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  1. Thanks it's always interesting to hear people's introspective thoughts on such matters no matter how far fetched something may seem.
  2. Hi, folks thank you for the responses thus far, I have taken note of using a more descriptive title in future. Since you have asked why I agree with this statement I'll give you my opinion without sounding too metaphysical. I have a second function in my wonderland in which I have created a storage vault in which I have placed some personal artefacts which are of deep value to me. I'm concerned if someone or something was able to access that part of my wonderland I.e. Knew where to look. They would have access to very personal information. Their is possibly no means right now even though I believe there is or will be in maybe the next 10/20 years. This is just my opinion take it with pinch of salt, as it's based on no proof. BTW. Sorry for late reply, I'm currently working 7 days a week.
  3. Hello, I'm a long term lurker on this forum even before I created an account. A couple of years ago, someone who I believe is no longer active on this forum posted a comment on a thread about wonderlands and stated along the lines of: Do not give out detailed information related to your Wonderland. Now I truly believe their is truth behind this statement maybe I'm wrong but I never doubted the claim even though I never really understood the concept behind it or how it could be manipulated. If anybody could elaborate any further either by backing or rejecting this statement, I'll be really interested to know. Thanks,
  4. That's some dedication right there.
  5. Hi I've just started out on mine a couple of days ago after a couple of years in holding off due to doubts and now that started I've realised I have already got really good visualization skills which is probably down to me being really imaginative when I was a child as I could never draw or write good so would mentally materialise what I couldn't physically do. As for visualization practice their's some good threads in general on the subject which could help.