves to undermine your argument by revealing potential prej
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