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  1. A while back. Me: --You seem quiet Persephone: . . . . . Me: Are you alright? Persephone: Where do you go? (I assumed she meant when I wasn't in the wonderland) Me: Home. . . Persephone: But here is undying Me: . . . . It's not quite memorable, so much as eerie. She stared at me quietly for a bit after that. I'm not going to lie, it really unsettled me a bit. It was just very haunting, it always has been.
  2. Post Rock gives really strange sensations to me when I'm listening to it, it just seems meant to be forced to in my opinion heh. Progressive metal is actually really interesting as a whole depending on who you listen to; usually instrumental and "Space Metal" like electronic ambiance gives it a really interesting edge when forcing. I could go on.
  3. Hmm interesting. I made up the term "Music Shadowing." However, the concept not so much--that said, it was supposed to be a term for a sort of translation of music directly and indirectly to your tulpa while you listen to it; capturing sensations and all that. I definitely would say what you described sounds like a variant of it.
  4. I'm beginning to believe that Tool being mentioned multiple times, and my earlier mention of YoNL, just goes to show that post-metal influenced music is some of the best stuff one could listen too for forcing. It's that gritty, trance like state that's ideal for a lot of us.
  5. They haven't--until possibly last night. While I understand that it was simply a dream and should be treated as such, the eerie characteristics of it have been rubbing me the wrong way since my awakening. I should preface it with a foundation; Before I designed my current Wonderland and began working on Persephone, I had designed another wonderland months before (although at the time I had learned very little about tulpae--or even the actual concept of a wonderland; it was just a place for me to work on my original tulpa choice--yes it was the sparkle phase of "Oh wow this tulpa thing sounds cool") I hadn't even given her a name yet (For sake of ease, I suppose we could just refer to her as 'Alpha'), all I had was her design and personality. The rest was all in the planning stages when some personal matters had taken over--thus dropping me out of the tulpa practice completely. When I finally wanted to restart the procedures I went and eventually learned more on Tulpae. This time prepared, I went into it full throttle and have been doing so since. Therein lies the issue. I feel I may have run into some mirage of Alpha last night. It was more than a little unsettling; Alpha is something of a macabre sort, in fact she's just plain dangerous--one of the main reasons I decided to 'scrap' her idea and make Persephone instead. When I first began forcing Persephone in the new wonderland I had a few brief intrusive storms--the two strongest being Nile music out of no where (here's an example, I love them but they're a bit obnoxious - ) and Alpha appearing out of no where; it was very brief though, like just flashes and images of her here and there. My explanation for it was that perhaps it was some vague regret for scrapping her like I did, and with that I didn't pay much attention to it. After time passed and I forced more with Persephone, Alpha (and Nile) faded from the background. I was initially worried for Persephone's safety but as the intrusions faded I breathed a sigh of relief. Anyways In the dream I had been in a dark and sleepy neighborhood, something of an average suburbia. I wasn't lucid at the time but I recall being stuck out on the sidewalk in front of this house. Here is where it began to sink; I remember looking over and seeing something familiar on the nearby porch, it was Alpha's shape. She was speaking in this eerie, raspy voice--but she was saying complete gibberish. She opened the door to the house, spoke to a small child who was standing there for some reason, then turned around and headed towards me. In the moonlight I seen her features clearly; there was no doubt, it was her. She gave me this chilling smile and walked to the driveway--which for some reason had my car parked in it. She said something else in a very peculiar tone and got in the backseat. Now this really disturbed me. Reason being that when I first came up with Alpha's concept/design, I would often imagine her in my backseat when I was driving. (Giving me some sort of commentary as I drove) Seeing her in the backseat gave me quite the horrid nostalgic shiver. In fact, it disturbed me so much that it snapped me into lucidity; Alpha promptly disappeared when I did; how convenient for her I thought. For the rest of the dream I would go in and out of lucidity, driving around this really bizarre countryside, even stopping at a few places. I could feel Alpha's presence, this sleepy place was saturated with it--it got to the point where it was almost overpowering. No matter where I went in the dream I could sense her to an extent, sometimes to the point of paranoia in my heights of lucidity. I never saw her again but I could feel that heavy dread she had around her the whole time. If it was her then I must admit, I'm a bit frightened--as I said, she's a bit warped in the head, of course this was one of the reasons I enjoyed her idea originally. All the same, the idea of her running rampant is not the most pleasing. It was only a dream--or so I hope.
  6. Classic Music is really solid--Instrumental music is indeed probably the best; I'd say that progressive/instrumental metal like Animals As Leaders is near God-level listening. I could definitely see Tool providing some interesting forcing sessions as well. I've found that "Space" metal/rock is the highest tier of forcing music, just above post-rock. Dat sentimental melancholy. Of course that's just our opinion.
  7. I see what you're saying. Persistent background music would get pretty bad, I suppose it would be a very on and off phenomenon if anything. I try to use whatever at the moment too; when it comes to focus control using foreign music is a pretty damn good idea though, will have to try that also. I've noticed that post metal and depressive black metal have all provided really solid sessions. Persephone seems to prefer it too. It was this depressive/post black metal song that actually inspired her name--needless to say, it's her favorite. If anyone wants some solid stuff of that genre, check out these guys, they're phenomenal.
  8. I suppose I have only deeply analyzed it a few times. The initial reaction to the concept was absolute disbelief. After all, it makes sense for all the most warped reasons. Over time though, my curiosity consumed me. I guess the prime reason really was curiosity. Paranormal phenomenon had always eluded me, despite my intense yearning for any sort of contact. Secondly, I wanted to go through with something--being something of a 'commitaphobe', I don't finish a lot of things, so this is an ENORMOUSLY straining challenge for me. (Being so riddled with doubt has made this a lot harder then it oughta be, or so I'd like to think) Lastly, an emotional experiment; Persephone's core composition is something of an homage. I read the warnings about basing a tulpa of a preexisting character; I decided to make Persephone to be something of an emanation, a shadow--but one with the capability of evolving and surpassing who she was based on, after all, the possibilities are endless. It is because of this, that sometimes I will refer to her as "Aeon" I've yet to fully explain her conceptual genesis to her, although I've given her small hints here or there. I decided that when she fully developed I would explain it all to her. She's impatient, and I suppose I can't blame her--all the same, that conversation is going to be very difficult for her most likely. I dread it. All I can do is explain to her that she can be so much more. /pseudorant
  9. Oh wow that sounds interesting as all hell. I've never thought about taking it in that direction before. I've imagined if my wonderland should have a sort of background music at all--that idea pretty much answers that question and takes it even farther. I will certainly have to try that myself.
  10. I looked at some of the other threads and didn't quite see anything like this--if there is, I heavily apologize. Anyways, I discovered something kind of interesting while I forcing. I was listening to music and I began wondering what her musical tastes would be. I somewhat drifted out and went to my wonderland to find her and actually figure it out. This was fairly early in her development so she could barely speak as is, but she conveyed to me (through a series of confused and perplexed gestures) that she hadn't even the slightest idea what I was getting at. So I fashioned a pair of ear buds for her and handed them over. Upon putting them in, I drifted out even farther and began "Shadowing" the music through my headphones into her headphones. The core idea here, was to try and not only give her an idea of what she liked to listen to, but to also try and mirror my emotions and sensations within her that I got from the music (in the beginning, as time passed I wanted her to develop her own sensations, and for the most part she did, although our tastes are somewhat similar - I suppose I should be thankful for that) I tried to change the wonderland even, to an extent anyway. I would use a myriad of colors and lights in the sky like the Aurora Borealis to try and translate what I felt. She gradually understood and began making her own colors and expressions--in fact, this method worked really well with helping her develop a bit of emotional sentience, helping her learn facial reactions and whatnot. Anyways, I was just kind of curious if anyone's done anything similar or had a better variant of it. It's fun, and you can do whenever you're listening to music. It's really nice to form expression; try it if you and them are bored one day. Persephone's core design is fairly ornate and complex (Her dress was a nightmare to visualize when I first started) but I was fairly easily able to [edit] in a pair of headphones for her. Should be for most.
  11. My wonderland is constantly shifting, on the periphery that is. That is purposeful--the idea was to have a bit of a sketchy atmosphere to make my mind more comfortable with imagining it; it seems to have worked. As for the actual Tulpa in the wonderland; I often imagine her behind me first as I walk through it in the intro stages. Then, as time passes, she walks to my side, then in front--with this, she's slowly integrated into the pseudo-alien environment with me. A bit vague I know, not sure how else to explain it. As for the intrusive thoughts; personally I have really chaotic and messy thought streams, so this at all was very difficult at first. HOWEVER, if you keep at it and keep practicing and focusing, it should go away. It did for me anyway; practice makes perfect, and this is just focus control--it's stronger with time.