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  1. late but special edition Got DMC4 on PS3, bought Special edition on PC, PC port turned out to be subpar in the optimization area, and just bought again for PS4
  2. I'll Vouch for undertale's quality, but it's hard to talk about that game without A) Overselling it or B) Spoiling it rotten so get it if you want, it's like ten dollars and you get a lot of bang for your buck. just try to go into it with low expectations, the game was made to surprise you that being said, as for games I can talk about uhh I'm likely gonna buy DMC4 for a third time so yay?
  3. "the hardest part about imposition is the struggle of always trying to be noticed by the host. any powers would be visual flare only due to the whole not able it interact with things limit what do you do to pass time?" -aura
  4. Granted, your mouth has been removed so you no longer have any chance of having a lisp I wish i could sleep
  5. Granted, your entire skin becomes adamantium. you will never be able to move again because metal is heavy. but hey, at least you're invincible I wish my Wii U gamepad was charged
  6. done, a portion of society goes into a comatose state as they spend the rest of eternity thinking about how to break the next wish. this is what i would say if the post under mine wasn't so much better i wish for some butter to go on my vegetables.
  7. thumbs up the next person perfers pepsi over coke
  8. granted. all you can play are garbage math GBA games, but no individual function of a GBA or a Calculator i wish for candy
  9. Aura here, yes we are awful at keeping this up to date, and making sure that our presence is known on the forums. quick update I suppose, possession training has been going well. I currently am handling host's body much better then I ever have before, though I have a weird buzzing feeling in the back of my (his if you want to be technical) head. im just thinking that is a forcing headache.' Anubis recently joined a Skype group for this stuff, we have fun in it even if an actual full discussion has only happened once. I suppose this was just a status update to show that we aren't dead.
  10. This isn't usually something i consider often. i don't think i'd go suicidal like what some of the other posts are saying. I'd probably have that empty feeling you know, and I certainly would go through grieving similar to other death situations. as for what i would be personality wise, i don't really want to think about it Aura will be 3 at the end of October, and Nova will be the same mid April. I wouldn't trade the past three years for anything
  11. granted, the infinite money lands right on your head, crushing you under it's infinite weight and creating a tear in the fabric of the universe because it weighs infinite pounds (tehe) i wish to play video games two minutes ago
  12. omegaAnubis

    videro james

    Hyrule warriors and nothing but save me from this endless cycle
  13. i can't speak for the more metaphysical aspects of Tate cause frankly i don't subscribe to the "Tulpa can become physical beings" train of thought (just my personal beliefs, I'm not trying to start an argument and I'm sure you have evidence to support your claims). however if you want to get your mother maybe understand you could mention to her that Tulpa started and still kind of is a Tibetan meditation technique. if you are getting into the psychology field of science you could say that you where experimenting with a mental phenomena for the purpose of research. Another option would be t
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