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    My name is The Inogroffor. I have one Tulpa, Frankie. The model is Frankie from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.
  1. Thank you for such an in depth guide, It is much appreciated.
  2. Does there have to be a difference? If you believe its a Tulpa it is, and If you believe its an imaginary friend It is, It's up to you to decide.
  3. I am new to Tulpa forcing and I have a measly 5 days clocked into forcing, but over the last two days I have started asking my Tulpa questions when I visualize. I do not know if it is her, or I that answers the questions I ask. I am having a perfectly good time talking to myself, but will my possible speaking for her negatively impact her development?
  4. Hi, I am fairly new to the Tulpa community also, but it seems like you get out of a Tulpa what you put in. If you put in love you receive It, and vise-verse. I remember reading on the FAQ that Tulpa's have your best interests at heart, so that won't be problem. I would think making a Tulpa would help with the problems, Meditation is never bad it will boost self reflection which solves for a Host of existential scenarios. I am not an expert though, If you make your Tulpa happy and jpyful and loving. I don't see why It would feel contempt towards you.