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    I am a seventeen year old from Canada who enjoys my two imaginary friends.

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  1. Fancy says he feels like a ghost, being able to pass through things. He says it doesn't feel like much, perhaps even nothing.
  2. Definitely takes practice. Especially when only one of my tulpas is left handed... and the other is right handed, much like yourself.
  3. Forcing for long periods of time is really hard for me to do, I just can't lie still for that long. Usually, when I do it, I force for ~20-30 minutes at a time (I need to get into a certain mind state). But no, it's not hard to dedicate 10 minutes at all. I'm always on my computer during the weekends, so maybe I could just sit back, close my eyes, and force for a little (I pass out every single time I lie down). This is perfect, and so simple too. It's something I've been doing consistently for the past few days and I love it! Yeah this is what I used to do a lot. Usually when I'm in class I'll just talk to my tulpas when I have the time. Or a few of them walk next to me when I'm in the halls or whatever. It started happening once again as soon as I paid attention to my tulpas for the first time in a while (it usually just happens automatically).
  4. Anyhow, I've been doing this tulpa stuff for about a year and a few months. My second tulpa is turning 1 in April. I'm able to do possession and all that jazz, but I'm still there obviously. I've been trying to perfect switching for at least 3-4 months and I'm still unable to do it after all this time. I don't know if it's the fact that I might be missing out on something or whatever. But anyways, usually what I do is try to slip into a state of low consciousness (such as lying down or whatever) and asking my tulpas to like take control instead. I know you generally have memories of being switched but they're "hazy". There's people on here posting that they've gotten switching perfected after 2 months. (Are they maybe just mixing up the term possession and switching?). But seriously, I'm getting kind of annoyed from not being able to do this. I'm almost completely unable to do this whole "Wonderland importing" thing where you put yourself into your Wonderland and your tulpa takes control. That has never worked for me and it never will. Specifically, I'm asking if anyone here is able to switch without this method, and I'm wondering how you go through with it. I'd really like to know. As stated in the forum's subject, what's the main thing you focus on? How do you go through with it and complete the switch? HOW do you actually get your mind to switch with theirs, without using the aforementioned Wonderland technique?
  5. I classify active forcing as lying down and closing my eyes and slipping into a sleep-like state and interact with my tulpas in the Wonderland. Passive forcing is something like interacting with your tulpa while not in this state, such as seeing them walk next to you, talking to them casually, etc. etc.
  6. dammit. ya caught me. next person is in class.
  7. Part of it was being curious. The other part was helping me deal with social anxiety. Often I find myself switching with my tulpas when I'm alone somewhere in public so I don't have to deal with being so damned nervous all the time. Also part of it was because my friend was interested so I thought I'd try it too!
  8. Hm... As for Cozmo, she's almost like a pet for me, but a friend at the same time. Because she's a feral cat, I do consider her almost like a pet, but since she's smart enough to talk and hold conversation, then she's a friend as well. Fancy acts almost as a surrogate parent to me, but he's still a friend. Laura.. a friend as well. I guess I could just say that they're all friends to me.
  9. I was going to make a possession video but I'd fear I'd look like a complete moron doing so. I've got a video of Fancyboy playing Audiosurf but that's about it.
  10. I believe it's "tulpas" as a plural thing, but some anti-tulpa blogs on Tumblr got really fucking mad at "tulpae" because tulpa isn't a Latin word and you're appropriating the use of the word tulpa if you make the plural "tulpae" It was stupid
  11. Not necessarily. No books are near me. Next person has just woken up for school.
  12. ok, this is a little odd but I'm sure many of you have experienced this before. while i'm chatting with a friend and proxying my tulpas, a lot of the time when they are asked questions they'll respond with something like "I don't know" or my head starts to feel almost... cramped up. like my brain can't think. and I translate this as to THEY'RE trying to think but they just can't. so, out of curiosity, those who have experienced this before, how do you deal with it and how did you find a way around it? i really do want to know.
  13. My method was just tricking my brain into believing something that isn't tangible is actually real. And it worked wonders.
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