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    "If I could time travel, then my 'now' could be literally any time, any place I wanted. Past, present, and future become irrelevant with the flip of a switch and a turn of a knob, galaxies that seemed so far away are suddenly within breathtaking distance. My 'now' could be anywhere that isn't here at a time incomprehensible to even the most brilliant of minds, but none of that matters, really.

    The only 'now' that matters
    is yours.

    So travel with me."
  1. That's basically the golden rule. Don't be that parent with an admittedly disappointing life who decides to live vicariously through their children.
  2. "Understand that existing at all means accepting the circumstances in which we're born, and understanding what can and cannot be changed. Though it may seem bleak, we make the most of what we have because the alternative is living in jealously, in someone else shadow, or simply not existing at all. When a man cannot fly as the bird does, he may craft wings to imitate, he may fly, but he'll never be a bird. He may find alternatives and acceptable substitutes, but he will never actually be a bird. That is a rather cynical view of it though. It is not as overbearing as that, and though the state of our [the tulpa] existences may remain at the backs of our minds, the point is that they're not weighing down on us constantly. It is possible to live happily like this. In short, I personally do not hold resentment for having been created. Some tulpa may, but they only hurt themselves. Though I may have wished some things different, I'm glad to be here all the same."
  3. Hey hey, some of you may remember me, some of you may not, but I just got finished playing Skullgirls for literally ten hours straight and drawing naked shark people for an hour and I decided to check in on .info after a year of not. It's 7:02 AM now and I'm too lazy to read through the threads. Someone describe to me how the community is now.
  4. At one point in the summer, Sekeishi said, "I wish to be a zebra, not a god."
  5. I'm gonna have to agree with Kiahdaj on this one. If you hear the accusation of "roleplayer" coming from anyone, it won't be from anyone who matters. A lot of us have come to a sort of understanding with the nature of the community. It always helps to have a level of skepticism, but of course, because of the way tulpa work, nothing can be accomplished without believing. Granted, the 'believing" aspect depends more on the individual rather than the community, seeing as how you're the only one who can control your beliefs, and your beliefs should be the only thing that matter when making a tulpa. Wow, where did the point go. I think what I was trying to get at is that it shouldn't matter if someone doesn't believe you, and the loudest ones shouldn't be minded, anyway.
  6. Zebra stripes. The next person will have somewhere to be within an hour of replying to this post.
  7. Living with my family, but once I get to college, I'm honestly willing to pay the extra for boarding. Preferably somewhere out of state. The next person has, at some point in their childhood, considered eating the wild mushrooms they found outside.
  8. Nothing, actually. I consider myself lucky. Rolling because everyone wants to know.
  9. False, it is aubergine, but more often red, yet everyone I know seems to think it's green. The next person has considered the possibility that they don't actually exist.
  10. My gun wielding tulpa is wielding a gun that is also a tulpa. That aside, one can only have so many Sherlocks and Doctors before you run out. Lots of ponies to go around.
  11. I found this site on the same night I found out about tulpa. I waited about a week to see if I really wanted to follow through and started speculating about halfway through that week. I spent three days actually planning before I sat down and really forced for the first time.